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Proposed Design

Treble Bots have designed a robotic toy which is very safe and functional. The
product utilizes 2 motors that are used for movement, one motor on both sides of
the robot. This allows for greater mobility and a faster speed than a single motor.
The range is now much greater which allows for the robot to play a wider range of
notes on the keyboard. A third motor is used and is attached to the main body of
the robot. The motor acts as an arm and allows for keys to be pressed as the motor
rotates. The combination of mobility and quickness of the rotating arm allows
the product to perform efficiently and serve its purpose of playing the keyboard. The
product is user friendly, its as simple as inputting the file, running the program and
enjoying the beautiful music being played. The appearance of the product itself is a
safe, rounded edges exterior. This allows for safety of the consumers. The product is
structurally sound and sturdy, therefore it will maintain itself for longer periods of
time. More variations of the appearance are to come if chosen, however, for now
the appearance includes colours gray, white and black. The limitations of the
product designed by Treble Bots exist in the appearance and functionality. The
appearance is bland and may not draw as much attention to the product since it is
not include eye popping colours or come with a multitude of variations. Along with
the appearance, another limitation is in the functionality as only one motor is used
to allow keys to be pressed and play musical notes. Therefore, in faster paced songs
or more complex songs, the product will not be able to keep up with the pace due to
its one arm.