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Volume XLIX
NEWS15th Street
April 10, 2017
@15th Street News

Issue 9
Club Spotlight: Social
Sciences Club
By Marshall Niles
Staff Writer

People interested in making changes for

the betterment of Rose State and their com-
munity, as well as raising awareness about
certain issues in everyday life, might be in-
terested in joining the Social Sciences Club.
The Social Sciences Club is for students
who are concerned about social issues and
want to help improve the status of their
school and their community.
Our clubs mission statement is to raise
awareness about current social issues and
to provide support to the diversified popu-
lation of the Rose State College community.
The Social Sciences Club will also focus on
community engagement, community service,
degree completion support and transfer
guidance and support, Tanierra Jackson,
Social Sciences Club president, said.
Jackson said anyone can become involved
and the club only has three active members,
but they are helping the members of the In regards to community service, Jackson The next club meeting is scheduled for 2
club with degree completion and resources. said the club plans to do some community p.m. April 3 in the Social Sciences Confer-
Our club currently meets once a month, service projects once the number of its par- ence Room (SS 107).
but if need be we can make two meetings to ticipants increases. Until then, the club will For more information about the club,
accommodate day and evening students, continue degree support and guidance for contact Jackson at or at
she said. its members. 733-7413.

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Trumps First 100 days: Part III

By William Washington talk about preventing certain groups from so that the risk of terrorism is acceptable,
Assistant Editor entering the United States. During the time Flentje said.
of Trumps campaign, he promised to stop Purcell defended the TRO granted to the
Muslims coming into the United States in an United States District Court Western District
effort to protect its citizens. of Washington in front of the United States
The Dec. 7, 2015, entry made on the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit on
States saw many discriminatory remarks Trump campaign website backed up these behalf of the states of Washington and Min-
in a number of sections inside the Executive allegations stating, Donald J. Trump is nesota.
Order: Protecting the Nation from Foreign calling for a total and complete shutdown of He argued that the damage was not only
Terrorist Entry into the United States. Wash- Muslims entering the United States. Trump done to the government but even more so to
ington and Minnesota, along with many oth- claimed he would continue to push for this the states of Washington and Minnesota.
er states, saw fit to take legal action against ban until the countrys representatives could We detailed a number of irreparable
the order. What ensued was a temporary decide what is going on. harms, your honor. We had students and
restraining order on the executive order and Trump, his advisers and Press Secretary faculty at our state universities who are
halting of the execution of the order. attempted to explain the EO in a softer way stranded overseas. We had families that were
The state of Washington thought the EO to the press and public for support in the separated. We had long time residents who
violated U.S. codes, acts and even the Con- court by arguing the difference between the could not travel overseas to visit their fam-
stitutional rights by causing physical, emo- presidential campaign and the presiden- ilies without knowing they would be able to
tional and economic damage. cy. The court was not swayed by the White come back. We have lost tax revenue, Pur-
When the court grants a TRO, or tempo- House and Justice Departments denial of cell said in a court hearing.
rary restraining order, it orders a party to the word ban. The government proclaimed Another promise Trump made during the
stop certain conduct pending further litiga- the EO declared a 90-120 day delay was campaign was to nominate and appoint a
tion. In order to issue a TRO, the court must necessary for extreme vetting to determine if conservative Supreme Court Justice to re-
find that the party requesting it is likely to certain individuals coming into the U.S. from place the late Supreme Court Justice An-
prevail on the merits. In other words, the eight specific countries were doing so with tonin Scalia.
court decides who they think will probably the intent to harm citizens. Republicans refused to consider moderate
win, Brandon Burris, professor and director The Trump Administration took the de- Merrick Garland, Chief Judge of the United
of the Paralegal Studies program, explained. cision higher to the United States District States Court of Appeals, for the District of
Washington Attorney General Robert W. Court of the Ninth Circuit, which heard the Columbia Circuit as a nominee for the emp-
Ferguson, Solicitor General Noah G. Purcell appeal quickly and caught both sides off ty seat left by conservative Justice Scalia.
and Colleen M. Melody, Civil Rights Unit guard. Congressional conservatives cited the Thur-
Chief Office of the Attorney General, pre- On Feb. 7, the government then appealed mond Rule with 11 months in the final term
sented their Complaint For Declaratory And for a stay on the TRO granted to Washington of then-President Barack Obama.
Injunctive Relief to the United States District and Minnesota. The Thurmond Rule states if the president
Court Western District of Washington. The federal government argued that has little time in office, Congress should wait
The state of Washington argued the 1,409 the case must be dismissed because it was for the incoming presidents nomination.
Iranian, 2,275 Iraqi, 360 Libyan, 2,883 brought by states, rather than individu- However, the rule is not a law and the Ameri-
Somali, 165 Sudanese and 187 Syrian visa al immigrants harmed by the ban, Burris can Bar Association does not recognize it.
holders were an integral part of the states explained. Washington argued that it had Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
economy and, due to the order, were imped- standing because its public schools/univer- from Kentucky fought against the rule in
ed from carrying out their normal lives. sities were deprived of students who could the past. Senator Specter has researched
Washington introduced in Sec. III 12 not start or continue their studies due to the that thoroughly and there is no such rule,
that more than 5,000 H-1B visa holders are immigration ban. McConnell said. Anyway, I am concerned
employed by many Washington-based high- August E. Flentje, Attorney with the De- that this seeming obsession with this rule
tech companies, including Amazon, Expedia, partment of Justice, argued the government that doesnt exist is just an excuse for our
Starbucks and Microsoft. was under threat of groups wanting to per- colleagues to run out the clock on the quali-
Employees were not the only Washingto- form acts that would cause damage to the fied nominees who are urgently needed to fill
nians complaining, students were included, citizens of the U.S. vacancies.
with more than 200 students who attended The first irreparable injury has to do with On April 6, Republicans used its numbers
Washington University and Washington State the assessment of risk that the president in the Senate to trigger the nuclear option,
University alone. made in balancing our interest in welcoming which allows the number of votes necessary
States referred to the rhetoric during the people into this country with our interest to confirm a Supreme Court Justice to be
presidential elections where there was much in making sure our procedures are secure changed from 60 votes to 51.
Study Tips to Slay Finals
By Payton Hayes
Staff Writer

While everyone was partying and having a

great time over spring break, what happens
when it is time to go back to school? There is a
short amount of time to pack in a lot of infor-
mation. Here are a few study tips that every
student must know before finals:
Find a Quiet Study Space
First, students should find a study space. It
might be a quiet room with tons of pillows, can-
dles and a hot cup of coffee. It might be a desk
with a bowl of snacks at the ready. Tune out
distractions with an ambient noise machine.
Simple habits, like reading daily, effectively
reduce the work that must be done.
One student provided a few tips for getting
the material to stick when studying. Listen to Take Care of Yourself an easy habit of stuffing homework in your
music to tune out noises, read daily and take Students should take care of themselves. backpack or all into one folder, but dont do
breaks, Gary Akins, a concurrently-enrolled Studying is often looked at as this great and it. Be sure to keep your classwork and notes
high school student at Rose State, said. Make scary task looming over them. But it doesnt organized to make it easier on yourself, when
a schedule and dont procrastinate. have to be that way. Studying can be fun, and you go to study, Johnson said. My ideal study
Dont Procrastinate: Set Aside Time to it should bebecause it is making each student space is at my desk where I can concentrate,
Study smarter, every day. Get plenty of sleep, drink completely quiet, she said.
Second, waiting until the last minute leaves a lot of water and eat often enough to have the She also said it is very important to set aside
students feeling stressed, so be sure to set energy to get through those long study days. study days ahead of time so students arent
aside time for studying. Students reading from Make sure youre well-rested before study- stressing out at the last minute. For students
the textbook can answer the chapter questions ing and before test days. Being well-rested is who dont quite grasp the material theyre
for extra practice. Use colorful pens and index a proven factor in higher test scores, Christy studying, tutoring services are available in the
cards to take fun notes. Color-coding helps Johnson, a site administrator from Whiz Kids Rose State College Student Success Center, as
keep information separate, yet contained in one in Oklahoma and author of Love Junkies, said. are studying and skills workshops throughout
place. She provided a few handy study tips for college each semester.
Some students prefer recording lectures as students preparing for finals. If youre a visual Students should find out what kind of learn-
opposed to taking notes by hand so they can learner, take lots of notes. If you are more of an ers they are and how they do their best study-
play the lecture back later while studying. auditory learner, record lectures, she said. ing. They should figure out their ideal study
Other students keep a stopwatch handy so that Know What Works for You space where they can effectively retain the ma-
they can time themselves while they study. Students who arent quite sure what kind of terial they study. There are all sorts of ways to
When it comes to reading lengthy chapters learners they are can visit the Rose State Col- study and different habits can be formed to en-
from a textbook, timing oneself can help with lege Student Success Center for an assessment sure that students are doing their best to suc-
staying on task. Set a stopwatch for 30 minutes of student learning styles. ceed. Rose State offers many different resources
or so, then take a five-minute break. Repeat. Stay organized in college. Often, it becomes and services to currently enrolled students.

What are your plans after graduating from RSC?

Campus Chat
By Ashley Fansler

Robia Charbonneau Jacob Slayter Tristen Epperson Garrett Gunn

Nursing Accounting Kinesiology Finance

I just got accepted at I plan to attend Okla- Get my masters in I plan to attend UCO
UCOs nursing program homa State University kinesiology while build- in the fall and attain by
and plan on getting my for three more years ing a personal trainer bachelors in finance.
bachelors and masters to receive my masters clientele and hopefully After I receive my bach-
degree there. After and take the CPA exam. my own physical thera- elors degree, I plan to
UCO I want to be an I also plan to continue py clinic once I get my pursue my MBA.
ER nurse and then a playing soccer through Ph.D.
traveling nurse. intramurals.
Arbor day and Early Spring
By Carlos Salinas William Washington breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon White House received 2.5 inches, while the
Multimedia Editor & Assistant Editor dioxide, which trees use to produce more National Zoo recorded 3.1 inches. This late
oxygen. Putting it simply, without trees life freeze damaged the cherry blossoms.
would not be possible. About half of the blossoms were reported
March 18 to April 16 marked the 2017 to have survived the freeze, the rest wilted
National Cherry Blossom Festival in Wash- and died off. Though humans have caused
ington, D.C. People from all over the world problems with the cherry blossoms indi-
Members of the Trump Administration, celebrate around the Washington Monument, rectly, they have directly caused damage to
including Administrator of Environmen- Warner Theatre, Ronald Reagan Building forestry in another area of the world by the
tal Protection Agency and Oklahomas own and International Trade Center and the Ti- deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest.
Scott Pruitt, have debated climate changes tanic Memorial. The Amazon Rainforest is arguably the
existence. However, scientists claim climate In 1910, Tokyos mayor, Yukio Ozaki, most important area of rainforest or forest in
change is a real and tangible natural event, presented 2,000 trees as a gift to the Unit- the entire world, as it produces 20 percent
and humans have accelerated the green- ed States. The original trees became dis- of the worlds oxygen supply.
house effect due to human expansion. eased and Former President William H. Taft According to, the consequences
Greenhouse effect is a term used when the burned the trees down to prevent further for illegally logging in the Amazon is a fine
heat radiating from Earth toward space is spread. Then, two years later, as a sign of of only about $4,207. However, fines have
trapped in the atmosphere, according to deep commitment to the friendship, the U.S. a minimum of $980 and a maximum of when referring to Global Climate received more than 3,000 trees from their $48,181. Illegal mahogany logging can bring
Change. ally. in up to $1,600 per log. If each log is sold
Most scientists would agree that hu- This is a time of year when we have peo- at $1,600, they need only sell three to have
mans are at least partially responsible for ple coming focused on a natural resource. cleared the median fine for illegal logging.
accelerating climate change, Professor of These trees are greatly valued because they Imprisonment for illegal logging is no more
Geology Eric Johnson said. While there is are a wonderful symbol of friendship be- than two years, while hearings are being
little debate about the significance of our tween nations, said Dorene Ruffing, Nation- conducted. Currently, enforcement for these
contributions and the long-term implications al Parks Service Interpretive Ranger. actions do not outweigh the potential benefit
of them, for the most part, scientists have The festival is a large part of the capitals of illegal logging.
reached a consensus about our role in mod- culture and economy. Diana Mayhew, Presi- Although April 28 is a day reserved to
ern climate change. dent of the National Cherry Blossom Festival plant and care for trees, that does not mean
Whether its caused from the pollution of said, annually the festival attracts about 1.5 it is the only day to plant and care for trees.
water, the littering of trash in nature or the million people. Its estimated from the visi- Most trees should be planted in early spring
fumes from a car or factory, humans are tors who attend the National Cherry Blossom or in the autumn in Oklahoma, according to
affecting the environment. With Arbor Day Festival that they put in about $150 million the Arbor Foundation. The Foundation also
on April 28, the environments significance worth of economic impact to this area. offers 10 free trees to anyone who becomes a
becomes even more apparent in terms of the The evening of March 13 and morning of member. Membership is $10 a year.
atmosphere and the air humans breathe. March 14, Washington, D.C. received around For more information or to become a mem-
Oxygen is provided from trees. Mammals three inches of snow across the city. The ber and receive free trees, visit
Rose State Baseball
Ballpark Bash
Ballpark Bash photos by Sports Photographer Alexis Harris

Baseball photos by Editor-in-Chief Michelle Rojano


Passport to VOLUNTEER

Learning Program
At Rose State

By Kat Tabak
Circulation Manager
consideration as to what they wish to bring
with them and how they want to dress.
The bus will be parked at the Community
15th Street
Learning Center and will depart Rose State
by 7:45 a.m. on the April 22. Attendees are
advised to arrive at least 15 to 20 minutes
Rose State is planning its next bus trip this early in order to make sure everyone is seated
semester to Crystal Bridge Museum for the by the time the bus leaves.
Passport to Learning program. The trip will be The bus is expected to arrive at Crystal
Saturday, April 22. Bridge, Arkansas, by noon. Students will
This will be the third time Rose State has
made the trip to Crystal Bridge. Last year, 45
have free time from noon until 2 p.m. to
either eat or explore the area near the muse-
If you are
students attended the trip.
Those interested in going on the trip should
Food is not prepaid, so passengers either
Interested in writing,
enroll as soon as possible to be able to at-
tend, as there are already quite a few stu-
have the option of bringing their own lunches
or they can chose to eat at the museum caf
Photography, graphic
dents planning the bus trip.
Students are not the only ones who are
or a of the restaurants nearby.
While art is definitely the focus at Crys-
allowed to go on this trip. Friends and fami-
ly, as well as anyone interested can join the
tal Bridges, it also has activities as well as
a beautiful landscape with peaceful walking
Journalism, web
Passport to Learning program. However, there
is a difference in tuition. The program costs
paths surrounding the museum, Humanities
Professor Lori Morrow said.
design, fashion or
$40 for students and $60 for non-students.
There is no admission fee for the Crystal
The museum itself is located on 120 acres
that provides visitors with both walking trails
simply like
Bridge Museum. Attendees can view any of
the permanent exhibits. Some special dis-
and outdoor works of art that can be viewed.
The guided tour for the museum is from 2
newspapers, visit
plays do have an additional fee.
Those who take part in the Crystal Bridge
to 3 p.m. and afterward there will be a chance
for more free time to look around the muse-
Fine Arts, room 110 to
trip will also have the opportunity to see
Frank Lloyd Wrights house. While general
um more or to stop by the gift shop.
By half past 4 p.m., the trip back to Rose
fill out a
admission is free, those who are interested in
seeing this must schedule admission before
State will start, with a stop being made in
Van Buren for dinner before reaching Rose
volunteer form.
the trip takes places. Guided tours are also
offered to visit Wrights house. The guided
State by 9:30 p.m.
For more information or to enroll in the trip,
Contact us at
tours are an additional $10.
The Crystal Bridge Museum will be a full
contact Professor Sherri Mussatto at smus- or 733-7503, or Professor
day trip. Thus, those who are going to be
going on the trip will want to take that into
Lori Morrow at or 733-

Pets of the Month

Are you missing a pet? Oklahoma City Welfare has partnered with the 15th Street News to re-
unite owners with their lost pets or for adoption purposes. If you recognize a pet, contact OKC
Animal Welfare at 297-3100 or Visit the shelter at 2811 SE 29th, OKC, OK.
Photos Courtesy of Oklahoma City Animal Welfare
Autismland: One
Familys Journey
By Toni Ross therapists and evaluators trying to find answers with the realization that they could no longer af-
News Editor to his unique needs. We and our family, have ford to send him to the residential school, so the
spent countless dollars on all sorts of toys and OBriens moved to Kansas so he could attend a
therapy items in the hopes that they would help different specialized day school.
unlock his ability to communicate and engage in We were never going to be able to get what
typical play activities. our son needed in Oklahoma, she said.
Photographer Stephen Shore once said, If you Children and adults like S-man require the When they were living in Oklahoma, the near-
see one person with autism, youve seen one right type of care to have the opportunity to suc- est day schools designed for students with in-
person with autism. ceed. Just like every other child, school is vital tensive-based autism care and curriculum were
World Autism Awareness Day was recognized for those on the spectrum. in Dallas or Kansas. The OBriens uprooted
April 2. For those affected by autism, this day After attending public school in Oklahomas themselves from the closeness of family, friends,
was not about special events, statistics or even metro-city district, S-man and his family quick- co-workers and careers. She described how this
what the public associates with autism aware- ly realized his needs could not be met in a move was hard on the family. They did not want
ness. general special needs classroom. He needed an to leave their home, but it was what was best for
In an interview with Rene Daman, co-director individualized education plan, behavior manage- her son.
of the Oklahoma Autism Network, an organi- ment and curriculum geared toward autism. If there would have been a school in Okla-
zation that works to research and educate the During this time, there were centers in Okla- homa, we would have stayed, Dawson-OBrien
community about autism, she described Autism homa that worked with autism behaviors, but said.
Awareness Day as an opportunity for families, were only short-term programs. Although, the During the time since the family moved,
organizations and professionals to broaden the school administration did not believe he needed S-man has worked to transition into adulthood
publics understanding when they are actively any more specialized education. and his first group home. Dawson-OBrien said
seeking information. Dawson-OBrien explained how they exhaust- that the family is happy where hes at now, it
Autism is often categorized as a disorder that ed personal funding to send him to a day and has so much promise for his adult life.
is the same for everyone who identifies with it, residential school in Wichita that provides stu- In reality, most of us spend our days plan-
similar to traditional mental disorders. That dents with education, residential living, psycho- ning, advocating, juggling, surviving and loving
idea is not accurate. Autism works like a per- logical and medical care, as well as speech and our children, on too much caffeine and too little
sonality, its individualized and different for occupational therapy. He attended the school sleep. That doesnt exactly make a great plot for
everyone. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) cases for five years and, according to Dawson-OBrien, a TV sitcom or film. But I think that we, as par-
can range from mild to severe, and so many lev- made great progress from the therapy and treat- ents, are always grateful for all things that raise
els in between. This is an important characteris- ment he was provided. In the fifth year, the per- autism awareness, whether they reflect our fam-
tic to know when referring to the disorder. sonal funding ran out. They weighed all of their ilies or not. It reminds us that we are not alone
Susan Dawson-OBrien, former Rose State options to provide funding to keep him there, on our journey, Dawson-OBrien said.
Mass Communication Professor and author of and even reached out to the school district he Autism is more than a disorder, it is a life-
the blog Adventures in Autismland, writes previously attended in Oklahoma - explaining style. Use this month to advocate for those navi-
honestly about the real lifestyle that comes with his progress, but they declined. They were faced gating the world of Autismland.
her sons case of autism.
Dawson-OBrien explained that her experience
with autism as a parent is not like a TV show.
Her son, referred to as nickname S-man,
was diagnosed with autism when he was around
2 years old, in the early 2000s. The resources
available with autism at that time were not as
accessible as today. This made it harder for the
family to find a specialist in the disability to get
the correct information and tools. Since autism
awareness is more prevalent in todays society
and there is no known cure, family members
are encouraged to look for signs in children at
a young age. If diagnosed, the family is encour-
aged to seek early intervention programs. These
programs typically include speech therapy and
applied behavioral analysis (ABA) therapy.
According to Dawson-OBrien, S-mans fla-
vor of autism is classified as non-verbal, al-
though he verbally approximates a handful of
words, such as dah-yee (daddy) and pee-zah
(pizza). S-man was raised in Oklahoma until the
familys move in August 2015. Before the move,
the family found ways to accommodate his en-
vironmental needs, so they implemented thera-
peutic instruments in their home in the hopes of
increasing S-mans functionality.
We turned our enclosed porch ... into a ther-
apy room for him, with a variety of sensory-ori-
ented activities, oversized foam cloud to lie on,
swing mounted into the ceiling with a variety of
swing options, platform, sling or cocoon. We had
both in-home speech and occupational therapy,
often at our own expense, she said. We took
him to play therapy at a local speech and occu-
pational therapy office, only partially covered by
insurance. We took him to countless doctors,

Poetry At Rose
By Toni Ross
News Editor

A gift that many writers possess is the

ability to allow readers into the mind of their
own. A good writer can make their reader
feel what they felt, visualize what they saw,
hear what they heard and somehow be able
to relate their lives to the writers works.
Upon attending the 29th year of Poetry at
Rose, audience members had that experi-
ence as listeners. The poets who participated
showcased the best of their own poetry.
The poets consisted of students and facul-
ty - all of which were published in the Rose
State Spring 2017 edition of Pegasus. The
reading welcomed guest poet Alan Bezecka, the originals to participate. In an interview was excited to understand the writers poet-
poet laureate of Corpus Christi, Texas. The with Sennhenn, he mentioned how Poetry at ry in more depth.
event took place in the Atkinson Theatre Rose has been very popular even since the My favorite was listening to the poets
March 3. first year when they had standing room only read their own poetry so that I could hear
The night also unveiled Pegasus Spring in the Atkinson Theatre. their attitude and expression behind the
2017. Pegasus is Rose States annual Im very appreciative for the opportunity words. It helped the poetry make more sense
publication of art, fiction, photography and that Poetry at Rose gives ... Its fine to write to me, Kathy Davis, Rose State digital
poetry created by Rose State students, facul- but its better to have an audience [and] graphic design major, said.
ty and staff. This years edition was dedicat- even when youre published that audience Davis was featured in the this years edi-
ed to Rose State Regent Betty J.C. Wright. is far removed. With Poetry at Rose you get tion of Pegasus for her photography.
Wright has served on the Board of Regents immediate feedback, Sennhenn said. The reading allowed listeners to experience
for 25 years. The reading was free and welcomed all a variety of different poets. Each poet had
Carl Sennhenn, adjunct humanities pro- ages. People were encouraged to come a sense of personality that was expressed
fessor and Oklahoma Poet Laureate in 2001 whether they had knowledge in poetry or in their poetry, ranging from melancholy to
and 2002, participated in reading a few of not. The guests received a free copy of the humorous and everything in between.
his works this year. Sennhenn has been new edition of Pegasus and were provided If interested in the poetry featured at
called one of the originals for Poetry at Rose with appetizers and drinks. First-time au- Poetry at Rose, pick up a copy of the Spring
because he has read in the event every year dience members were impressed with their 2017 edition of Pegasus at the Humanities

Beauty For Ashes

since it began. This year, he was the last of experience. One student explained how she Division office. Copies are available for $3.

woman who lost half her leg in the bombing. Smith explained the process she went
By Bella Kok These touching experiences tell the story of the through when deciding whose stories to tell.
Staff Writer Oklahoma City bombing. The stories we highlight have the common
Princella Smith, the screenwriter of Beauty theme of regular everyday Americans who
for Ashes, explained her reasoning for making were just trying to live, work and raise their
this film. families when the most unspeakable horror
On the morning of April 19, 1995, the largest I hosted a radio show in Arkansas for a few shattered their worlds, she said. Each of
act of domestic terrorism on American soil took years. In 2015, I interviewed someone about these people found ways to overcome their
place. The beautiful blue skies were quickly their experience of losing a loved one in the tragedies and even make the world around
filled with the black smoke coming from the Oklahoma City Bombing. We ended up speak- them better. I was incredibly moved and in awe
Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. A fertilizer ing more and more about her experience, and of their [ability] to do this. These people dont
truck bomb went off, killing 168 people at 9:02 then one day, I thought: America needs to wear a cape and tights, but they are American
that morning. This year, marks 22 years since know about the backstories of the bombing, heroes.
that fateful day. After all of these years, a mov- she said. The movie is already becoming a success.
ie called, Beauty For Ashes is in the produc- This isnt a terrorism film, and it is not an A recent announcement revealed the movies
tion stage. action film. We really dug deep into personal script was one of the top three out of 1,300
Beauty for Ashes is a movie that tells the stories and more so the aftermath of the bomb- entries in the Nashville Film Festival. The
story of four people who were greatly impacted ing in order to give people a real glimpse of the Nashville Film Festival is one of the biggest film
by the bombing. The stories include a mother heart of the situation. festivals in the world. The winner will be an-
who fought for the passing of three laws, which The movie focuses on the good things that nounced within the next month. The movie is
aim to make the world a safer place in honor came out of the bombing, with Smiths primary set to start filming in the fall of 2017.
of her daughter who perished in the bombing, inspiration for this film being God. She said the For more information on the movie and to
a firefighter and his battle with PTSD, a doctor title of the film, Beauty for Ashes, came from view the teaser trailer, visit beautyforashesmov-
at the time of the bombing who went back to Isaiah 62:3. Smith wanted to show how these, the movies official website or like their
school to become a lawyer to help people and four individuals, as well as many others, took a page on Facebook to receive regular updates on
their fight with insurance companies and a horrible event and did amazing things. the movies progress.
The Mentality
Behind ISIS
By Mina Onar
Features Editor
own personal goals, Hall said. It is a deeply Islamic State or were killed in battle.
held belief that they are doing this for the greater Nick Rasmussen, the Chief of the National
good and that it is the sacrifice that they must Counterterrorism Center, said the rate of foreign
make. That is a belief that is less common among fighter travel to Syria is without precedent, for
There is wide participation in the Islamic State western cultures than in eastern and mid- exceeding the rate of foreigners who went to wage
of Iraq and Levant, or commonly known as the dle-eastern cultures. jihad in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen or
Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, from various Two British jihadists were identified on the Somalia at any other point in the past 20 years.
countries around the world, including Western Internet as having received books titled The Rasid Tugral, who was a Turkish physician,
countries. They abandon their civil conditions, Koran for Dummies and Islam for Dummies. It graduated from the Middle East Technical Uni-
their social status, their families, their jobs, their was obvious that some individuals decide to join versity (METU) which is one of the top universi-
schools and their homeland to join the jihadist such terror organizations with little or no Islamic ties of the country, joined the Islamic State after
terror organization known as ISIS or ISIL. knowledge. he dropped out of graduate school. He was pur-
They do not view it the same way as we do. I would argue that they know it very well in suing his masters degree in physics in Finland.
They do not view it as leaving civil conditions. most cases, it is that they know a radicalized ver- His friends described him as a genius student
They see it as fulfilling obligations to their people, sion of it. Just as we see with any world religion, with religious beliefs, but they said he started to
their communities and their faith, said Tara Kay there are multiple versions of interpretations, become more radicalized toward the end of his
Hall, professor of Sociology at Rose State. Hall said. undergraduate studies. Tugral traveled back to
The number of members is not fully known, Those who pursue this kind of search have Turkey from Finland to illegally cross the Syrian
though intelligence officers estimate that around the need to feel important and to be a part of a border with many other foreign fighters. Tugral
30,000 people fight in the ISIS ranks in various whole. People who consider joining ISIS, or peo- started to write a 14-page letter. In his letter he
countries, particularly Iraq and Syria. Some of ple who have already joined, tend to believe life wrote about the life inside the Islamic State and
the foreign fighters participating in ISIS have is either black or white, and there is either right their ideology. He was proud of his brothers
received radical Islam-based education, but some or wrong. They consider this system of thought and what they do to enemies. He basically refers
do not even have the basic knowledge of Islam. as consistency, so they think they need to to everyone but them as enemies, and supported
Scientists are studying the behavior of foreign show the same consistency while they plan their the inhumane actions of ISIS such as beheading
fighters participating in ISIS. They are investi- attacks. They separate the right from the wrong a civilians or selling women as sex slaves.
gating the psychological and sociological reasons certain way, so it is clear that to become an ISIS Our actions target our enemies to frightened
why they join, trying to profile the most deadly fighter is beyond cultural and religious back- them. It is the best way to punish people who are
terrorist organization in history. ground. the slaves of the United States and people who
According to terrorism researchers, the most In the fall of 2016, two men from Milwaukee, refuse sharia, Tugral wrote.
important reason that lies behind the desire of Jason Ludke and Yosvany Padilla-Conde, were He was 27 years old when he died while fight-
joining ISIS, whether or not their beliefs are com- busted for trying to join ISIS by traveling through ing the Kurdish in Raqqa, Syria.
mon, is that the fighters see the world as a place Mexico to get to Syria. Their plan was to obtain Maybe it feeds into and explains all of the
of unrest. These people are told it is impossible to passports for Arab countries in Mexico and then issues that they have faced in their past. Perhaps
change the way the world is headed, so they need travel to Yemen where they would study Arabic. it is because these organizations have charismat-
to make a sacrifice. The best and only way for They would then travel on to Syria where they ic leaders that are capable of convincing individ-
them to make a sacrifice is to die for virtue and would join the path of truth by fighting the uals, Hall added.
honesty. This frame of mind has been taken from infidels. In his letter, Tugral also wrote that he met a
the views of many people who have been part of Ludke, who converted to Islam in 2003, was man who had been a professional kick-boxer
terrorist groups. Terrorists who believe they are the most insistent on traveling to Syria. Padil- from Germany, a mechanical engineer from Ban-
going to make the world a better place are mostly la-Conde, in fact, told agents he tried to talk his gladesh, a British man who brought along his
young adults. It is easy to reach people who have friend out of the idea, but finally agreed to travel son and another man who paid $15,000 to travel
psychological and sociological issues through after losing his job and facing eviction from his from China to Syria. The reasons behind the
social media and they are told that the only way apartment. Ludke is a registered sex offender fighters decision to join ISIS are considered as
to fix their problems is to fight for the bigger following a 2002 conviction for second-degree the lack of knowledge of the religion of Islam and
problems. sexual assault of a child. to become a useful Muslim, but they will never
There is some discussion about the altruistic Even though Ludke and Padilla-Conde failed be considered as a true Muslim or good people.
nature of those who select this path. They tru- when they attempted to travel to Islamic lands, The fighters of the Islamic state are terrorists and
ly believe that the societys, or in this case the about 150 fighters from the United States en- an inaccurate representation of standard Muslim
religions, goals are far more important than their tered Syria or Iraq and are either fighting for the people.

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