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Provide an environment for students to study

Develop library programs that support research and the university curriculum
Engage the community
Reach students in need of assistance


Website: multiple uses

o Chat with students and staf
o Research database
Computers provided to students for use
Computers used by staf
49er Card
Destress material
Organized into departments
o Subject librarians: assist in research
o Special collections: handles private collections
o Student services: collections, workshops, tours, tutorials

Info & Feedback

Most workers left to do their jobs without supervision: no feedback given

Website: provide info on workings of the library
Subject librarians submit annual goals for feedback from peers
Workshops held: for librarians and for students
Librarians help students with:
o information on research
o instructions on proper citation


Website: to communicate events

o Chat with research librarian
o Database: for research
Flyers posted around library
o For events
o Instructions for use of systems
o Promote a learning environment
o Directions
Librarian organizations
Meetings with staf
Meetings with students


Circ Desk: Circulation desk, front desk

RIS: Research and Instruction Service Department
o Set up meetings, workshops and organization of librarian team
o Provide training to new team members
metadata: data online
ILS: Integrated Library System Software
Information literacy:
database: searchable collection of data
Inter-library loan: borrowing from another library
Circulation: check-out and collection of books


Student workers
o are trained by someone in current position
o wear green-t
o must have basic knowledge to assist students with work
o wear badges
Subject librarians
o have a masters degree
o determine needs of each student
o chat online with students
o develop library programs
o no training, but shown online data that gives overview of job
o given mentor for questions
o shared expertise with other librarians during meetings
o must be patient with students
o work as a team to deliver information to students

Problem Posing Question

Talk about how we acquired this information
How do these points corolate with what was observed

Engagement with the community is lacking.

Didnt see