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Volunteer Application


Name _______________________________________

E-Mail Address* ________________________________

Telephone (Home) ___________________ (Cell) _____________________

Address: ____________________________________ Apt. #___________

City ___________________ State _______________

Zip Code __________________

In case of emergency, notify (Name) _______________________________

Telephone _______________ Relationship ____________________

You must be at least 13 to volunteer. Volunteers under 18 must have a parent-

guardian complete the consent section of this application. Age if under 18: _____

*Your e-mail will be added to the library mailing list.


Why do you want to volunteer?


For each day, indicate times you might be available to work:
Mon. ___ to ____ Tues. ___ to ___ Wed. ___ to ___
Thurs. ___ to ___ Fri. ___ to ___ Sat: ___ to ___
I would be interested in assisting with (check volunteer assignments listed below):
___ Cleaning and organizing around the library and book sale area.
___ Assisting with childrens crafts preparing materials, helping young patrons with
the craft
___ Shelving and maintenance of library materials
____ Assisting with adult programs and events
___ Other ___________________________________________________________


Employer (if applicable): ______________
Are You A Student? Y N What grade are you in? ____

Do you know how to use a computer? ____ Yes ____ No
Are you familiar with:
___ Internet
____ Graphic Design
____Troubleshooting hardware and software issues.
Do you speak another language? Y N Which?: _____________
What special interests and/or skills do you have that may help us to match you with the
best volunteer assignment?________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Consent (For Volunteers Under 18 years of age)

I authorize _________________________ to volunteer at the Watervliet Public Library for a
maximum of ________ hours per week.
Parent/Guardian Name (Print): ___________________ Signature: ________________________
Relationship to applicant:____________________ Phone Number: _______________________