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A picture of the mayor of your town or city

Web address:
Name: Period:

A bus schedule
Web address: Image:

The address of the chamber of commerce for your town or city

Web address: Image:

A map of your state-and you have to point out where your town or city is!
Web address:,-111.9141585,12z Image:

A copy of the front page of your town or citys web site

Web address: Image:

Something in writing that tells how many people live in the city
Web address: Image:

A picture of any historical landmark in the city

Web address: Image:
Directions: Find the information below and then in the space provided, type in the web
address. In the image space, use Snip-it and then paste an image of the information. Size
the image so it doesnt take up too much space. Save this in your ECS folder and print a
copy (2-sided, long edge) and turn it into the top basket.