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DMT is a simple tryptamine compound (di-methyl-tryptamine), that induces

intense, but brief visual hallucinations. Synthesized in its pure form,

DMT is smoked in a special pipe. it's tricky to do and if you dont get the
vapors just right, it wont work. while the effects are most interesting
and impressive, the stuff smells and tastes like mothballs. smoking it is
like inhaling the fumes from burning plastic.... but if you can get over
that, youll be ok....
the DMT and other tryptamine containing plants are largely native to
South America and have been used by tribal shamans in religious, ritualistic
and healing ceremonies for centuries. the most famous DMT plant is the
AYAHUASCA vine, which along with various other plants is used in native
ceremonies to make a vile tasting, but superpotent psychedelic brew known
as 'yage'. I'm fairly certain that the ayahuasca vine itself is legal to
grow in the states, you just cant ingest it (same status as the san pedro
cactus). however, growing the vine for a DMT trip is not going to get you
anywhere, since you either need to know how to extract the DMT from the vine
(and separate it from all the other chemicals in the vine) OR if you know
how to make the yage brew and have all the other plant ingredients as well.
trying to track down pure DMT is probably your best bet, however, it's not
very widley available....
Below is the actual post where I got all the info on DMT....
______________ From Lunatic Labs _______________________
yes, DMT is still around, tho it's very very rare. it's not a popular street
drug simply because it's not a popular drug. it's relatively (compared to LSD
and MDMA, for instance) easy to make, but it's a very powerful trip and one of
an ultra-psychedelic nature. my guess is that most people (even most
adventurous drug users) do not like it.
of course DMT in its natural form, has been around in South America forever and
is being used in ritual, visionary and shamanic ceremonies by many native
(south) american tribes. the most common form of DMT ingestion among native
indians is to use the ayahuasca vine, which is rich in di-methyl-triptamine
(along with a bunch of other plant alkaloids). the vine is used, in conjunction
with other plant materials, some psychoactive, some not (but all loaded with
plant alkaloids than can all be toxic, inactive or psychedelic) in a brew
called 'yage' (pronounced "yaah-heh"). this brew has a consistency, taste and
color that is repulsive to most westerners and is easily ingested only by those
with teflon-coated stomachs. however, from all accounts Ive heard, it's one
hell of a trip. what people in this country do w/ the pure DMT (sit around and
watch movies on the inside of your eye lids for 15 minutes) is probably
amateurish child's play compared to the mystic, shamanic and healing powers of
the substance, as they have been used and applied by south american indians
since the beginning of history.
I think the point I was trying to make is that the reason DMT isnt all that
popular in our culture is that most people have no idea how to unlock its most
powerfully mind-altering aspects. sure anyone can get off on a short 15-miunte
trip of seeing fun colors and patterns and things, but it takes a deeply
spiritual and ritual approach to the drug's usage as well as faith and belief
in the spirit-nature and interconnecteness of humans with all Nature to really
get your expectation's worth out of DMT. Ive talked to a number of westerners
who have travelled to S. America and lived with various indian cultures in an
attempt to gain insight into that sort of spiritual-religious knowledge and it
appears that any outsider (while often welcomed) can mainly be a
well-informed observer-participant in the yage rituals at best. I havent heard
about anyone learning to draw on the same intensity of spiritual power that the
indian shamans are capable of, simply be traveling there and living with the
tribe for a while...
I leeched this message off of a board up here in NoCal. This might give us
a lot of info that we were missing...
---------------------------From My Dog Bit Jesus---------------------------
(510) 658-8078

I have tried both DMT and DET, the handiwork of a chemist friend back east,
around 1975-76. The first batch he made was DMT, but something went wrong with
the synthesis and instead of a yellowish powder he ended up with gooey brown
"tar" - we called it "GOOP" and tried it anyway. Noted a mild hallucinogenic
effect, but not spectacular.
The next batch came out right. Nearly pure DMT, which we administered by
placing a small quantity of mediocre pot in a pipe and adding say, 100-200 mg
of the powder on top of it; light and don't forget to inhale. DMT has the only
real "rush" to it of all the psychedelics - the effects begin within 1 or 2
minutes. It begins as a "fore-lengthening" of visual perception, rather like
looking down the wrong end of a telescope; the ceiling is suddenly further
away than it was. I and many others also experienced auditory hallucinations
of "wind" or "rumbling" during the first few minutes, probably due to the
increase in blood pressure and resperation (as well as sweating) that
accompany the psychic effects. In no time at all, phosphenes appear in the
visual field (much like acid) along with "fish-eye" distortion of the vision.
Many people I was with were overwhelmed by the suddeness of the onset (along
with the physical side effects) and several people had panic reactions, even
some experienced acid trippers. It's tricky to handle going from totally
straight to peaking in the space of 2 to 3 minutes! I never had a strong
adverse reaction myself, but I saw enough people get hysterical (and sometimes
throw up!) to believe it happens regularly. Set and setting take on MAJOR
importance, and the "energizing" effect is FAR stronger than with acid or
mushrooms - almost like speed. If acid is being let out of a cage, DMT is
being fired from a cannon!
Within 15 minutes the peak begins to wane and visual effects drop off quickly.
After 30 minutes the effects have almost vanished, except in my case I had
some ringing in my ears that took another 15 minutes to fade.
Color distortions seemed to be "hotter" in nature than with other psychs. Acid
always leaned toward soft pinks and blue-greens with me, while DMT brought up
images of bright reds and oranges, with "sparkle" effects of high intensity
white. Mental images go thru you at high speed, somewhat like cocaine, so it's
hard to focus your thoughts and not be overwhelmed.
His next batch was DET (di-ethyl instead of di-methyl) and the main
differences were a reduction of visual illusions and a longer effect, usually
a half-hour to an hour. We found DET a bit easier to handle, and evolved a
technique of smoking small amounts every half hour over the course of 2 to 3
hours, gradually "easing" into the trip. After six small doses, it appeared as
if the effects would continue longer than with one big dose after you stop
smoking. We'd stay high for another 2 or 3 hours after the last dose using
this method.
The previous post was correct - the taste of the stuff was a cross between
mothballs and burning rubber (kind of - the exact taste is like nothing else,
but I can still remember the smell to this day). The best
countermeasure we found was to bite into a lemon wedge after taking the hit
(the running joke was "DMTequila!") but nothing can truly overcome the taste.
Also, it didn't seem as if we used any particular smoking technique. Just
sprinkled a bit on some tobbacco or pot in a small pipe and fire it up
- always worked stupendously! Sprinkled it into joints at parties too...
An interesting aside - he made a BIG batch once (to sell some) and at a rock
concert once I ran into someone selling "THC" powder to sprinkle into joints.
She offered a hit on a joint so treated, and with one whiff I knew what she
had and where it came from. I tried to politely inform her of the true nature
of what she was selling, as I don't like misinformation being spread about
psychoactive drugs. My advice was rejected, not on the basis of truth, but
because it was much easier to sell as erzatz THC than as DET! Hoffman is
spinning in his grave, I'm sure.
Any other questions? I'll answer them as well as I can.
And in anticipation of your first question, the chemist is unfortunately
serving time in an east coast prison, having been caught making speed in his
university's lab (he was a graduate chem student). Haven't had any in almost
16 years now.

DMT is best known for inducing very intense, if

short-lasting (15-20 min.) visual hallucinations, often described as colorful
'stained glass window, circular crysanthemeum-like patterns' (dont know if I
spelled crysanthemeum right, but it's a type of flower with bushy petals
arranged in a circular pattern). unlike LSD and other psychedelics, DMT
visuals tend to take up your ENTIRE visual field and are truly generated
internally - meaning it's not like watching a wall and seeing it ripple on LSD
or seeing trails caused by objects in the edges of your visual field. DMT
hallucinations tend to be object-independent and OVERLAY whatever you're
looking at and don't tend to change or go away if you move around and look at
something else. DMT hallucinations are most intense and remarkable, tho, with
your eyes closed... on one of my DMT trips I also had some amazing auditory
distortions (mainly language and other people talking) - an effect that I have
yet to see or hear mentioned anywhere in the DMT literature or underground
-------------------------from Reality Check------------------------------
Ah, the Mighty D!
I have done DMT in many different ways, but if you have a small amount only,
then efficiency is paramount.
First, a caution: If it is 5-MEO-DMT (also known as DET) than it is a type of
drug known as an MAO inhibitor. There may be no way for you to tell - DET is a
bit more "pinkish" than the "yellowish" DMT, but it's no sure guide. Grab a PDR
or a good consumer book on perscription drugs, and look up what foods and drugs
that you do NOT take with MAO inhibitors - it's a long list, with things like
chocolate, bananas and other harmless foodstuffs on it. The combo CAN make you
quite sick, so check it out - be a responsible psychonaut!
An empty stomach is a good idea anyway - the rush can be a wee bit overwhelming
and I've seen cookies tossed... but fast for at least 4 hours prior and you'll
be fine.
If you can find one, get what they used to call a "Number One pipe" - a small
glass tube with a pipelike bowl thingy on one end. Or use a brand new glass or
brass pipe. I always used pot as a medium, but tobacco or mint works I guess,
but it's harder to "toke" such things and hold it like some mild pot.
Sit down on a comfortable floor mat, bed, etc, and prop yourself up with a few
pillows. Relax! Then put a TINY bit of weed into the pipe along with the
(or if it's real No. 1 pipe, just put the DMT powder right in it alone)
SLOWLY. DON'T LET THE FLAME TOUCH THE POWDER! You will see the powder turn dark
and "melt" into a mottled mass and begin to steam. Inhale the staem keep
drawing that steam in, ignoring the fact that it tastes like burning rubber
inner tubes and styrofoam mixed with cow shit. If you do it right the whole
powder mass will melt away into steam. Get too close and it looks like burnt
sugar in the pipe.
When it's gone, hold that hit in as long as you can. Within seconds you will
feel that telltale tingle and your eyes will begin to dart around and unfocus.
Fasten your brain-belt and hang on, moonchild....
See you in about an hour when you get back. Drop me a postcard, eh?
------------------------------end of Message------------------------------
I guess we are doomed to wander aimlessly searching for this elusive Drug.

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