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Student Name: Kaitlyn Pavia Date: 9 May Block: B

Ten Commandments for my Future Christian Vocations
Spring 2017

Commandment Rationale Scripture Suppo

I I will manage my Being financially Jeremiah 29:11 "F
future responsibly responsible as well know the plans I
in both my as respectful in my have for you,
friendships, relationships is a key declares the LORD
relationships, and step to happiness. plans to prosper
financial you and not to ha
responsibilities. you, plans to give
you hope and a
II I will volunteer to I am fortunate 1 Peter 4:10 Eac
help others in need enough to live the one should use
life that I do and I whatever gift he
want to be able to received to serve
give back to my others, faithfully
community and administering Go
those in need. grace in its variou
III I will never try to I would never want Hebrews 13:8 "Je
change my partner anyone to try and Christ is the same
change me so it yesterday and tod
would not be right and forever."
for me to try to
change someone
else. It is also
impossible to change

IV I will try to cherishBeing selfish is not 1 Corinthians 13:

my loving healthy for is not rude, it is n
relationships with relationships and self-serving, it is n
unselfish can cause them to easily angered or
generosity without collapse. Putting resentful."
losing my sense of others needs before
individuality mine is the best way
to show love.
V I will try to be an Communication is Psalm 19:14 Let
effective important to making words of my mou
communicator in relationships work. and the meditatio
my relationships Without effective of my heart be
communication, the acceptable in you
relationship will not sight, O LORD, m
be worth it for either rock and my
of the people. redeemer."
VI I promise to abstain Being with many Hebrews 13:4
from having many people has never "Marriage is
sexual partners been something that honourable in all,
was appealing to and the bed
me. I hope to try undefiled: but
and save myself for whoremongers an
someone special adulterers God w
instead of treating judge."
sex like nothing.
VII I will do my best to Just like in Proverbs 20:6-7
be a good, loving, relationships, I want "Many claim to ha
and understanding my marriage to be unfailing love, bu
spouse loving and healthy faithful person wh
and I will do my best can find? The
to implement that righteous lead
into it. blameless lives;
blessed are their
children after the

VIII I will do my best to I want to be able to Psalm 127:3-5

be a loving and create a loving and "Behold, children
caring mother caring environment a heritage from th
for my future child. Lord, the fruit of t
Being a good mother womb a reward. L
has just as much arrows in the han
importance as being a warrior are the
a good spouse and children of one's
person. youth. Blessed is
man who fills his
quiver with them
shall not be put t
shame when he
speaks with his
enemies in the

IX I will try to not be My mother and Proverbs 22:6 "Tr

as harsh as my own some women in my up a child in the w
mother to my family can be too he should go, Eve
children (be an harsh on their when he is old he
understanding children. Everyone will not depart fro
mother) makes mistakes and it."
it does not help the
child if you are
unrealistically harsh
with them.
X I promise to focus I want to focus on Matthew 16:25 "F
my 20s on finding figuring out who I whoever would sa
myself before am before I invest his life will lose it
giving myself to myself in a but whoever lose
someone else relationship. It his life for my sak
wouldnt be right to will find it."
give myself to
someone when I am
not aware of who I
am and my values.