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Chemicals Used in the Process of Making

By Elric of Imrryr

Forward & Upward. . .

Part of the data in this file was provided by Alric of Hawkwood from
an article in the Spokane Spokesman-Review, which listed a table
(kindly provided by the local Drug Enforcement Agency office), on the
chemicals used in the manufacture of Methamphetamine.
This information in this file is provided only for research
purposes, as the manufacturing, possessing, or even planning to
manufacture Methamphetamine is a FELONY, not to mention a dangerous
process that should not be attempted in ones' kitchen, or without some
practical knowledge of chemicals and lab safety. Many of these
chemicals are very flammable, explosive, and/or very toxic.
Most of these chemicals are on the DEA's 'Watch List', persons
ordering (or even asking about) certain of these chemicals maybe
reported to local or federal law enforcement agencies. Possession of
some of the precursors without a valid reason maybe enough evidence
to charge a person with intent to manufacture and distribute.

PRECURSORS - (Raw materials that become part of the finished product):

Acetaldehyde - Hazardous, very flammable
Benzyl chloride - Hazardous, somewhat flammable
Methylamine - Very hazardous, extremely flammable
Monomethylamine - Very hazardous, extremely flammable
SOLVENTS - (used to dissolve, dilute, separate, or purify other chemicals):
Acetic acid - hazardous, flammable
Acetone - Somewhat hazardous, very flammable
Chloroform - Hazardous
Ethanol - Flammable
Ether - Hazardous, very flammable
Isopropanol - Somewhat flammable
2-Propanol - Somewhat flammable
Reagents (react with precursors):
Aluminum foil
Calcium hydroxide
Copper sulfate
Formic Acid - Very hazardous, somewhat flammable
Hydrochloric Acid - Very hazardous
Hydrogen (gas) - Extremely volatile
Hydrogen chloride - Easily fatal (can penetrate normal protective clothing)
Magnesium turnings - Somewhat flammable, may react violently with water
Magnesium Sulfate anhydrous
Mercuric Chloride - Easily fatal (can penetrate normal protective clothing)
Palladium on Barium Sulfate
Perchloric Acid - Very hazardous
Phosphorus pentachloride - Very hazardous, may react violently with water
Platinum oxide
Sodium (metal) - Very hazardous, somewhat flammable, reacts violently on
contact with moisture
Sodium Acetate anhydrous
Sodium Cyanotrihydridoborate - Very hazardous, flammable, may react violently
with water
Sodium Hydroxide - Very hazardous
Sulfuric Acid - Very hazardous, may react violently with water
Thionyl chloride - Very hazardous, may react violent with water

If you are interested in information on the actual process

of synthesizing Methamphetamine, I would recommend the following two
Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture
By 'Uncle Fester'. Pub 1987 $14.95
Available through Loompanics Unlimited
Catalog #85067
Psychedelic Chemistry
By Michael Valetine Smith. Pub 1981 $14.95
Available through Loompanics Unlimited
Catalog #85024
It also may be available (most likely by special order)
through your local book seller (unless it is run by Fascists).
Loompanics address is:
POB 1197
Port Townsend, WA 98368
NOTE: If you have to order through the mail, or place a
special order with your local book shop, I might recommend
that you send it to someone else house, or get a mail drop, as
you never know. . . (Also pay in cash or money order, not check
or credit card), better paranoid then sorry.
- Elric of Imrryr

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