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My philosophy as an Art Therapist is to develop a reliable practice, which incorporates a

variety of creative methods with counseling sessions in order to create a sense of therapeutic
relief amongst my patients. I aim to treat all ages suffering from substance abuse and addiction,
relationship and family problems, mental illness, domestic violence and sexual abuse, as well as,
disability and trauma. I strive to establish a reliable and positive relationship with all of my
patients, in where they feel safe relaying personal information to me and are not hesitant in
expressing their creativity and artistic visions. Through art, I hope to provide an experience for
my patients to partake in the development of their own mental and emotional health by
encouraging them to express themselves through a free-spirited, innovative, and authentic

Through art therapy, I implement the practice of Behaviorism and Pragmatism in order to
establish positive and negative reinforcement with my patients to further develop their mental
and emotional health. For example, I stress the importance of using art as a way to communicate
and focus on both the creative process of art, as well as, allow time for reflection as to why the
artwork was created in a specific way and what the subject matter of the piece contains. I believe
that it is important to help my patients become a successful individual in society and to express
their ideas and thoughts through the action of a creative process.

I personally see art as a healing method and an important asset in the advancement of
ones overall well-being. Through the practice of art therapy, I am able to spread awareness
about the correlation between art and healing. As someone who has personally experienced
medicinal benefits from art, values freedom of expression, and stresses the importance of ones
overall health, my goal is for my patients to achieve their own personal goals in regards to their
mental and emotional health through their artistic voice.