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Marvin Adonis Snchez Ruiz

Mrs. Knighten-Miller- 3

English 11

1 May, 2017

English 11th Reflective Prompt:

At Sierra Vista High School I have developed with much learning, intelligence. I get

along very well with friends and teachers and I also know what is good and bad. I follow the

rules of the school to develop much more my knowledge. But I will put much effort on all I do;

to make my family proud of me and everything I have made in Sierra Vista High School.

To achieve my academic goals. I had to study a lot of what I had never studied before. I

did that by handing over my assignment doing everything the teachers said we did in classes and

also by the encouragement of my family so that I could study.

My parents have influenced me telling me that I must study hard to achieve me goals

because they give me all the support that I need. My teachers have told me that I have to a make

a lot of effort to learn English and my friends help me a lot in classes so that I can learn.

To achieve my goals I have to study. I have good friends to ask for help if I do not

understand something. I work hard to get a good job and do everything necessary that crosses in

life to get a head.

My next year academic aspirations are: continue delivering the homework that teachers

give us. I will give my best to get straight As. Next year my aspirations are to learn a lot more

English and to learn to play the piano. Other of my aspirations are to read English books; to learn

quickly and be able to graduate with honors. I am very proud of what I have accomplished.

Lastly, I also want to make my family feel happy because of that achievements I will have next