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Character 1: richard ( I )

Character 2: hector ( person sitting in front you)

Character 3: jazhiel ( the tall friend)

Richard: Wow the movie starts in five minutes, I have time to go to the bathroom.

3 minutes after

Richard: Yes the movie its starting, oh no someone is sitting in front of me.

Hctor: This movie its very good, and this popcorns are excellent, crunch, crunch,

Richard: Oh no this person its chewing loudly, I cant hear fine the movie, I should do
something, I have to tell him.

Richard: Hey body, can you chew more quietly?

Hector: What??? I cant hear you

Richard: Can you chew more quitly???

Hector: Why? I want to eat this popcorns

Richard: Yes body I know but please chew more quitly I can hear fine the movie,

Hector: O.K Ill do that

Richard: Thank you!!!!

Ricard: Yes I can hear the movie.

Scene 2 Jazhiel and their friends enter to the cinema, and sit in front of Richard.

Jazhiel: Yes, We find place to sit, but we arrived very late!!!!!!!

Richard: Oh No again they sit in front of me and are very tall, now I can see the movie,
I have to tell their, but theyre so many

Richard: Hi friends I cant watch the movie can you sit further down? Please

Jazhiel: Oh come on, we are very comfortable.

Richard: Please guys a while I had troubles with other guy, he was chewing loudly and I
cant heard the movie, and now with you, you are very tall, and I cant watch the movie
Jazhiel: Ok were going to move.
Richard: Thank you so much!!!!!

Richard: Yes now I can watch the movie.

Hector: This movie was very intresting but now its so boring, yes I know im going to
chat in my mobile.

Richard: Noooo again the popcorns person, no, now hes on him cellular phone, hes
chatting and the sound of the message its getting me angry, I have to tell him again.

Richard: Hey can you turn off the cell please, I can hear again

Hector: No, I cant do anything

Richard: Ok I gotta go from this cinema, Im angry.