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Jack Gilmore

English 102



Reflection on the RA

Writing a 10-page research argument paper on the second amendment, was one of the

most difficult papers I have ever written, and being a psychology major I have written many.

Some of the things I learned in this paper is how different sources can be used to benefit the

progression of the argument; as well as some sources can be detrimental to the success of an


My ideas were strained along the final few pages, making it hard to formulate a clear-cut

thought process for my argument, I see that now. I can attest that the thoughts I had were all over

the place making it hard to follow. If the research paper was a few pages shorter than I think my

writing technique would have been more influential because of the condensed space needed,

whereas with this long paper it was challenging; but that is the point in the end.

Over this semester, Ive learned I can write quite well, I just need to be more conscious

with fixing grammatical errors, the flow of thoughts, and the overall structure that takes place

when I attempt to get my point across. My revision work is hopefully going to show and I can

pull up my grade on this paper. Doing the peer review of another student I could see that I was

not the only person who had problems writing this essay, which is both reassuring and

frightening. Jokes aside I think that when put to the test, I did not do so well, and I am glad I can

improve that circumstance. I think my overall essay outline was in the correct place of mind, but

as I wrote the paper, that quickly diminished.