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Joseph Dennie

December 3, 1770

The Uprising of the Boston

All the colonies believe
that it was the British
fault and that they are
the only ones at fault.
Just think about what
really happened in
Boston that night and
who is at fault?

We brought this upon ourselves. That night some of

the colonists got together in a mob and angered 13
British Soldiers, we had rocks, snowballs and that
made the British angry the soldier. They thought
they heard there Captain Preston say fire and he
didnt.. 4 of our dearly colonists, Samuel Gray,
Samuel Maverick, James Caldwell and Crifpus
Attucks, were killed on March 5 because of what we

The trials that were held during fall after that night,
this is the story of the trial of the British Soldiers.
Joseph Dennie
December 3, 1770

Well some British soldiers and Captain Preston

were released without punishment but two of the
soldiers were found guilty of manslaughter and
their left thumbs were burned and let go without
other punishments. The jury is true because one
British soldier though they heard there Captain
Preston say fire when he didnt say so. And we
angered them causing this to happen if we were
calm and didnt offend the British none of this
nonsense would have happened. We deserve this
though for how we acted.