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Reader Assessment Summary

Reader: Jamena
Grade: Third - Giese
Tutor: Ms. Simon
Date: May 10th, 2017

Quantitative Summary:

During our last meeting, I administered a final Rigby Assessment test to detect my readers
growth in reading. To help discover my students reading growth, I used a grade level text. The
grade level text was leveled at 25, which in the pre-assessment was Jamenas instructional level.
In the post-assessment, Jamena scored a 99% accuracy. This scored indicates that level 25 is now
Jamenas independent text level. During the reading, there were 2 errors and 1 self-correction for
a 1:3 self-correction rate, and 66 WCPM.

Qualitative Summary:

At level 25, Jamena made a few substitutions, however, was able to self-correct one of her
substitutions.During the reading, Jamenas substitutions maintained the meaning of the text while
they were also visually similar to what was written on the page. For example, Jamena read
designing instead of design as well as read experience instead of experienced. Theses two very
similar substitution errors were both errors because Jamena added or left off the suffix. Overall
the miscues did not reflect negatively on her ability to comprehend the reading because the
semantic and syntactic cues were still correct. With that, however, visually she was not seeing the
correct ending of each word, however, these miscues did not affect her reading.

At the level of integration for Jamena is about a 3 out of 4 on the Pinnell and Fountas Scale for
assessing fluency. Jamena is able to decode unfamiliar words more quickly, helping her continue
her reading a fluent rate. During the reading, the phrasing, intonation, and the stress of the words
are more natural than they were at the beginning of the semester.

When asked to retell the text, Jamena was able to summarize the majority of the text with great
detail. Throughout the assessment, I noticed that Jamena is able to answer literal level questions
as well as inferential questions with full detail and explanation. Overall, Jamena is very good at
thinking about what she read and using her comprehension skills to answer both literal and
inferential questions.
Reader Summary:

Overall, Jamena has shown growth as a reader in a variety of aspects. When looking at the pre-
assessment and comparing the results to the post-assessment, the results detect that what was
Jamenas instructional level at the beginning of the semester, is now Jamenas independent level.
In addition to her reading level, Jamena has grown with how she uses reading strategies to help
her read as well. During the first assessment, Jamena often took long pauses to use decoding
strategies, as well as had a difficult time retelling what she read in chronological order. Through
observations and the post-assessment test, Jamena is now able to decode her words much faster
and summarize the information she read in chronological order. Both Jamenas reading ability
and her usage of reading strategies have improved greatly.

Next Steps for the reader:

The next steps I would suggest for Jamena is to help become an even more fluent reader. Jamena
has shown great improvement with her ability to read at an appropriate rate, however, Jamena
still has room to grow in this area. In order for this to happen, I believe Jamena needs to continue
reading books at her independent level. Having her read an easier text will allow her to read the
words at an appropriate and consistent rate. With this instruction, I strongly believe Jamenas
reading abilities in all areas will continue to grow.