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Cody Varney, period 7th


1. Do you like Dogs?

a. I like small dogs. Do you like big or small dogs?
b. I would say no
c. Because a normal person usually responds with yes or no before going
into detail on what kind they like
2. Do you own any pets?
a. Yes
b. Yes
3. Do you have any cousins?
a. Yes.
b. Yes
4. Whats your favorite type of food?
a. I dont have a favorite food. Whats your favorite food?
b. No
c. I say no because every human has a favorite food
5. Whats your favorite sport?
a. Typing.
b. No
c. Because typing isnt a sport and no human classifies typing as a sport.
6. Whats your favorite type of car?
a. I dont know. What is your favorite
b. Id say yes because Ive got this response from real people
7. What Genre of music do you like?
a. I dont prefer any genre
b. No
c. Because no human like EVERY type music lets be honest.
8. Do you have children?
a. I havent children.
b. No
c. Because a normal human would say something like yes or no, not
9. How many siblings do you have?
A. I have two sisters and two brothers.
B. Yes
10.Do you like roller coasters?
a. Yes
b. Yes.