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An Alumnus Memoir

My heart brims with joy and pride, and my thoughts with nostalgic memories as I pen down these
words about those days at BKBCE that shaped my dreams and aspirations.

Every child is inherently an infinite reservoir of energy, curiosity and passion. True EDUCATION
is aimed at constantly nourishing his curiosity, without depleting the vast reserves of his nascent
energy. These elements of curiosity, energy and passion in harmony enables one to dream and
persue their passion. This holistic growth is what BKBCE adorns each of its student with.

The academic culture at BKBCE that promotes CREATIVITY, INNOVATION through

PLAYFUL projects and activities fostered my love for learning. The technical clubs Science
club and Computer club; and events such as the Annual Science Fair and Robotics competitions
are sumptuous baits for any science and technology lovers. Also, para-curricular activities like
oration, art, sports, dance and others helps build personality and leadership traits.

Often pondering silently about those years at BKBCE, brings to life the memories of old friends and
teachers. They stir my memories of those beautiful moments some stupid, some joyful, some
painful, some that made you cry; that I will cherish for a lifetime. I would like to thank everyone
who stood by me through the storm and the warmth.

With Regards

R. Mukesh
IIITD&M, Kancheepuram