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Austrella Balley

February 4, 2017

5th Hour

Chapter 9 Investigation Task


In central Florida, where alligators and humans live in close proximity, it is important to

track the locations and sizes of alligators. An Alligator

is an animal that is too dangerous to get close to, let

alone measure their weight. Their weight varies from 28

pounds to 640 pounds, while their lengths varies from

58 inches to 147 inches. With these four graphs, the first

two depict the original prediction model. The scatter

plot is not good because it is not straight enough. It

has a curve to it. The residual plot of this graph is also

not good for this model because the point are

clustered together rather than them being spread out.

When I re-expressed the function I found that using log was the best way to go. These

two graphs pictured here show the better functions.

This is a much stronger correlation because the r 2

is now 0.96 which creates a stronger scatterplot. It is

straight enough, positive, has two quantitative

variables and there are really no outliers. Also, the

residual plot is not clustered as the first one was, this

one is more spread out. This give the scientist a better

plot to predict the Alligator's weight from.