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Odalys Diaz

School Structures
Public Private

Funding -The three levels of Funded by families of students,

government: Federal, private organizations, religious
State, local. institutions/organizations,
-State hand out less fundraisers.
money to public schools
-Coordinated by
students academic
progress.. Better
academics=more money

Reform Public schools make Private schools do it when teacher,

them when its required administration or parents feel there
by law. needs to be a change.

School Boards -Made up by people who -Usually made up of faculty in the

were voted by the public. private school who have experience
-Usually have a masters with school boards.
or bachelor degree.

Collaboration with -Some collaboration with other

outside agencies private schools or charter schools.
-Can collaborate with other agencies that can help students way of learning or for thei
benefit. -Organizations or companies that
-Examples- Job placementcan give students
centers, a head
mental health start on
organizations, intervention centers,
juvenile justice system, medical career or professional
(Robert Crown).

State Mandates -Free or Reduced lunch -Can be state recognized.

for students who cant
buy lunch.
-Transportation for
students who live far
from school property-
-Identify programs for
gifted students

Federal Mandates -No Child left behind Act Common Core Standards
-Common Core

Programs -More assistances for There are private schools for every
special education student.. Learning disabilities, certain
students, English religion schools, language private
learners, bilingual etc. schools etc.
-Clubs for different -Gives more tutoring and academic
ethnicities time for students to do homework
-Special and assistance.
accommodations and -More sports are offered than your
teacher specialist for traditional sports; lacrosse, crew etc.
children in need.