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Thomas Gasquet

Le reclus 04500 Riez, france

27th of April 2017

Southampton Solent University

East Park Terrace, Southampton SO14 0YN

Dear Sir/Madam,

Ref : Job application for Graduate Associate Erasmus & Study Abroad

I am writing to present my application for the position of Graduate Associate Erasmus & Study
Abroad that was advertised on your website. I am a Fine Arts student with experiences in
communication, event organisation and studying abroad, as my attached CV will underline.

My time at the Solent University of Southampton was a particularly important step in my personal
and professional evolution, and studying abroad was without a doubt an experience that will have
positive repercussions on my life for the years to come. As I have been given this chance, I would
like to help other students in discovering, understanding and choosing such decisions in the future.
Furthermore, as a person interested in building a career in education, I think that job would prove to
be a fantastic opportunity for me to work in close relation to an educative structure.

I have had several work experience in contact with customers or clients, and I have learned how to
listen, understand and respond to their demands. In my previous experiences as an exhibition
organizer, I have learned how to present a project or an event to a public, how to organize and
realize an event by coordinating with a team, and how to effectively advertise and communicate on
an event using a variety of media such as social media, printed and internet press, flyers and radio,
while submitting report of my work and advancement to my superior or my colleagues. Those
experience made me understand the power of good communication in a team, especially when
pressured by a deadline.

Moreover, I have acquired a diverse set of skill that would make me valuable for the organisation. I
am competent with most office suites (such as Microsoft, LibreOffice, Open office etc.), proficient
with creative suites (such as Adobe, Gimp etc.) and have learned the basics of programming in C,
C++, HTML and CSS. I have followed a set of lectures and conferences about employability from
which gave me a basic understanding of the forces at play in the employability of graduates.

Lastly, my first-hand experience of studying abroad, my language skills and my experience working
with foreign customers would be extremely valuable in the position. I have, in the past, been able to
put to use my skills while serving as an auxiliary to the Crdit Agricole bank in France, where I had
to communicate with the banks of many foreign customers, using diverse media such as mail, e-
mail and phone

For all these reasons, I think I would be a valuable addition to your organisation, and I hope to be
able to discuss it further with you in an interview. I remain at your disposition for all your questions.
Thank you for your time.

Yours faithfully,

Thomas Gasquet