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Introduction and Reflection

This artifact reflects my final and completed research project for ETR 522. I learned from

this project how to use advanced statistics such as multiple regression, standard deviation,

histograms, etc to add depth to my research. I took this class in order to improve my skills

in research and get an advanced certificate in quantitative research. I also was motivated to

gain more advanced knowledge in using the SPSS software programs for analyzing and

presenting data so that I would be more proficient in future research.

Evidence of Mastery of Objectives 4, 5, and 7

Objective 4, Select appropriate analyses for a given research question:

This objective is met because this researched utilized advanced statistical method such as

standard deviation, p values, null hypothesis, alpha values, etc. This shows that deliberate time

was placed into this effort in order to distinguish it from a qualitative study.

Objective 5, Apply appropriate technology to conduct analyses of educational data:

The artifact shows my skill and ability to tabulate data using the SPSS program, as well

as synthesize data to put forward a valid argument. The actual research paper also used graphs

and charts as visual representations of the research conducted.

Objective 7: Demonstrate effective communication skills by presenting and defending a

research project:

In this artifact, I gained the ability to demonstrate research presentation skills and procedures of

defending survey result which meets objective 7.