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Academic Artifact Reflection (Lower Core) (Know, Do, Reflect)

Complete the KDR graphic organizer below with comprehensive thoughts. Each section should consist of 1-2
detailed, thorough paragraphs that showcase what you KNOW, what you can DO, and your REFLECTION on your
project. The boxes will grow as you type.

KNOW: My freshman year, my math teacher had us create a powerpoint

Explain the goal or on something that interested us or that we wanted to do in the
objective of the course, what future. I chose to make my powerpoint on dreams(the kind you
your project/assignment was, have when youre sleeping). For the project, we had to research
and how it met that
our topic and make a 12-15 slide powerpoint on the topic we
chose. Within the slides, we had to give a brief a history of our
Discuss what you needed to
know in order to complete topic, why we chose it, and why it mattered to society and
the project/assignment humanity. To do the project effectively and proficiently, I had to
effectively and proficiently, become very familiar with my topic, and then be able to create the
as well as discussing what presentation, which interested the other students, and then present
you LEARNED upon it in front of the teacher and class. So therefore, I had to be
completing it. confident too.

DO: To do this project, I had to have extensive knowledge on dreams

Discuss the process of what and dream psychology. I gained this knowledge through checking
you actually did in order to out and reading several dream psychology and interpretation
complete your books from the local library, and taking notes throughout. I got the
project/assignment and what
majority of my information by doing this and then filled in the rest
you can do as a result
of the holes by doing research online.
o Think - because I
know (this) I can now
Once i gathered all of my notes and information, I organized it
do (this) and then put the important things in my powerpoint and added
Discuss new technologies pictures and artwork referencing dreams on each slide, to increase
used, new subject matter the aesthetic pleasure of my project.
encountered, new skills This was the first real research project that I had to do in
learned or skills that were school, so it really taught me how to utilize and cite sources as
improved, etc. as you well as how to effectively summarize and present research.
worked through your
REFLECT: Reflect on the This project went extremely well, as it allowed me to pursue a
process of completing the interest of mine which turned into a passion. In fact, for a while
project/assignment (both steps after I did this project I wanted to become a dream
taken and knowledge and psychologist/analyst. I also used the information that i learned and
experience gained).
applied it to my real life. I was able to interpret what my
What went well? Why?
subconscious was telling me, and I began to keep a dream journal
What could have gone
better? How could you have to help me remember my dreams and use the wisdom they gave
improved it? me in the future.
How have you demonstrated Throughout this project, I learned how to use and cite sources
growth in your knowledge for research, and this has proved to extremely helpful over the
and skills as a student & in course of my high school career, as I have used what I learned in
this subject matter as a many other projects and papers since then. This project was
result of working through impactful to me because it helped me discover myself a little bit
the project/assignment? more and it made me more passionate about learning.
Describe why & how this
project/assignment was
impactful on your tenure as
a student in the Arts