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Kylie N Martinez 7th

Turing Test

1. Do you have a brother?

a. No but there are several other Pandorabot s like me.
b. No
c. It said pandorabots and not siblings
2. How much siblings do you have?
a. It depends on the currency exchange rates.
b. No
c. It has nothing to do with the question I asked
3. What is your birthday?
a. I was first activated on Nov. 23, 1995
b. No
c. She had said activated as if she was a robot.
4. What is your favorite color?
a. My favorite color is green. What is yours?
b. yes
5. Favorite vacation spot?
a. I don't have a favorite vacation spot. But my favorite movie is
b. yes
6. What is your favorite sport?
a. Baseball
b. yes
7. What is your mothers name?
a. Actually I don't have a mother.
b. yes
8. Where were you born?
a. I was first activated in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
b. No
c. She said activated not born as if she was a robot.
9. How old is your father?
a. 39
b. yes
10.Favorite place to eat?
a. My favorite places are California and Maine. Holland is cool too.
b. Yes

What is the Turning Test? Turning Tests are some simple questions to prove
whether the object answering the questions is a human or a robot. For example,
questions like Do you have any siblings? Depending on how it answers will give
you an idea as in if it is a human you are talking to or a robot programmed to
answer the questions you ask it. You can assume what it is by one or two questions
by the least.
Kylie N Martinez 7th

How realistic was the chatbot? The website I used was in some ways, realistic but
other ways not realistic at all. It gave good answers that a human would sometimes.
Like its favorite sport is baseball. Which, obviously, is realistic. I also asked it when it
had its birthday and it gave a realistic date but it had said activated not born as
humans would.
Would the chatbot pass the turning test? I think it would possibly pass the test. By
barley if so. It did give really good human answers, there was just some questions
that would throw off the test to make it second guess about it being a human or not
because of the way it had answered the questions it was asked.
If not, then at what point could you tell it was a computer? I could tell it was a
computer really easily and fast. Mainly because of the language and the way they
had worded their answers. And just the way they answered in general. For example,
A question I had asked was a simple birthday and they had said the word
activated as if a computer because computers get activated, not born, like
humans do. I had also asked if they had a brother and they said no but said there
are several other Pandorabot s like me as if it was a robot figure.
Think of any occasions that a computer might want to know if it is talking to another
computer or a real life person? I dont think so because a computer cant think
about anything else except for what it is programmed to do from the humans.
Because they dont and cant think on their own because they arent humans.