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Introduction and Reflection

This project provided me with a thorough introduction to foundations for implementing

basic quantitative statistics in the fields of education. I was taught that in educational research,

quantitative methods are as feasible to use as qualitative or mixed methods, which enhanced my

knowledge toward utilizing quantitative research designs such as one-group pretest posttest

design, experimental and quasi-experimental designs. For me, this step was very important to

grow and improve my knowledge of handling quantitative data and to conduct investigations

using specific research questions. Also, my knowledge grew to include working with SPSS,

which consisted a large portion of this course, since it was the main tool for analyzing the data

and choosing such as t-test and Chi-square test. I utilized all the new information and course

materials to analyze my research data in my external project as a way of practicing quantitative

research. I gained a stronger foundation and confidence in using quantitative methods and it

increased my desire to research choose this method knowing that I now have a solid background

in it.

Evidence of Mastery of Objectives 4, 5, and 7

Objective 4, Select appropriate analyses for a given research question:

Objective 4 is met in this research project due to the fact that the research question of the project

which was, does the type of group, in MOOCs, have the potential of affecting completion

rates? We did our analyze using SPSS to find the standard deviation and alpha score, as well as

effect magnitude.
Objective 5, Apply appropriate technology to conduct analyses of educational data:

This objective is satisfied due to my use my use of SPSS for descriptive data. As said before, I

used t-tests and found my alpha score. My use of SPSS shows that I know what do and also what

not to look for while analyzing data. An example of one of my t-test sample tests is shown


Objective 7: Demonstrate effective communication skills by presenting and defending a

research project:

In this artifact, I gained the ability to demonstrate research presentation skills and procedures of

defending data result which meets objective 7.