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Bruce, 301

Editorial Prompt

Scenario: Imagine that the Los Angeles Times has invited four- to five-page
editorials about ethical issues in particular disciplines.

Prompt: Write a four- to five-page, double-spaced editorial that

persuades your readers of a particular viewpoint regarding an
ethical issue related to your major.

Due Dates and Assignment FAQs:

o March 20th: Submit a Research Question and Annotated Bibliography to Titanium
before 11:55 PM.
o April 13th: Submit a 3- to 4-page draft of your editorial to our Peer Review Forum
on Titanium before 11:55 PM.
o April 17th: Upload two editorial peer review sheets to our Peer Review Forum on
Titanium before 11:55 PM.
o April 21st: Submit your editorial to Titanium by 11:55 PM
o Page requirement: four- to five-, double-spaced pages.
o Research requirement: at least six sources, at least four of which are peer-
o Citation style: Use your disciplines favored citation style (APA, MLA, or
numbered system).

Instructions and Guidelines:

1. Your paper should attend to the values, needs, and experience of your primary and
secondary audiences (The LA Times editor and readers, respectively). For example, you
should define discipline-specific words and concepts. How does your argument relate to
the things your readers know about, care about, or have experienced? Why should
readers care about your subject?
2. To achieve its purpose, your paper should answer the question, What do you want
readers to believe, think, or do about this subject? It should address a focused, arguable
question related to your major.
3. To fit into its context, your profile must conform to the LA Times editorial design and
style. Include figures with captions and use a middle-style. The paper should support its
claims with the types of evidence acceptable in your discipline (e.g., data or quotations).
4. Bolster your ethos by researching all sides of the question youre investigating; by
demonstrating your understanding of your subject; and by synthesizing your research,
sources, and opposing viewpoints in a fair, balanced manner. Include in-text and end-of-
text citations appropriately.
5. To communicate its message, your argument should provide reasons for its major claim
and should support those reasons with credible, relevant, authoritative evidence.