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Crater Lake

National Park Service

U.S. Department of the Interior

Reflections Summer/Fall 2012

Visitor Guide

Find the Phantom Ship 2 ... Camping, Lodging, Food

3 ... Ranger Programs
Plus 10 Other Ways to Enjoy Your Park 4 ... Hiking Trails
5 ... Driving Map
Of the two islands in Crater Lake, Wizard Island is
by far the more renowned (see photo, top of page 2). A
6 ... Park News
cinder cone that erupted out of the lake about 7,300 7 ... Park News
years ago, it dominates our attention when we first
arrive at the rim. Hidden near the lakes south shore,
8 ... Climate Chart

however, is an equally interesting rock that goes
undetected by many park visitors. As its name suggests,
the Phantom Ship is elusive. This isnt because it travels
Look Inside!
around the lakewhile resembling a sailboat, its firmly
anchored to the underlying bedrock. Its because,
depending on your location, the angle of the sun, the
Hike to a Hidden presence or absence of clouds, and whether or not the Park Profile
lake is calm and mirrored, you may or may not be able
Waterfall to see it. When you circle the lake on the Rim Drive, the Crater Lake National Park protects the
island might seem to come and go like a phantom. deepest lake in the United States. Fed by
A new hiking trail opened up last summer rain and snow (but no rivers or streams),
at Crater Lake National Park. Its called Despite its ghostly appearance, the Phantom Ship is solid lava, 400,000 years olda resistant the lake is considered to be the cleanest
the Plaikni Falls Trail, and it leads to a lush remnant of rock along a partially submerged ridge between two scalloped bays, as the view large body of water in the world. The
waterfall that, until recently, few people from the top of the Garfield Peak Trail illustrates (see photo above). The island is also much water is exceptional for its clarity and
knew existed. The trail is an easy walk and larger than it looks. Its longer than a football field and as tall as a 16-story building! To spot intense blue color.
can be completed in an hourbut you the Phantom Ship, visit the overlook named in its honor (see page 5). Alternately, walk to Sun
might want to linger longer to enjoy the Notch, hike the Garfield Peak Trail, or circle the island at close range on a boat tour. Here are The lake rests inside a caldera formed
wildflowers that flourish near the spray. 10 other suggestions for making your visit to Crater Lake meaningful, memorable, and fun: approximately 7,700 years ago when a
12,000-foot-tall (3,600-meter) volcano
The trail starts from a small parking lot collapsed following a major eruption. The
along the Pinnacles Road, a spur road off Drive Around the Lake Tour Crater Lake Lodge eruption may have been the largest in
the East Rim Drive. In 2012, the trail will be Rim Drive is a 33-mile (53-km) road that For a glimpse into an earlier era, check out the North America in the past 640,000 years.
open as snow conditions allow, probably encircles Crater Lake. More than 30 pullouts history exhibitsand walk through the Great Later eruptions formed Wizard Island, a
from early July through late October. See offer dramatic views of the parks volcanic Hallof Crater Lake Lodge, renovated in the cinder cone near the southwest shore.
pages 4-5 for trail details and a map. scenery. Allow 2 to 3 hours (see page 5). 1990s but first opened in 1915 (see page 2).
Today, old-growth forests and open
Plaikni is a Klamath Indian word Hike a Trail Visit the Sinnott Memorial Overlook meadows blanket the volcanos outer
meaning from the high country. The From easy walks to challenging hikes, the With panoramic views and fascinating slopes, harboring a variety of plants and
falls, which tumble over a glacier-carved park has something for everyone. Explore exhibits, this is the place to learn about the animals, including several rare species.
cliff, originate at a spring nearly 7,000 feet pristine forests, flower-filled meadows, and parks geologic story and history of scientific The area is central to the cultural traditions
(2,134 meters) above sea level. As you rocky peaks (see page 4). investigation (see page 2). of local American Indian tribes, and the
enjoy the falls, please stay on the trail to park provides unique opportunities for
protect the fragile streamside vegetation. scientific study and public enjoyment.
Attend a Ranger Program Have a Picnic
Discover the wonders of Crater Lake with The viewpoints and picnic areas along
Park established: 1902
those who know the park best. Talks, walks, Rim Drive are perfect for outdoor eating
Size: 183,000 acres (74,060 hectares)
kids programs, boat tours, and trolley tours (see page 5). Stop by the Rim Village Caf for Visitors per year: About 500,000
Welcome! are offered daily (see page 3). grab-and-go sandwiches, salads, and snacks.
Lake depth: 1,943 feet (592 meters)
Thank you for visiting your national park! Watch the Park Film Relax Lake width: 4.5 to 6 miles (7 to 10 km)
Here at Crater Lake, youll find opportuni- The parks rich human history is the topic of Find a peaceful spot and attune yourself to
ties to refresh your spirit, awaken your an 18-minute film shown at the Steel Visitor the sounds and rhythms of the park. The Annual snowfall: 44 feet (13.3 meters)
senses, and connect with the natural Center. A new park film on a variety of sub- Lodge veranda and the quiet pullouts on the Last time the lake froze over: 1949
world. In this age of economic uncertainty, jects will debut in late summer (see page 2). lakes north side are favorite spots to unwind.
I know that your time and money are more
precious than ever. On behalf of our staff, Visit the Pinnacles Gaze at the Sky
I promise well do our best to ensure that Formed during the same eruption that gave With clean air and unobstructed views,
your enjoyment of the park exceeds your birth to the lake, these colorful volcanic Crater Lake is a great place to watch the sun
investment in traveling here. spires are tucked away in the parks go down, the moon rise up, and the stars
southeast corner (see page 5). twinkle in the sky (see page 3).
The National Park Service protects nearly
400 special places, saved by the American
people so that everyone can experience Snow plow
our heritage. We at Crater Lake are proud at Rim Village When is the Park Open?
to be stewards of this national treasure.
Park rangers and maintenance staff are Crater Lake National Park is open year-round, 24 hours
a day. Some roads, trails, and facilities, however, are
here to assist you in making your visit safe,
closed seasonally due to snow. Much of the year, the
rewarding, and fun. If there is anything parks North Entrance Road and Rim Drive are closed
we can do to help, please ask. Enjoy your to cars. They close for the season on November 1 (or
park! earlier if there is significant snowfall).
Artist Paul Rockwoods conception of
Crews begin plowing these roads in April, but opening Mount Mazama, the volcano that collapsed
dates vary. The North Entrance Road and West Rim to form Crater Lake. If you gathered up the
Drive tend to open in early June. The East Rim Drive ash from Mount Mazamas catastrophic
typically opens in early July. Highway 62 is open year- eruption and spread it evenly across the
Craig Ackerman round. The road to Rim Village is also open year-round, state of Oregon, it would form a layer
Superintendent except after heavy snowstorms. 8 inches (20 cm) thick.
Trolley Tours
Rim Drive is one of Americas most scenic byways, but its hard to appreciate
the views with your eyes on the road. Fortunately, you can leave the driving
to someone else. Ranger-guided trolley tours circle Crater Lake daily. Tours
begin and end at Rim Village, spend 2 hours traveling clockwise around the
lake, and stop at a minimum of 4 scenic overlooks. See below for departure
times and ticket prices. The buses are enclosed, climate-controlled, wheel-
chair accessible, and seat 25 passengers. They resemble old streetcars, but
they run on modern technology: powered by compressed natural gas, they
emit 30-40% less pollution than gasoline-powered vehicles. The trolleys are
owned and operated by The Shuttle Inc. of Klamath Falls.

Wizard Island Rim Visitor Center Bicyclist on East Rim Drive Exhibits at the Sinnott Memorial Overlook Boat Tour on Crater Lake Sunset over Crater Lake Trolley Tour on Rim Drive

Services Activities
required for persons under 16
Food & Dining Visitor Centers years of age and are strongly Sky Gazing Kids: Boat Tours
National Park Service The park has three restaurants and one store. There are two visitor centers in the park. recommended for all cyclists. With clean air, clear skies, and un- Join a park ranger for a 2-hour cruise
U.S. Dept. of the Interior You Can around Crater Lake. See the box below

& Facilities
Rangers are available to answer your ques- obstructed views, Crater Lake is a
for departure times and ticket prices.
The Crater Lake Lodge dining room offers tions and assist with trip-planning. The Crater Bicycling on park roads is physically great place to observe astronomical Become Boat tours on Crater Lake are operated
fine dining in a casual lodge atmosphere. The
menu features gourmet Northwest cuisine
Lake Natural History Association sells books,
maps, postcards, and other items (see page 8).
Backcountry demanding yet can be exceptionally events. Discovery Point is a favor-
ite spot to watch the sunrise. For a Junior by Xanterra Parks & Resorts in partner-
rewarding. The most popular route ship with the National Park Service.
Crater Lake Visitor Guide
made with Oregon-grown ingredients. Camping is the 33-mile (53-km) Rim Drive, sunsets and moonrises, try Watch-
Park Ranger!
Reservations are required for dinner but The Steel Visitor Center, located at Park Over 95% of the park is managed featuring spectacular views but man Overlook or hike to the top Tickets
Summer/Fall 2012 Camping are not taken for breakfast or lunch. Dinner Headquarters, is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to as wilderness. Although some areas also long, steep grades and climbs of Watchman Peak. Ask at a visitor Are you between 6 and 12 years
Each boat holds 37 passengers. 20
There aretwo campgrounds in the park. Both center for sunrise and sunset times. tickets for each tour (July 7-Sept. 3 only)
This is the official trip-planner and newspaper reservations can be made by calling 541-594- 5:00 p.m. An 18-minute film is shown through- are closed to backcountry camping totaling 3,800 feet (1,158 meters). old? Do you want to learn while are available for advance purchase over
of Crater Lake National Park. It is published are situated in forests south of the lake. 2255 ext. 3217. In 2012, the dining room will out the day. The subject is human history, (for example, there is no camping For details, pick up a bicycling having fun at Crater Lake National the phone. They can be purchased by
Park? Here are 2 different ways:
twice a year and funded by the Crater Lake
Natural History Association through sales Mazama Campground (213sites) is located
be open from May 18 through October 14. from the American Indians who witnessed the
craters formation to the prospectors, scien-
with a view of the lake), exploring
the parks old-growth forests
handout at either visitor center. Swimming calling 1-888-774-2728. The remaining
17 tickets for each tour (and all tickets
7 miles south of Rim Village near Highway 62. Swimming is allowed in Crater Pick up a free activity book at from June 29-July 6 and Sept. 4-Sept.
The Annie Creek Restaurant, located in tists, and conservationists of the 19th century. and volcanic landscapes can be a
made in the visitor center bookstores.
In 2012, it will be open from June 8 through Mazama Village, was formerly a buffet-style A new, 22-minute park film on a variety of rewarding experience.
Fishing Lake, but the water is cold! Most either visitor center. Explore the
park, then return the book to a
16) are available only in the park from
Printed on 100% recycled paper. September 23 and possibly longer if weather restaurant but now offers menu-based dining. subjects is scheduled to debut in late summer. Originally, Crater Lake contained people swim for only a few min- ranger. Finish 4 pages to earn a
automated kiosks inside Crater Lake
no fish. Between 1888 and 1941, utes. Swimming is permitted only Lodge and the Annie Creek Gift Shop.
Please recycle again. permits. 75% of the campsites are reservable It is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All campers not staying in the STICKER; complete 8 pages to
at Cleetwood Cove and at Wizard For each tour, these tickets go on sale
in advance by calling 1-888-774-2728. The Lunch and dinner options include gourmet The Rim Visitor Center, located in Rim parks developed campgrounds however, 6 species were intro- earn a Junior Ranger BADGE. exactly 24 hours in advance. Sales
Park Mailing Address: rest are available on a first-come, first-served burgers, an all-you-can-eat soup & salad bar, Village, is open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 must obtain a backcountry permit. duced. Today, only rainbow trout Island, which requires a boat tour to continue until the tour is sold out or
P.O. Box 7, Crater Lake, OR 97604 and kokanee salmon remain. Fish- reach. The shoreline at both loca- Meet behind the Rim Visitor
basis. Typically, there are sites available vegetarian lasagna, and pizza. The restaurant p.m. from June through late September. The only exception is through- until 2 hours remain before departure.
Phone: 541-594-3000 tions is rocky; there are no beaches. Center at 1:30, 2:30, 3:30, or
until late afternoon or early evening.The also offers take-out pizza service, optional hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail, ing is allowed at the bottom of the (Example: tickets for the 3:30 p.m. tour
Website: 4:30 p.m. (June 29-Sept. 3) and
campground offers tent sites ($21 per night) outdoor patio dining, a lounge with occasion- who may instead sign the trail Cleetwood Cove Trail, where youll Snorkeling, scuba diving, and long- are available from 3:30 p.m. the day
as well as RV sites ($27).Some of the RV sites al entertainment, and wireless internet at $4 Exhibits register as they enter the park. find .25 miles (.4 km) of rocky distance swimming require a permit.
participate in a free, ranger-led
activity. Complete one activity to
before until 1:30 p.m. the day of.) If a
tour does not sell out, remaining tickets
have electric hookups ($29).There are many per hour. The restaurant will be open in 2012 The Sinnott Memorial Overlook, perched Permits are free and are available at shoreline. Wizard Island, reachable earn a Junior Ranger PATCH. can be purchased from 2 hours to 45
Accessibility Internet
pull-through sites; some can accommodate from May 25 through at least September 16. on a rock ledge behind the Rim Visitor Cen-
ter, features an enclosed exhibit room and an
either visitor center or at the ranger by tour boat, is also open to fishing. Wildlife Viewing minutes before departure from a ticket
With the exception of RVs as long as 50 feet (15 meters). station at Park Headquarters. booth (open daily at 8:30 a.m.) at the
Wireless internet is free
Fishing licenses are not required. The park is home to many animals, top of the Cleetwood Cove Trail. Ticket
the Sinnott Memorial for guests of Crater Lake The Rim Village Caf serves lighter fare open parapet with spectacular views of the
There are no restrictions on but they can be difficult to spot. The holders should arrive at the trailhead
Each site has a picnic table, fire ring, and including grab-and-go sandwiches, soup, lake. The overlook contains a relief model
Overlook, developed
areas in the park are
Lodge and The Cabins
at Mazama Village. Pub- food locker.Black bearsare rarely spotted, salads, snacks, breakfast pastries, and a and exhibits on the parks geologic story and Bicycling the size, number, or species most visible animals are deer and at least 45 minutes before their tour to
generally accessible lic Wi-Fi is available at Bicycling at Crater Lake is allowed taken. Cleaning fish in the lake is squirrels. Herds of elk are some- allow time to hike down the 1.1-mile
but campers are advised to store all food in variety of hot and cold beverages. The caf lake research. The overlook is open daily (1.7-km) trail to the lake.
to individuals with Crater Lake Lodge and on paved roads and on the unpaved prohibited; pack out your catch. times seen in the meadows along
their locker or intheir vehicle.The camp- is open year-round. (weather permitting) from mid-June through
mobility impairments. the Annie Creek Restau- Grayback Drive. Bicycles are To prevent the introduction of Rim Drive. Bobcats and mountains
ground has runningwater, sinks, and flush October. Hours are 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. in Visiting Wizard Island
Wheelchair-accessible rant for $4 per hour or
not allowed on park trails, with non-native organisms, no organic lions are present but rarely seen. Up to 74 tickets each day are available
paths include the Rim $10 for 24 hours. toilets.Thereare coin-operated showers and The Mazama Village Store sells groceries, July and August, 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in June
one exception: the Pinnacles bait of any kind may be used. This Lucky observers might spot a fox, for visitors wishing to disembark at
Village promenade, the laundry facilities.A nearby general store sells camping supplies, firewood, and gasoline. and September, and 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Trail. Park roads are narrow with includes fish eggs, PowerBait, and black bear, marmot, porcupine, Wizard Island to hike, fish, swim, and
Godfrey Glen Trail, the Lost & Found groceries, firewood, and gasoline. You can Dates of operation for 2012 are May 25 in October. 20-minute ranger talks are given
Pinnacles Trail, and the few shoulders and considerable live or dead fish. Fishing is limited grouse, or bald eagle. Dawn and explore. Only 2 tours dock at Wizard
Contact a ranger at contact the campground directly during the through October 8. daily from June 29 through September 3. The
dusk are the best times to look. Island: the 9:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.
Plaikni Falls Trail. Mul- either visitor center or summer at 541-594-2255 ext. 3610. Mazama overlook is located down a steep historic automobile traffic. Helmets are to artificial lures and flies only. departures. The 6 standard tours do not
tiple pullouts on Rim call 541-594-3060.
Campground is operated by the parks con-
Drive have wheelchair-
accessible wayside cessioner, Xanterra Parks & Resorts.
Lodging walkway with stairs and is not accessible to
people with limited mobility.
stop. Most Wizard Island visitors will
be dropped off for a 3-hour stay, then
Phones The park has two lodging options. Both are picked up by a later boat to complete
exhibits. Some ranger May 18June 28
programs are accessible
Cell phone coverage in
the park is unreliable. Lost CreekCampground (16 sites) is for operated by Xanterra Parks & Resorts. For Crater Lake Lodge features exhibits on the Ranger-Led Activities June 29Sept. 3 & Sept. 4Oct. 14
the tour of the lake. A limited number
of tickets (6 per day) are available for
to people with impair- Reception depends tent-campingonly ($10 per night). It is information, call 1-888-774-2728 or visit history of tourism in the park and the history visitors wishing to spend 6 hours on
ments (see page 3). A on your location and located on the spur road to the Pinnacles You can check and renovation of the lodge. The exhibits are Crater Lake Talk 11:00 a.m. Check the island. See page 4 for information
brochure with detailed provider. Pay phones availability and make reservations online.
Overlook.It opens shortly after the opening open daily, around-the-clock, from May 18 Learn about the origins of Crater Lake and discover its special qualities and features. 1:00 p.m. posted about the islands 2 hiking trails.
information is available are located outside the
at the visitor centers of the East Rim Drive, usually in early July, For a list of accommodations outside the through October 14. They are located on the Meet at the Sinnott Memorial Overlook. (20 minutes) 3:00 p.m. schedules
Mazama Village Store What to Bring
and entrance stations. and inside Crater Lake and closes in mid-October. Registration is park, ask at a visitor center. ground floor, west of the lobby.
self-service, and reservations are not taken. Bring plenty of drinking water. Bottled
We are working hard Lodge. Rangers Choice Talk 2:00 p.m.
Check water is available for purchase at both
to improve our level of The campground often fills up, so arrive early Crater Lake Lodge (71 rooms) is located in A different topic every time! Meet on the back porch of Crater Lake Lodge. For todays topics, posted
accessibility for all park Picnic Areas to secure a site. It offers running water, sinks, Rim Village, overlooking the lake. In 2012, it Gifts & Books check the sign on the Lodge back porch or ask at the Rim Visitor Center. (20 minutes)
4:00 p.m. schedules
ends of the Cleetwood Cove Trail.
Bring a lunch or snack, especially if
visitors. We welcome Picnic areas are found and flush toilets.Each site has a picnic table, will be open from May 18 through October The Rim Village Gift Shop is open all year. visiting Wizard Island. Light snacks
your comments. throughout the park 1:30 p.m.
firering,and food locker. Payment can be 14. Reservations are highly recommended The Annie Creek Gift Shop in Mazama are available for purchase at both
(see page 5). The Rim Junior Ranger Activity 2:30 p.m.
ends of the Cleetwood Cove Trail.
ATM Village picnic area has made by cash or check. Holders of a Senior well in advance. The Cabins at Mazama Village is open May 25 through at least Kids participate in a ranger-led activity to learn about Crater Lake and earn a Junior Ranger posted
Pass or Access Pass receive a 50% discount. Village (40 rooms) are located 7 miles south September 16. You can also shop online at 3:30 p.m. Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat are
The Rim Village Caf & fire grates. Most picnic patch. Meet behind the Rim Visitor Center. Recommended for ages 6 to 12. (20 minutes) schedules recommended for sun protection.
Gift Shop has an ATM. areas have vault toilets Lost Creek Campground is operated by the of Rim Village. Operating dates for 2012 are The parks 4:30 p.m.
The boats are not covered.
but no running water. National Park Service. May 25 through at least September 30. two visitor centers also sell books and gifts. Bring a jacket. Weather on the lake
Drinking Water Afternoon Hike Check
can be windy and chilly.
Water faucets can be Post Office Hike with a park ranger to explore and learn about Crater Lake. Check posted schedules for 2:00 p.m. posted
Wear sturdy footwear, especially if
found at Rim Village, A U.S. Post Office is open the trail of the day. Distance, duration, and meeting place will vary depending on the trail. visiting Wizard Island.
Mazama Village, Lost Monday through Satur- Food Pets Wildlife
Creek Campground, day in the Steel Visitor Food must be properly stored when Pets on a leashor otherwise Never feed wildlife. This includes Watchman Peak Sunset Hike July 20-31 7:30 p.m. (Hike offered from Hiking to Cleetwood Cove
and the Steel Visitor Center. Summer hours you are not eating or preparing physically restrainedarewelcome birds and squirrels. Feeding animals Ascend to a breathtaking viewpoint and watch the sun go down over the Cascade Mountain August 1-10 7:15 p.m. July 20-Sept. 10) The Cleetwood Cove Trail is the only
Center. Bottled water
can be purchased at the
are 9:00 a.m.noon and
1:003:00 p.m. Know meals. Generally, this means sealed
in your vehicle, secured in food
in the park, but only in developed
areas. They are allowedwithin 50
is dangerous for you, bad for them,
and harmful to the ecosystem.
Range. Meet at the Watchman Overlook, a parking area with wooden fences 3.8 miles (6.1 km)
northwest of Rim Village. Flashlights are not needed. See page 4 for trail details. (1.5 hours)
August 11-20 7:00
August 21-31 6:45
p.m. Sept. 1-10 6:30 p.m.
legal access to the shore of Crater
Lake (see map on page 5). The hike is
Rim Village Caf, the
Mazama Village Store, Recycling
the storage lockers in the campgrounds,
or stored in bearproof containers or
feet (15 meters) of roads, estab-
lished parking areas, developed
Feeding, touching, disturbing, or
approaching wildlife is prohibited.
steep and strenuous: in 1.1 miles (1.7
km) it drops 700 feet (213 meters) in
and the top and bottom
of the Cleetwood Cove
Combination trash/
recycling bins can be
Rules hung from a tree when backcountry
camping. Exposing wild animals to
campgrounds, and designated
picnic areas. Pets are not allowed
Evening Program
Relax under the stars as you learn about the park. Check posted schedules for topics.
June, July 9:00 p.m.
August 1-20 8:30 p.m.
elevation. Walking back up is equivalent
to climbing 65 flights of stairs! The
Trail (when boat tours found around the human food alters their behavior, inside buildings, including Crater Golden-Mantled Meet at the Mazama Campground Amphitheater, between loops D and E. (45 minutes) Aug.21-Sept.3 8:00 p.m. schedules trail is recommended only for those in
are operating). park at more than 20 is bad for their health, and can be Lake Lodge and The Cabins at Maz- Ground Squirrel good physical condition. It should not
locations. Recycling
is currently limited to
dangerous for you. ama Village. Pets are not allowed
on park trails or in the backcountry.
Rim Drive Trolley Tour Circle the lake on a ranger-guided tour of be attempted by anyone with heart,
breathing, or walking problems. It is
Rim Drive. See the top of this page for more 10:00 a.m.
Dial 911 to report any aluminum cans and Hiking and Climbing The presence of pets can confuse not accessible for people with mobility
Ticket Prices information. Tours leave from, and tickets are 11:00 a.m.
emergency, 24 hours a plastic bottles. All bins Hiking and climbing inside the and frighten wild animals, affecting impairments. Hikers should wear sturdy
Crater Lake National Park belongs $25 Adult (age 14 through 59) sold at, the Community House in the middle of Check
day. First aid is available can accept both. caldera are strictly prohibited. The their behavior. The above rules do 12:00 p.m. shoes and carry water. Vault toilets are
at visitor centers and to everyone. We all share the only exception is the Cleetwood not apply to service dogs here to $22 Senior (age 60 and up) Rim Village. Tickets may be purchased the day posted
responsibility of protecting it. Please of the tour, or the day before, from 9:30 a.m. to
1:00 p.m. schedules located at the top and bottom of the
the ranger station at Restrooms Cove Trail, the only safe and legal assist people with disabilities. $15 Child (age 5 through 13) 2:00 p.m. trail. Depending on snow conditions,
Park Headquarters. take a moment to become familiar access to the lake shore. Serious 3:00 p.m. Alternately, call 541-882-1896 or visit
Restrooms with flush Free Young Child (under 5 years) 3:00 p.m. the trail usually opens in late June and
with these important regulations. injuries and deaths have occurred Good places to walk a dog include to make a reservation.
toilets and running $70 Family Rate (2 adults plus kids) closes in late October.
Entrance Fee water are located at from falls inside the caldera. The Rim Village, Mazama Campground, Tours cover a variety of topics. (2 hours)
The entrance fee for Rim Village, Mazama Camping caldera walls consist of steep, and Grayback Drive. Solid pet ex Help Keep Wildlife Wild.
Crater Lake National Village, Lost Creek Camping is limited to developed unstable rocks and soils. crement must be picked up imme- PleaseDO NOT FEED! Standard Tours:
Park is $10 per family campgrounds and some back- diately by the owner or person in
Crater Lake Boat Tour
Campground, and the 9:35 a.m.
country areas. Permits are required Stay on trails. This prevents erosion, control of the pet and disposed of For a different perspective on Crater Lake, take a ranger-narrated boat tour. See the right-hand
car, good for 7 days. Steel Visitor Center
The rate is higher for (9:00 a.m.5:00 p.m.). for backcountry camping. Permits protects vegetation, and protects in a trash or solid-waste receptacle. column of this page for detailed information. Note: Taking a boat tour requires hiking down 10:30 a.m.
commercial vehicles. Vault toilets are located are free and are available at either other hikers. Shortcutting trails is and back upone of the steepest trails in the park. Tours cover a variety of topics. (2 hours) 11:30 a.m.
Weather permitting,
Your fees are put to at most picnic areas, visitor center or at the ranger station prohibited. Viewpoints 1:30 p.m.
at Park Headquarters. Ticket Prices boat tours will operate
work improving visitor Watchman Overlook, Stay back from the rim of the *Tours are not 2:30 p.m.
Park Features caldera. Do not go beyond from June 29 through
services and facilities. and both ends of the $32 Adult (age 12 and up) recommended 3:30 p.m.
Thank you for support- Cleetwood Cove Trail Driving Rocks, plants, animals, and artifacts established fences and rock walls. for infants due to
September 16
Clarks $42 Adult with Wizard Island Drop-Off
ing your national parks! (see map on page 5). Use pullouts to enjoy the views. should be left undisturbed for other Falling will cause injury or death. Nutcracker boat noise, sun Tours with Wizard
Do not stop in the road. Observe $21 Child (age 3 through 11)
people to enjoy. Collecting, destroy- exposure, wind, Island Drop-Offs:
Gasoline Showers & Laundry posted speed limits, and watch for ing, defacing, or disturbing natural, Weapons $27 Child with Wizard Island Drop-Off and occasional
wildlife, bicyclists, and pedestrians.
9:30 a.m.
Self-serve gasoline is Coin-operated showers cultural, or historical features is Firearms are prohibited in all posted Free Infant (under 3 years)* rough water.
Off-road travel is prohibited. prohibited. park buildings. 12:30 p.m. The Cleetwood Cove Trail drops 700
available at Mazama and laundry machines
Village from May 25 are available at Mazama feet (213 meters) to the lake shore.
Activities are free of charge except for trolley & boat tours. Programs are subject to cancellation due to weather or unforeseen circumstances. Sketch from Road Guide to Crater Lake.
through October 15. Campground.

2 3
N a t i o na l k
C re e
De s

Lets Go Hiking! Area of Detail PUM


to 230 138 97 Pacific Crest

National Scenic
Regional Map
to Portland
Oasis Butte
CRATER LAKE to Roseburg, Bend,
and Eugene Trail FORESTS
Pinnacles Trail Godfrey Glen Trail Castle Crest Lady of the Woods
1 mile (1.6 km) 1 mile (1.6 km) loop trail Total Distance 0.5 miles (0.8 km) loop trail 0.5 miles (0.8 km) loop trail (open summer only)

10 feet (3 meters) 50 feet (15 meters) Elevation Gain 100 feet (30 meters) 120 feet (37 meters)

C re e Chemult
30 minutes 30 minutes Time 30 minutes 30
Roseburg 138
230 C R AT E R
Volcanic Spires Peaceful Forest Highlight Flowers, Meadow, Creek Historic Architecture L AKE
Union Creek NAT I O NAL
Easy walk along the rim Easy stroll through an old- Loop trail through a beautiful Loop trail around Park Red Cone
Sphagnum Bog 7363ft Grouse Hill Prospect PAR K
of Pinnacle Valley. Great growth forest, with some meadow. Abundant wild- Headquarters. Self-guiding Fragile wetlands, 2245m 7412ft 62
ek 62 NAT I O NAL
views of volcanic spires. Use canyon views. Dirt path; flowers from mid-July to brochures, available at the C re no camping
2260m Fort
Chiloquin FORESTS
Grants Klamath
caution near cliffs. Trail ends accessible to wheelchair Description mid-August. The trail is trailhead, describe how early Cleetwood Cove Trail 234
at park boundary. Accessible users with assistance. rocky and slippery in places. park architects integrated (to tour boat landing) Pass 62
t er 97
Cr a Medford
to wheelchair users with Self-guiding brochures are Self-guiding brochures are their designs with the natural 199 Klamath
assistance. Open to bicycles. available at the trailhead. available at the trailhead. landscape. Ashland to Redding Falls
Spruce Lake

C o od
End of the Pinnacles Spur 2.4 miles (3.9 km) south of East Rim Drive, 0.5 miles Behind the Steel Visitor Steel


Llao Rock Bay ee Cr Scout Hill
Road, 7 miles (11.3 km) Park Headquarters. Trailhead (0.8 km) east of Park Head- Center, on the south side Cl 6376ftto Cal
8049ft North Entrance Road
southeast of the Phantom Location quarters. Can also access of the building. Crater Lake

B ea r
to Po
Hi, Im Ranger Emily. We have 90 miles (145 Ship Overlook. from the Steel Visitor Center.
Pacific Crest North Junction 2453m & Rim Drive are
National Scenic 7025ft National Park CLOSED in winter
km) of hiking trails here at Crater Lake. Our Trail 2142m Llao Bay
(see page 3)

most popular day hikes are listed on this The Pinnacles are chimneys Trail is named after William The flowers here are The trails name refers to a
page. If you are visiting in June or July, be formed when hot ash cooled Godfrey, a ranger who died Nature Note nourished by springs sculpture of a woman carved Merriam Cone EAST RIM DRIVE
after the big eruption. in a blizzard here in 1930. emerging from the hillside. into a boulder along the trail. WEST RIM DRIVE Devils Backbone -486ft (open summer only)
aware that some trails might still be closed by (open summer only) -1788ft -148m Grotto
snow. Please help us protect this special place Cove
by following a few important rules: Easy E a sy Deepest point
below lake surface


Watchman Overlook -1943ft


 No hiking or climbing inside the caldera! The Wizard Crater Lake T

ll C

Watchman Peak Island O
walls are dangerously steep and unstable. The 8013ft Average surface elevation: SC
Plaikni Falls Sun Notch Discovery Point Annie Creek

Trail 2442m
one exception is the Cleetwood Cove Trail. It is Deer 6940ft 6173ft
Cloudcap Overlook
the only legal access to the lake shore. 2.2 miles (3.5 km) 0.5 miles (0.8 km) Total Distance 2.2 miles (3.5 km) 1.7 miles (2.7 km) loop trail o le 2116m 1882m
be ar y 7865ft
Cr e e k a 2397m

 Overnight backpacking requires a permit. Free e Lightning

Elevation Gain

100 feet (30 meters) 115 feet (35 meters) 100 feet (30 meters) 200 feet (61 meters) Springs
permits are available at either visitor center or at Trail
Springs -1548ft Pumice Castle Overlook

1 hour 30 minutes Time 1 hour 1 hours -472m
the ranger station at Park Headquarters. Some

areas are not open to backcountry camping. Waterfall, Flowers Views of Phantom Ship Highlight Lake Views Creek, Canyon, Flowers Discovery 2165m Mount Scott
 Leave all rocks, plants, animals, and artifacts Point Rim Village Danger (highest point in park)
Quiet walk through an old- Short uphill walk through a Mostly level trail along Moderately
Cast le strenuous trail Bay 8929ft
undisturbed for the enjoyment of future hikers. growth forest to a waterfall. meadow to the rim of Crater the rim of Crater Lake, through a deep, Crestream-
Rim Caf & Gift Shop
W Sinnott Memorial Overlook
 To protect vegetation and prevent erosion, See page 1 for details. Dirt Lake. Walk along the rim connecting Rim Village hi with
cut canyon. Lots of water, Rim Visitor Center Phantom Ship
please stay on the trails. path; first 3/4 is accessible to path for great views of the Description Discovery Point. Fine views ey of wildflowers, and sometimes Crater Lake Lodge Overlook
Discovery Phantom
 Pets are not allowed on park trails (see page 2). wheelchair users with assis- Phantom Ship. Use caution the lake and Wizard Island.
To Medford wildlife. Self-guiding Point Trail Ship AN
tance, but the final ascent to near cliff edges. Use caution near cliff
and edges. 62
brochures are available at Cha Plaikni DE
sk i B a y Falls ON
the falls might be too steep. the trailhead. Pacific Crest BLU
Garfield Peak FFS

4850ft National Scenic Sun Notch

Trail 8054ft

Swimmers at Pinnacles Road, 1.2 miles East Rim Drive, 4.4 miles West end of Rim Village, Mazama Campground, Ca s t l e Cr e ek Trail

Park 2455m

L i tt l e
Cleetwood Cove (1.9 km) southeast of the (7.1 km) east of Park Trailhead where the paved walk be- behind the amphitheater,
Phantom Ship Overlook. Headquarters. Location comes a dirt path. Can also located between loops D and Headquarters Lady of the

Steel Visitor Center Woods Trail


start from Discovery Point. E. Limited parking in E Loop.



C a st le

Snowmelt, not Crater Lake, This U-shaped valley was The trees along the trail are The creek provides the parks Cr e ek Crest


k Bo

C re
is the source of Plaikni Falls carved by glaciers that once Nature Note mountain hemlocks and drinking water, named the best 62 (open summer only)

water. flowed down Mt. Mazama. whitebark pines. tasting in Oregon in 2004.

to Vidae Falls


Thousand and


Easy to Moderate Mode ra te Springs 5

on C r e

Ca v e r
Lo s t
Annie Lost Creek



he e

Grayback Drive
(gravel road open to hikers,
Watchman Peak Crater Peak Trail Garfield PeakR O G U E Mount
R I V E RScott Annie bicycles, horses, and pets,
Spring Godfrey Glen Trail Su but closed to cars) Cr
Entrance n ee
1.6 miles (2.6 km) 6.4 miles (10.3 km) Total Distance 3.4 miles (5.5 km) N A T I O5Nmiles
A L (8.1 km) Station k

C re
Annie Creek Trail Cre
420 feet (128 meters) 765 feet (233 meters) Elevation Gain 1,010 feet (308 meters) 1,250 feet (381 meters) ek

Annie Creek G TH

F or k
1 hour 3 hours Time 2 to 3 hours F O R E3 Shours
T Restaurant RI YB
Photographer on Union & Gift Shop D A ES Pinnacles

Peak Crater Peak E Trail

Panoramic Views Forest, Views, Solitude Highlight Panoramic Views Panoramic Views

Watchman Peak

Trail 7263ft
Huckleberry Mountain Mazama Village 2214m Pinnacles

Ea s t
Moderate ascent to a Moderately strenuous walk Rocky climb to a high peak. Gradual ascent of the parks
6370ft Overlook
lookout above Wizard Island. to the summit of a small Spectacular views along the highest peak. Great views

Spectacular views in all volcano. No lake views, but way and at the top. Diverse in all directions. Best Rocktop

Butte 1830m 0 1 2 3 4 5 Kilometers
directions. Great place to fine views of the Klamath Description plant life, many wildflowers. morning, when the light 1951m is
watch the sunset. Trail may Basin to the southeast. Top section may be closed ideal for lake viewing. May 0 1 2 3 4 5 Miles
be closed until mid-July due A peaceful walk through until mid-July due to snow. be closed until mid-July due Union Peak North Visitor Center Lodging Gas Picnic Area Hiking Trail
to snow. forests and meadows. Use caution near cliff edges. to snow. 7709ft 62
2350m Pacific Crest Campground Groceries Showers Restrooms Paved Road
National Scenic to Klamath
3.8 miles (6.1 km) northwest East Rim Drive, 3 miles East end of Rim Village. Walk East Rim Drive, 14 miles Falls and 97 Wheelchair- Food Service Laundry Restrooms Unpaved Road
Cree k

Accessible Trail (no water)

of Rim Village. Park at the (4.8 km) east of Park Trailhead behind Crater Lake Lodge (22.5
km) east of Park
viewpoint surrounded by Headquarters at the Vidae Location along the paved promenade. Headquarters.

Highlights of the Rim Drive

wooden fences. Falls Picnic Area.

Built in 1932, the peaks Upper Klamath Lake is the Rocky slopes along the trail Mt. Scott is the parks highest
An 6091ft
historic fire lookout is still largest in Oregon, but its av- Nature Note are home to American pikas peak8,929 feet (2,721 PUMI C E n 1857m WINEM

Scoria Cone
staffed by rangers today. erage depth is only 14 feet. and yellow-bellied marmots. meters) in elevation. ar FLAT


V Cr e
2027m ek F

Rim Drive is a 33-mile6200ft (53-km) road that Discovery Point (1.8 km) west of the Cloudcap Overlook

Lewis Monkeyflower M o d e r a t e t o S t re n u o u s S tre nuous 1890m
encircles Crater Lake. It is one of Americas Imagine seeing Crater Lake by accident. It was junction and 2.4 miles (3.9 km) east of the The Pinnacles
on the Castle Crest Trail
most scenic byways, with spectacular views in near this spot, on the back of a mule in 1853, Phantom Ship Overlook.

k et C r e ek all directions. The loop is typicallyStuart Falls open from
that gold prospector John Hillman became the

S un

early July to late October. It can be driven, Phantom Ship Overlook

first European-American to stumble across

il d
Union Peak Cleetwood Cove Trail Wizard Summit Fumarole Bay without stopping, in about an hour, but at

what he called
GooseDeep Blue Lake. Nestled against the shore, Crater Lakes other

C re
d Nest


least 2 to 3 hours are necessary to enjoy the 7249ft
island escapes detection by many park visi-

11 miles (17.7 km) 2.2 miles (3.5 km) Total Distance 2 miles (3.2 km) 1.8 miles (2.9 km)


varied sights. The road is narrow, so buses Watchman Overlook tors. Though it resembles a small sailboat, the
1,600 feet (448 meters) 700 feet (213 meters) Elevation Gain 760 feet (232 meters) 150 feet (46 meters)
and motorhomes should use caution. There This pullout offers an unmatched view of island is as tall as a 16-story building. Its made
5 to 6 hours 1 hours Time 1 hours 1 hour are more than 30 scenic pullouts along the Wizard Island, a cinder cone that erupted out of erosion-resistant lava, 400,000 years old
Panoramic Views Swim, Fish, Boat Tours Highlight Views, Summit Crater Swimming, Fishing
S K many
route, Y LofAwhich K E Shave roadside exhibits. W I N E 7,300
of Crater Lake approximately M A years
N Aago.
L exposed rock within the caldera. Sun Mountain
BeW I L not
sure D EtoRmiss
N Ethese
S S 7 must-see stops. To find this unmarked pullout, drive
F O 3.8
R Emiles
ST 5550ft
Long forest walk followed The only legal access to Rocky climb to the top of Rocky trail along the shore 1692m

by a very steep climb. Great the shore of Crater Lake. Wizard Island. Spectacular of Wizard Island. Becomes
For more information, pick up the excellent
(6.1 km)
Goose Egg west of Rim Village and look for a Pinnacles Overlook
Wizard Island from views from the top and Strenuous trail with a steep lake views, interesting hard to follow after reaching Road Guide to Crater Lake National Park
Tom Mountain viewpoint lined with wooden fences.
2172m This overlook is well worth 4400ft
the 7-mile S U N PA S S S TAT E F O R E S T
Bessie Rock 6876ft
the Discovery Point Trail interesting geology, but no grade. The trail descends to a geology. A path leads around
Cinnamon Peak
Fumarole Bay. The shallow, 6367ft (48
2096mpages, Jerry
$5.95) at either visitor center.
Mountain (11-km) detour from Rim Drive. 1341m
Description 5900ft
1799m 1941m
view of Crater Lake. Top rocky shoreline at Cleetwood the 90-foot-deep (27-meter) clear water is good for Cloudcap Overlook spires, 100 feet (30 meters) tall, are being
section may be impassable Cove. See page 3 for detailed crater at the summit. fishing and swimming. This overlook sits at the end of a 1-mile (1.6- eroded from the canyon wall. The Pinnacles
until mid-July due to snow. information. View from the East Rim Drive
km) spur road, the highest paved road in are fossil fumaroles where volcanic gases
Highway 62 at the Pacific North side of the lake, 11 Wizard Island dock, Wizard Island dock, Oregon. Whitebark pines cling for survival rose up through a layer of volcanic ash,
Crest Trailhead, 1 mile (1.6 miles (17.6 km) from Rim Trailhead accessible only via a boat accessible only via a boat here, dwarfed and contorted by the harsh cementing the ash into solid rock.
km) west of the Crater Lake Village if traveling clockwise Location tour from Cleetwood Cove. tour from Cleetwood Cove. winds.
road junction. on Rim Drive. See page 3 for information. See page 3 for information. Vidae Falls
Union Peak is the core of an Below 200 feet (61 meters), The dead trees at the summit Abundant lichen on the tree
Pumice Castle Overlook Look for this cascading waterfall between
old volcano eroded by gla- the water in Crater Lake have been killed by dwarf trunks is an indication of Stop here to see one of the parks most Phantom Ship Overlook and Park Head-
Nature Note
ciers during the last Ice Age. stays 38F (3C) year-round. mistletoe, a parasitic plant. excellent air quality. colorful features: a layer of orange pumice quarters. A spring-fed creek tumbles over
Hiker atop rock that has been eroded into the shape of a glacier-carved cliff and drops 100 feet (30
Garfield Peak
S t re n u o u s On W i za rd I sl a nd a medieval castle. Watch carefully for this meters) over a series of ledges. In summer,
unmarked viewpoint, located 1.1 miles wildflowers flourish in the cascades spray.

4 5
Success in
Some of the seedlings from the 05 and 06 introduced to park streams from the 1920s to the 1970s for
collections were surplus to the DGRCs ex- recreational fishing. Records show that the National Park
Clarks Nutcracker: It can be grueling work, admits


perimental needs, so the park decided to go Service and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife stocked Dave Hering, fisheries biologist

Tree Farmer
Sun Creek
ahead and plant them. In 2009, 331 seedlings more than 275,000 brook trout into Sun Creek alone! Brook and coordinator of the parks
from 16 parent trees were transplanted to Rim bull trout recovery effort. My
trout lay more eggs than bull trout, breed at a younger age,
crew of four summer technicians
Village. You can examine these trees yourself and compete with bull trout for food and space. They also and I hike up to 10 miles per
by walking along the paved paths behind the No story on the whitebark pine would be hybridize with bull trout, producing offspring that are sterile.
complete without mention of its avian day over rugged terrain in the
Rim Village Cafe (between the Cafe and the
rim of the caldera). Infant whitebark pines
partner: the Clarks nutcracker (Nucifraga How Scientists are Saving By 1992, outnumbered by brook trout by a ratio of 13 to 1,
Sun Creeks bull trout seemed destined for extinction.
most mosquito-rich drainage of
the park. Even so, its worth it,
columbiana). Nutcrackers are large,
grow slowly, so Theyre still shorter than
your knee, says Beck. To protect them, we
raucous birds related to ravens, jays, and the Parks Only Native Fish To save the population, biologists realized they would need
knowing that we are helping to
save a population of fish that
magpies. Without their cooperation, was pretty close to extinction
planted them next to boulders; thats where to whitebark pines could not reproduce. to rid the creek of its introduced fish. It was a complicated before we stepped in.
look. So far, pocket gophers have eaten a few A sobering fact of modern civilization is that, across the globe, processtaking from 1992 to 2005but it consisted of
of the seedlings, but over 90% are still alive. Unlike most other evergreen cones, those
human activity is sending other species toward extinction. four main steps. First, biologists constructed two artificial
of the whitebark pine remain tightlyclosed, When it comes to biodiversity, bad news is the norm. Here waterfalls along Sun Creek near the parks southern boundary,
This fall, Beck and her two seasonal assistants on the tree, after the seeds ripen. Theseeds at Crater Lake, however, we have some good news to report: tall enough to prevent non-native fish from re-entering the from handheld antennas, as well as from stationary antennas
plan to establish an additional 522 seedlings in reach the soil only with the assistanceof biologists have recently succeeded in saving the parks only park from downstream. Second, they carefully captured the located at several points along the stream. So far, most fish
two locations: near North Junction and along the Clarks nutcracker, which uses its sharp, population of native fish. It took 20 years of planning, labor, creeks remaining bull trout and temporarily housed them have remained within 100 meters (109 yards) of where they
the East Rim Drive at Dutton Ridge. They black bill to pry out the large, nutritious and expenseand the work is far from finishedbut the in several remote locations, including an outdoor tank near were tagged, but a few of the larger fish have journeyed
Ancient whitebark pines grow along the rim This tree has been invaded by blister-rust fungus.
of Crater Lake. Here in the Cascades, some of As the fungus grows within the tree, it ruptures will also harvest more seeds from new parent nuts. Some seeds get eaten immediately, success of the parks Bull Trout Restoration Program serves as Park Headquarters. Next, they eradicated brook trout from downstream, over the waterfalls and out of the park, possibly
them live for over 500 years. A whitebark pine the bark, allowing orange-colored fruiting bodies trees that, in the field, appear to be staving but most are hidden a few inches deep a hopeful reminder that human beings are equally capable of the stream by introducing a fish toxin (called antimycin) to the expressing the migratory patterns of their ancestors. You
in central Idaho is thought to be 1,285 years old. to release spores into the wind. Eventually, when off or coping with blister-rust infection. So in the dirt, in small caches of 3 to 5. One protecting the Earths biodiversity as we are of diminishing it. water and using a technique called electrofishing (catching can help us protect this threatened species by following park
In bright sunlight, the trees gray bark some- the fungus encircles the trees trunk, cutting off far, seeds from 76 trees have been sent to the nutcracker can stash up to 100,000 seeds in fish by stunning them with an underwater electric current). regulations, which prohibit fishing in Sun Creek.
times appears white, hence the common name. the flow of water and nutrients, the tree will die. a single summer! Over the next 9 months, Bull trout (Salvelinus confluentus) are cold-water fish native
DGRC from collection efforts in 03, 05, 06, Finally, with the non-natives vanquished, the bull trout were
09, and 2011. Eventually, if a pool of rust- it will use its precise spatial memory to to many rivers and lakes of western North America. They get returned to their home. In a world of widespread and large-scale environmental
retrieve more than half of its caches. their name from their relatively large, broad, flat heads. Once degradation, saving a small population of fish in a remote

Can We Stop the Decline

resistant parent trees can be identified, large-
scale planting of their progeny will follow. Unclaimed seeds eventually germinate. abundant, they are now listed as threatened under the U.S. section of Crater Lake National Park might seem insignificant.
Today, with the creek all to themselves, the native trout are
Endangered Species Act, a victim of habitat fragmentation, thriving. Their numbers have grown to approximately 2,000, But the continued progress of the Bull Trout Restoration
Becks work is funded, in part, by park en- poor water quality, and the introduction of non-native they are increasing in size, and they have expanded their range Program is a reminder that ultimately, maintaining the

of the Whitebark Pine? trance fees. The U.S. Forest Service has also
contributed funds. We couldnt do this with-
out help from park visitors, the Deschutes Na-
competitors. While bull trout never colonized Crater Lake
itself, they once thrived south of the lake in tributaries of the
Klamath River such as Sun Creek and Annie Creek.
to encompass a 7-mile (11.2-km) stretch of the stream. Even
so, the long-term survival of the population will depend on its
ability to re-establish gene flow with other bull trout popula-
integrity of our natural environment is something that will be
achieved incrementallythrough hard work, dedication, and
small, attainable successes.
tional Forest, the DGRC, and researchers at tions in the Klamath Basin. To that end, the park is partnering
Whitebark pines have long stood sentinel elevations. They stabilize the soil on steep Oregon State University, she says. A whole In 1989, the park discovered that its sole remaining bull trout with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Oregon
on the rocky rim of Crater Lake. Twisted slopes, helping wildflowers and other plants community of people is working hard to save population had dwindled to roughly 150 individuals confined Department of Forestry, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service To determine the number of bull trout in Sun Creek (and to
and gnarled, they are able to withstand cold gain a foothold. They provide nutritious seeds this tree. We are not alone in our efforts. to a 1.2-mile (1.9-km) stretch of Sun Creek. The apparent to extend the species safe haven beyond the park boundary. make sure no brook trout are present), park staff conduct
temperatures, strong winds, and heavy snows. and sheltered habitat for squirrels, grouse, and Other national parks, including Yellowstone, cause of the decline was competition from non-native brook annual snorkel surveys, methodically counting fish as they
In 2010, two additional waterfalls were built across Sun Creek
trout (Salvelinus fontinalis), a species from the eastern U.S. move upstream. Youre basically crawling on your hands and
Lately, however, these hardy trees have been other creatures. And by shielding snowbanks Mount Rainier, and Glacier, have also begun 4 miles (6 km) south of the park on state land. This summer, knees with your head in the water, describes Dave Hering,
dying at an alarming rate. Drive around from the sun, they retain soil moisture and outplanting nursery-grown seedlings. crews will work to remove the estimated 6,000 non-native fish fisheries biologist, while the stream is trying to push you
the lake this summer and youll witness the reduce spring flooding at lower elevations. (brook trout and brown trout) that currently reside there. downhill. Its exhausting and its cold, but its fascinating to
carnage: 25% of the parks whitebark pines Theres a sense of urgency to the task. White- see how fish are behaving underwater. Theres all sorts of

are dead, 25% of the rest are dying, and the Now for the good news: within most popula- bark pines typically dont produce cones Somedayand it could take decades to accomplishthe drama going on down there.
fate of the entire species is in jeopardy. At tions, a few individuals seem to possess an until age 60, and its not until age 100 that hope is that Sun Creeks bull trout will be able to reconnect
this point, says park botanist Jen Beck, their inborn, genetic resistance to the blister-rust they enter into their prime reproductive with their relatives in other parts of the watershed and re-
decline seems irreversible. Whats behind fungus. Some trees are able to shed their years. Raising a forest of genetically resistant colonize their historic range. Another hope is that some will
the destruction of these majestic trees, and infected needles (on which the fungal spores trees will take time. If we wait too long, until return to a migratory way of life. Historically, many of the
can anything be done to save them? germinate) before the fungus can spread from most of the current trees have died, the few Whitebark pine cones sit horizontally at creeks trout likely traveled to the food-rich waters of Upper
the needles to the branches. Other trees are survivors will be at such low numbers that the tops of trees, providing perfect perches In Oregon, bull trout live in the watersheds of the Columbia Klamath Lake before returning to the gravel beds of Sun
The culprit is a lethal fungus (Cronartium able to quarantine the disease in a section of virtually all of their seeds will be consumed for the Clarks nutcracker. and Klamath Rivers. In the park, they feed on insects and are Creek to spawn. Over the past few summers, park biologists
ribicola), although human beings are really to bark and prevent it from spreading further. by Clarks nutcrackers (the birds responsible quite small, mostly 5 to 10 inches (13-25 cm) long. Historically,
have inserted microchips (Passive Integrated Transponders,
Just think: every whitebark pine you see at before the introduction of non-native competitors and the
blame. We imported the non-native fungus by Fewer than 5% of whitebark pines express for propagating the seeds in the wild) rather or PIT tags) in nearly 300 of the bull trout to study their
Crater Lake (except for those established in blockage of migratory corridors, Sun Creeks bull trout likely
accident in 1910, when trees from a nursery these traits, but researchers such as Beck are than dispersed into the soil. Thats why, al- spent part of their lives in the Wood River or Upper Klamath movements and to check for the persistence of migratory
2009 at Rim Village) was carefully planted
in France were shipped to a landowner in hoping to identify and though the idea of planting trees Lake, growing much larger and feeding on other fish. behavior in the population. Biologists can detect or scan
by a Clarks nutcracker. That explains why
British Columbia, Canada. Now a permanent utilize them. By locating in a national park may at first seem the microchips of nearby fish using radio waves emitted
the pines tend to grow in clusters, with sev-
resident of North America, the fungus travels resistant trees, collecting counter to the agencys practice of eral trunks emerging from the samespot.
short distances on the wind via microscopic their seeds, and planting avoiding manipulation of the natural Each spot indicates where a thrifty nutcrack-
spores, infecting all pines that have 5 needles their offspring through- landscape, intervention is critical. er, years ago, buried a small cache of seeds.

Crater Lake:
per bundle, including sugar pines, limber out the park, we might Whitebark pines are not likely to blush, sound impressive. But even 1% of the compared with other lakes that arent as clear.
pines, and western white pines. Trees infected be able to accelerate the save themselves. To learn more about the intertwined fate of suns visible rays are more than enough to (Its easier to see when a spoonful of dirt is
with the fungus develop a disease called natural selection process these two amazing species, pick up a copy support the survival of aquatic plants. Moss, added to a glass of clear water than a glass

Clearly Remarkable
white pine blister rust, evident by rust- in order to regenerate The decline of the whitebark pine, of Made for Each Other: A Symbiosis of for example, hangs from underwater cliffs as thats already muddy.) At a time when virtual-
colored cankers that form on the branches our whitebark pine for- and of the high-elevation forest Birds and Plants (160 pages, $24.95), avail- deep as 460 feet (140 meters) below the sur- ly every large lake in the world is experiencing
and trunk. The disease has no cure; death ests before the current community it supports, illustrate able at either visitor center. To examine a face. Nowhere else in the world has moss been degradation from local human activity, Crater
follows infection in 5 to 15 years. groves die off. the importance of preventing the grove of whitebark pines up close, visit the found thriving at such tremendous depths. Lake is becoming important to scientists as
introduction of non-native species Whitebark Pine Picnic area. Its on the East a barometer with which to measure changes
Whitebark pines (Pinus albicaulis) are partic- Scientists first harvested in the first place. Prevention, early Rim Drive, just north of the Mount Scott First-time visitors to Crater Lake are often diminishing. Secchi disk depths from 1978-81 The ultraviolet (UV) part of the spectrum also happening on a regional and global scale,
Jen Beck, surprised to find such a clean lake in the were noticeably shallower than the previous
ularly susceptible to blister rust. Across their seeds at Crater Lake in park botanist detection, containment, and quick trailhead. Cloudcap Overlook and Watch- pierces deep into Crater Lake. In fact, in 2003 such as changes in climate and atmospheric
range, from California east to Wyoming and 2003, from 10 trees at eradication of non-natives are key man Overlook are also good places to stop. belly of what once was a dirty, smelly, violent measurements that had been taken, a decade scientists were amazed to discover that UV pollution. For now, the spectacular waters of
north to British Columbia, their numbers are Rim Village. The seeds to avoiding costly and difficult volcano. Early park naturalist Arthur Hasler earlier, in 1968-69. So concerned was the U.S. rays penetrate deeper in Crater Lake than was Crater Lake remain largely untrammeled by
in rapid decline. In July of 2011, the U.S. Fish were germinated in a nursery at the Dorena mitigation efforts. Its also a reminder, says may have been only slightly exaggerating Congress that it passed a law directing the believed to be theoretically possible in even the impacts of human civilization. Hopefully
& Wildlife Service announced that the spe- Genetic Resource Center (DGRC), a U.S. Beck, that Even the most remote places are when he observed, 75 years ago, that The Secretary of the Interior to investigate. Hap- the purest of water. A benchmark of physics many more generations of park visitors will
cies is on a path toward extinction and that Forest Service facility 20 miles (32 km) south vulnerable to our impacts. The whitebark unusual transparency of the water, in pily, the resulting Limnological (lake research) had to be reset! Crater Lakes transparency be able to experience the ecstasies of gazing
it warrants protection under the Endangered of Eugene that studies how trees defend pine is basically a wilderness species, but its addition to its apparent blue color, sends Monitoring Program, which continues to to UV light has a huge impact, it turns out, down upon this remarkable body of water.
Species Act. Unfortunately, a lack of funding themselves from disease. At the age of two, in decline because of humans. the sightseer into ecstasies. Ecstatic or not, this day, found that the 1978-81 readings fell on its living organisms. Just as ultraviolet rays
precludes the agency from listing the tree as the seedlings were exposed to the blister- most sightseers today react by instinctively squarely within the normal range of variation. are harmful to humans, giving us sunburns
reaching for a camera, as though compelled Clarity fluctuates quite a bit (see the graph Secchi (rhymes
endangered at this time. rust fungus and were checked, over the next Even so, Beck remains optimistic. We need to and skin cancer, they are also hazardous to
with Becky)
5 years, for signs of resistance. The parent maintain hope, she says. Collective hope and to capture proof that such a remarkable lake below), but Crater Lake is as clean as ever. aquatic life forms. Moss doesnt grow within disks are used
If we lose our whitebark pines, well lose trees are given letter grades, just like grades action are very powerful. They are represen- exists. What accounts for the lakes stunning 85 feet (26 meters) of the lakes surface. Most worldwide to
more than just some picturesque trees. An in school, describes Beck. Unfortunately, tative of the good part of the human spirit. The clarity? How do we quantify it? And how does Park scientists also monitor transparency with of the lakes 163 species of phytoplankton measure water
entire forest community is at risk. The we got one C, five Ds, and four Fs. Seeds effort to save the whitebark pine is range-wide. the transparency of the water affect the lakes more sophisticated instruments. At least once (tiny algae that form the basis of the food clarity. The usual
ecology and broader scientific significance? a month each summer, they lower a water- chain) hide out even deeper. Youd need to method is to lower
whitebark pine is a foundation species at collected in 2005 and 2006, from 28 trees on Many people and organizations are involved. the 8-inch (20-cm) disk un-
Crater Lake, explains Beck. A lot of other the west and east sides of the lake, are showing Im still hopeful that, in the future, my kids and Removing a cones scales reveals a feast of proof light meter into the lake to study the travel 260 feet (80 meters) below the surface
til it disappears, raise it until it reappears, then
species depend on it. Whitebark pines are better resistance. Results are preliminary, but grandkids will be able to see whitebark pines nutritious nuts. Believe it or not, the water in Crater Lake is degree to which different wavelengths of light to find them at their maximum abundance. take the average of the two readings. Ideally,
the only trees that grow at the parks highest they include some As and Bs, Beck reports. enduring on the rim of Crater Lake. cleaner than the water that pours from your are able to penetrate. On average, they find that measurements are taken at midday under calm
faucet at home. Thats because roughly 83% 1% of the suns visible rays persist to a depth In a lake as clear as this one, small changes conditions. The average Secchi disk depth at
of it comes from rain and snow falling directly 1975.0 1982.2 1989.4 in 1996.6
of 330 feet (100 meters). That might not, at first water quality are2003.8 2011.0
easy to detect, especially Crater Lake is 102 feet (31 meters)!
on the lakes surface. (The rest is runoff from 0
Beetle Epidemic 10 Scientists deploy Secchi disks in Crater Lake several times per summer. Each circle
Whats behind the beetle epidemic? For millennia, mountain pine Fortunately, we can protect individual trees from beetle invasion. precipitation landing on the slopes inside
beetles have thrived in the forests of western North America. In Shortly after adults overwhelm a tree, they emit a pheromone the caldera.) No rivers or creeks carry silt,
the past, however, their intolerance of cold weather generally (a chemical signal) that alerts other beetles in the area to stay sediment, or pollution into Crater Lake. 20 below represents a different reading. Visibility is typically best in June and poorest in
Complicates 30 August,
safeguarded high-elevation trees. Lower-elevation pines, such as away. Much like a no vacancy sign, this pheromone, called when a warm layer of water traps particles near the surface. The shallowest
The other reason the lake is so pure is that readings occur after thunderstorms, when rain washes sediment into the lake from
lodgepole and ponderosa, were the beetles main targets. That verbenone, tells other beetles that the tree cant support a larg-
has now changed as of the 21st century. Across the western er population. By attaching pouches containing a synthetic form of
its volcanic basin is currently dormant. The
last eruption here occurred some 4,900 years
40 the
calderas inner slopes. In 1995, storms in June and July reduced visibility for the
entire summer. Even so, the shallowest reading was still 59 feet (18 meters)!

Whitebark Pine 50
U.S. and Canada, beetles have turned their attention toward verbenone to the trunks of trees wed like to protect, we can trick
ago, when an underwater lava dome east
whitebark pines. Our warming climate, it seems, is allowing the beetles into thinking those trees have already been attacked.
them to survive winter at higher latitudes and higher elevations. The method isnt foolproof, and the pouches must be replaced
of Wizard Island grew to within 95 feet (29 60
meters) of the surface. Since then, activity has

Depth in Feet
Beetle attacks are swift and deadly. Females swarm individual
annually to be effective, but its our best hope of prolonging the
lives of the disease-resistant trees whose seeds hold the key to the ceased. Dissolved gases and minerals do enter 70
trees, laying eggs beneath the bark. When the eggs hatch, long-term survival of our whitebark pine communities. the lake through hydrothermal vents on the 80
the larvae dine on the trees innermost layer of bark, tunneling
horizontally around the trunk. Within a few weeks, the tree dies,
lakes floor, but in very, very small amounts.
The non-native fungus described above is not the only foe facing
the whitebark pine. A native insect, the mountain pine beetle having starved to deathits flow of water and nutrients cut off.
This summer, Jen Becks crew
will be stapling pouches of With so few particles suspended in the water, 100
(Dendroctonus ponderosae), is hastening the decline of the spe- verbenone to 60 whitebark Crater Lake is exceptionally clear: certainly 110
one of the clearest lakes in the world. When
cies. In fact, over the past decade at Crater Lake, more whitebark
pines have succumbed to beetles than to blister rust. The bigger
The size of a grain of rice, pine beetles go un-
noticed by even the most observant of us. (The
pines in an effort to ward
off beetles. These trees are an 8-inch (20-cm) Secchi disk is lowered into 120
worry is that beetles are killing some of the few trees that have one below is shown at 5 times its actual size.)
Except for a few days in summer, when adults
potentially valuable parents
whose seedlings are currently
the water, the average depth at which it disap- 130 Aquatic ecologist Mark Buktenica inspects a
the genetic tools to combat the fungus. Scientists are
now in a race to identify and protect these important
fly from their home tree to a new host, they being tested for resistance to
pears is nearly 102 feet (31 meters)! On a good
day, Secchi disk readings surpass 130 feet (40
140 clump of moss retrieved from the depths of
140 Year
individuals before the beetles get to them first.
spend their entire life cycle beneath the bark. the blister-rust fungus.
meters). Back in the early 1980s, however, 150 Crater Lake. Moss carpets the lake floor as deep
as 460 feet (140 meters) below the surface, a
worries arose that Crater Lakes clarity was 1980 1990 2000 2010 testament to the lakes transparency to sunlight.

6 7
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Climate Chart
and avalanche safety in exchange for at least Summers at Crater Lake are short but warm and sunny. Even so, there are days when the lake is shroud-
6 days of service each winter. For more infor- ed in clouds. July, August, and early September are your best bets for warm, dry weather. In May, early
mation, visit June, late September, and October, sunny days alternate with periods of rain and snow. Winters are long
Share Your Comments and snowy. Storms from the Pacific Ocean dump an average of 44 feet (13.3 meters) of snow at Park
Headquarters. The tremendous snowfall is a result of our position at the crest of the Cascade Mountains.
Whether you have a compliment, concern, or
Volunteer suggestion, wed like to hear from you! This is FAHRENHEIT Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Ski Patrollers your national park, and we value your input
Average Daily High (F) 34 35 37 43 50 58 69 69 63 52 40 35
on how best to manage it. You can provide
feedback in several ways. Ask for a comment Average Daily Low (F) 18 18 19 23 29 34 41 41 37 31 24 20
form at a visitor center, send an e-mail to Avg. Snowfall (inches) 105 84 84 45 20 4 0.2 0.1 3 22 64 94, or write Avg. Snow Depth (inches) 80 104 117 112 77 24 1 0 0 2 17 49
to: Superintendent, Crater Lake National Avg. Lake Surface Temp. (F) 38 37 37 38 40 45 55 59 57 51 44 40
Park, P.O. Box 7, Crater Lake, OR 97604.
CELSIUS Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Average Daily High (C) 1 2 3 6 10 14 21 21 17 11 4 2
Average Daily Low (C) -8 -8 -7 -5 -2 1 5 5 3 -1 -4 -7
Avg. Snowfall (cm) 267 213 213 114 51 10 0.5 0.3 8 56 163 239

You! Avg. Snow Depth (cm)

Avg. Lake Surface Temp. (C)
203 264 297 284 196
4 3 3 3 4