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Justin C.


Research Paper Outline

Subject: Geology

Thesis title: Geology The shifting Earth.

Focus: This research paper will be focus on earthquakes. The reader will have a great
overview on how and why earthquakes happen.

Outline: This thesis will have research gathered from multiple fronts. Followed by putting
in to a formate that the reader can easily follow. The paper will explain how the
earthquakes occur and why they happened within certain areas. Due to being a
research paper it will contain many in text citations so the reader will have the ability to
view the findings a little more in depth. As of right now I have over 30 citations that I am
working through to see what will fit this thesis the best. Due to it be a living paper it has
many changes it will under go before the final daft.

Questions: What is an earthquake? Do many small earthquakes prevent larger

earthquakes? Can we predict earthquakes?What would happen if a magnitude 7.5
earthquake occurs? How much damage would be caused by a large earthquake?

Information: The research info. gathered will be from U.S Army Department of
Engineering, USGS, and multiple Universities that deal with seismology.

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