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Odalys Diaz



Philosophy of Education

I have always thought that school revolved around the students and classroom, as an
educator I should be able to teach in variety of methods to teach all my students. Teaching a
classroom with students from all types of backgrounds can be a difficult task to accomplish but
one way to combat this obstacle is by focusing on each students skills, their background and
hardships they come upon when learning. Using experiences, storytelling and hands-on activities
can be a very effective way for students to picture and connect why certain aspects of school are
taught and why they should master itl. I also wish to be able to also have communication
between educator and parents, to be able to have support knowing that their students can go to
them with questions regarding on homework. I know that parents are a big influence in having
my students to do well in a classroom setting, that is why I hope to have trust between student,
parent and also the school.
Educators should connect and earn the trust of their students to be able to teach them
efficiently. I hope to have this mutual trust in between to have my students feel safe and also
more comfortable to ask questions regarding on the subject being taught. I wish to also have my
students be able to work efficiently with other students and be able to lean on each other for
support when it comes to group work. By the end of the school year, I would have accomplish
my goal of using different structures to organize my students, to familiarize in what ways they
work better and complete their assignments.. Examples of different grouping are cooperative
groups, in pairs, small groups, or even as a whole class I will incorporate in my classroom. I will
also be having objects like square cubes, buttons etc that can help my students visualize the
situation and be able to get their hands on rather than depending on an image on paper.
As a teacher, I will be having quizzes once every two weeks to be able to keep track on
how my students do after sometime of being able to process information and lectures I have
given them. Of course I will be having tests to evaluate on how students are doing after a month
or so of learning. But I do not want to have my classroom be dependent on exams and test
taking, I do want to have group activities that I can evaluate on their skills and understanding on
the subject. Having this system will help those students who are not the greatest test-taker, and
reassure these students that they can also success.
Overall. I want my classroom to be a fun, safe, and comfortable environment to come and
learn. I want to interact with my students and help and see the growth they will make from
before the school year to the end.