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By: Liam Brown

"The public relations team will often come up with ideas

for public relations events, and its up to marketings job
to ensure that the target audiences and strategies are
properly in place."

Theres an old saying if you want a job includes an executive summary, target
done right, get someone who knows how customers, the unique selling proposition
to do it well. Its interesting that PR and which could be considered the strategy of the
Marketing often work so closely together, product the pricing & positioning strategies
since so many business professionals and the distribution plan. It also includes
know both fields so well. We can see that promotions strategies and tactics, as well as
PR and Marketing work closely together in controls which are the budgets and
their main basic skeletons: the PR process timelines of the marketing plan. Looking closely
and the marketing process. The strategic at these two cornerstones of each field, we can
planning process for public relations see how similar they are. Ive been able to
involves assessing the situation, analyzing mirror the public relations plan in one of my
the organization and its publics, marketing classes to create a plan that truly
establishing goals and objectives, setting excelled and landed strong grades for myself
strategies, implementing tactics, and and my teammates. Even in my professional
setting controls such as budgets and work experience, Ive been able to see how PR
timelines. The marketing process and marketing work

hand in hand. The public relations team will Depending on the size of the organization
often come up with ideas for public relations youre interning at, you could be doing
events, and its up to marketings job to ensure social media management, employee
that the target audiences and strategies are communications, press relations, or a
properly in place. While public relations combination of all that and more. In
features the media kit as its cornerstone, the addition to school, work, and your personal
marketing plan is at the cornerstone for life all of this new work can be a bit
marketing professionals. However, we can see overwhelming at times. Its important to
that they are very similar at their core. remember that you can only do so much at a
Although public relations is and should be given time, takecare of the most pressing
primarily focused on targeting media outlets issues and stay organized, youll get
and pitching, maybe its time to consider the everything finished.
similarities between the two fields. Communication is Key
_____________________ Efficient communication plays a vital role in
not only getting an internship, but insuring
that youre on task and in the loop. No matter
Making the Most of what lines of communication youre using,
ensure that you clearly understand whats
Your Internships being asked of you. On the other side of the
BY JACOB LEMUS coin, make sure that all emails or messages you
are sending are clear and concise. This first tip
Internships can lead to some of the most sounds obvious seeing as communication is an
rewarding situations you will experience on integral part of what public relations
the journey to your career. practitioners do, but it really cant be
From the butterflies in your stomach during overstated.
the interview process, to that little voice in
your head telling you to edit the 8th draft of Dont Bite Off More Than
the press release youve been working on, You Can Chew
there is something to learn every step of the
way. Weve heard all the clichs like, give it With all of the aforementioned
your all and make sure the coffee is hot. responsibilities dont forget that youre only
But how do you really make the most of your one person. Although it might be a bit
public relations internships? daunting to tell your new boss that you
cant take on another task, its better to be
open and honest about your capabilities
Prioritize Your Responsibilities than to fail at accomplishing something you
said youd get done. While saying no isnt a
Generally speaking, public relations bad thing, first try asking if you can have it
professionals have an assortment of in a little later to make certain youre
responsibilities. producing quality work and not just
throwing something together last minute.

Take Chances
Personally, this was one of the most challenging things to accept. It wasnt until my first team
brainstorm that I really learned the benefits of taking chances. We were sitting around a table
discussing potential campaign ideas and I couldnt help but blurt out something that popped into my
head. While it was met with some resistance (which was utterly nerve racking), the team kept coming
back to my idea and eventually we decided to utilize the strategy I had proposed. But taking chances
goes beyond just throwing out your ideas. Take chances in everything, including where you intern.
These chances can lead to invaluable opportunities along your path to becoming a public relations
Regardless of where you intern or what your role is, enjoy the experience, embrace the challenges, and
learn from your mistakes.

Millennials have a strong affinity for social

Business in a social media and rely on peer reviews to make
decisions on goods and services. The result is
media world that business owners are being forced to
BY: AMANDA MAYBERRY reexamine how they do business. Social
media allows businesses access to key
Social media may prove to be a lucrative audiencesmillennials especiallylike never
career path for graduating millennials. As before. Through new analytic tools on
millennialsages 18-34 are proving to be Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. it
increasingly different than baby boomers is easier for businesses to monitor attitudes,
ages 51-69it is increasingly harder for the trends, interests, likes and dislikes of key
latter to understand the former and social audiences. Millennials are that key audience
media is bridging that gap. If you havent heard as they are the majority demographic using
by now, millennials have sharply different social media.
values than previous generations. They are
also now the largest living generation in On Facebook, 34.5% of users are age 18-29
history. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, compared to 16.5% of users age 50-64. On
millennials Instagram only 5% of users are age 45-54
make up 75.4 million of the population while compared to ages 18-24 at 34%, a notable
Baby Boomers make up 74.9 million of the difference. On Twitter ages 37% of users are
population. Millennials are poised to have a age 18-29 compared to 12% of users age 50-
huge impact on the economy in the coming 64. However, the difficulty lies in
years. understanding the millennial generations
spending habits. The analytics help
Millennials rely heavily on technology and as a businesses and brands to measure success
result are reshaping the retail space. This is but understanding how to appeal to
where social media plays a heavy role. millennials is the real code to be cracked.

Millennials seek services rather than 1. Organization is key

ownership and are giving rise to what is
being called a sharing economy. It is so easy to forget when your
Millennials are putting off major service-learning project is due or
purchases like luxury items, cars and when the next PRSSA meeting will be
homes. taking place. Having a monthly
calendar or simply using the calendar
As business owners become more and on your phone to set reminders is
more out of touch, a well-educated essential. Learn to plan ahead and
millennial fresh out of college will be any stay organized. Fill those calendars
business owners secret weapon. With up!
education and degree in hand, from one
millennial to another it will be easy to
communicate and convey an effective
2. Unplug, si se puede
message. (yes you can)
Students will be able to leverage this Social media, we cant avoid it, its
new skill for a successful career in digital part of our daily lives. However,
and traditional public relations. knowing how to disconnect for a few
Welcome to the world of public minutes a day is important.
relations 3.0. Good luck! Sometimes we get more preoccupied
on whats going on in the lives of
others and that we forget to focus on
Survival 101: Tips For ourselves. Getting away from social
media for a while can be helpful, so try
Every PR Student it.
3. Networking
As Public Relations student we know
Network, if you havent heard this
how difficult it can be to manage
enough already get ready because you
school, keep up with all forms of
will! Not only is it a good idea to join
media, eat healthy, remember to get
organizations and meet people
that cardio in and sleep enough hours
studying the same field as you but
all while trying to maintain a social life.
networking in your classes is vital as
Theres so much to do and so little
well. You never know when you might
need a classmates help on an
Take a deep breath and relax. Here
assignment or their notes if you
are some tips and tricks to make your
couldnt make it to class.
life a little less hectic.

4. Procrastination = Pain Public relations professionals working in the

This is not a drill, I repeat this is not a drill! beauty industry must be aware of these
We all do itor dont do ithmmm. changing consumer standards and attitudes
Bottom line, do not wait until the last and should promote inclusiveness and
minute to start your assignments or to diversity in their campaigns.
study for exams. Be prepared and give
yourself enough time to get things done. In recent years, the body positivity
Procrastination gives us anxiety and movement has caught on substantially
stress, so lets just not go there. through the United States, coinciding with
increased womens rights movements and
5. Do not Netflix and chill freedom of expression. The definition of
beauty in turn has been shaped by what
Remember when you said you were going to start women are now demanding as natural
your paper but then 13 Reasons Why aired beauty that being, the way you are and
on Netflix and suddenly you that you dont need to follow medias
re on episode 10 and cannot stop because Jeff idealistic and unrealistic body expectations.
Atkins deserved better. Well take this advice,
Netflix can wait, your assignments cant. Do not let This is a shakeup in the beauty industry, as
distractions get the best of you, STAY FOCUSED! traditionally the industry has been known to
capitalize on womens insecurities and low
self-esteem to convince them they need
A New Kind of more products to make them beautiful. The
beauty industry, in turn, must respond to
Beauty this change in attitudes among women, their
primary audience.
As such, the term beauty has extended to
Standards of beauty change consistently mean both inner and outer beauty, and
throughout history based on social, companies in the beauty industry must keep
cultural, and economic standards of its up. Dove, a skincare brand popular in the
times and geographies. In the United U.S., has built a successful PR campaign
States, beauty standards for women starting in 2004 on this very premise,
change so quickly from decade to decade, capitalizing on real beauty for real
causing the beauty and fashion industries women who do not fit the stereotypical and
to portray different looks and styles to get unrealistic image of the perfect woman.
women to buy into the newest products. Their campaign involved a web site including
However, in recent years, body positivity a series of short films criticizing the
movements have shifted many of female traditional beauty industry on its emphasis
beauty standards into one of inclusiveness, on thin supermodels and plastic surgery, and
straying from the traditional stick-thin promotes self-love among women of all
white models or pin-up girls. ages. The advertisements

were viewed on YouTube millions of times, and didnt know the professionals or where
there was even a stage-play in Canada they worked. These elite agencies
launched inspired by the brand. seemed almost fictional to me.

The consumers loved engaging with Dove on a Now, I recognize and respect many of
personal level, as the brand didnt prey on their them, but I want to talk about just one. It
insecurities but rather giving women realistic has a clientele that encompasses almost
advertisements and using women that half the Fortune 100, which sounds
represented most their clientele. What we almost unbelievable. That was until I
learn from this is that women are valuing realized that for Weber Shandwick,
campaigns that cater to their natural beauty, unbelievable is only relative to its
and inspire them to be comfortable in their ambition.
own skin. This agency has won dozens of
prestigious awards, including Agency of
So what do we do? The body positivity the Year from PRWeek for the past
movement is only getting bigger and better, so three years and North America Agency
beauty companies must incorporate a tone of of the Year from The Holmes Report for
acceptance and inspiration in their brand the third time in the past four years. A
campaigns to stay afloat. lot of the judges all seem to point
Encouraging women (and men, for that matter) toward Weber Shandwicks ability to
to feel good in their own skin is key, and stretch the role of traditional public
promoting that their beauty products are a relations into creative services and
tool to add expression, care, or health benefits digital innovation. In that, their findings
is a good approach. The beauty industry is not are solid.
cookie cutter anymore, and the ideas of inner
beauty in a company are just as important as Looking over just the past few years,
the outer beauty their products can give. Weber Shandwicks portfolio is stunning
to say the least. It helped Honey Maid
build a reputation of being wholesome
PR Agency Wins For by creating a campaign for social
acceptance, backing it up with a
the Present and For browser plugin that turns the headlines
of web pages into a set of positive
the Future messages. It recently partnered with
Budweiser to tell the world about a
BY: DAN NGUYEN future that involves microgravity beer
When I first started my minor in public on Mars. At a time when companies like
relations, I honestly didnt know the United Airlines are failing to properly
names of any PR agencies out there. I address
was ready to learn the profession, but I

crisis, Weber Shandwick is preparing its clients to do better, running real-time

drills through crisis simulation software.

My favorite thing about the agency is that it can create content that was
previously not attributed to PR. In Sweden under its sub-brand called Prime,
Weber Shandwick took on a project for Hemnet, Swedens most popular property
site. Identifying the trends from 200 million clicks, the campaign took that data
and invited two architects to produce the most statistically desirable house. It
then invited Swedes to visit the house digitally and engage by creating their own
versions. Its this kind of creativity that redefines expectations.

For all Ive had to say about this agency, my main takeaway isnt necessarily that
its the best. While it is my favorite, I think what Ive seen from it is something
that goes beyond what is the best. The success of its content creation and
digitally-driven approach has to mean something about what is to come. Out of
the box tactics distinguish PR from other fields of communication, and heres
hope that it will stay this way.
Even though integrated campaigns are blurring the lines between PR, marketing
and advertising, the resources that have become available from this integration
might become the tools we need to set ourselves apart in the future. As I say this,
the work of Weber Shandwick demonstrates that it is already happening.

10 Tips for a location and know who you are working

with so that your ideas are understood by
Successful PR the client at the end.
Campaign 5.Do more research. Even if you think
you have done enough, do more. The
Proposal client will have many questions about
BY: ASHLEY CHAFFIN how you came to these solutions and what
else is being done out there. They will
Every year Public Relations students want to know your sources and the
are required to create a PR campaign. credibility of what you are presenting to
As a student, you dont know how much them.
you are really getting yourself into at
the beginning when you receive that 6.Identify your audience and the message
client. Here are some helpful tips to a you are trying to convey to them. Your
successful and well-executed PR audience is important. They are the sole
campaign proposal. receivers of the information and their
perception is what you are working to
1.Pick your colleagues accordingly. You change or influence.
want this to be a good experience,
communication is key and it will affect 7.Tactics. Tactics. Tactics. Spend a good
your grade at the end during peer amount of your time working on the
evaluations. The project gets stressful implementation of your goals. The tactics
and you want to know that you can rely are the action of your whole campaign.
on your team members and everyone These are the most important and will
will pull their weight in the final guide your client directly on how to
product. achieve their goals.

2.START EARLY. We all say were not 8.Understand your client's scope of
going to procrastinate, but really, plan ability when creating your budget. You
on starting ahead of time. It will pay off want to go above what they are currently
later when you are dead in the middle of doing, but stay realistic. They want to be
midterms and you have projects from able to use some of your ideas and put
four other classes also sitting on your them into action.
plate. By starting early, youll avoid
spending the last week before the 9.Evaluation. Provide your clients with
project is due without sleep. ideal solutions to measurement. They will
want to know if the work is paying off.
3.Establish your goals and vision early. Youre the expert so make sure they are
It will guide the rest of your campaign able to understand and you make it easy
and get it rolling. If you know what your for them.
vision is, the creative side of you will
get the time it needs to develop great 10.Go above and beyond with the visual
ideas. of the final product. Dont cut corners. It
will make all the difference after all your
4.Understand your client. Talk to them hard work. Use a final checklist to make
and ask lots of questions. Go visit the sure you have included everything that is

necessary. Spend a few extra dollars on organization is sending out. If they are
nice paper and binding for the written promising more than they can deliver,
proposal. Also, try something new for reconfigure the message. The promises
the verbal presentation. If you havent made must be equal to what the consumers
tried Prezi, check it out. It will bring receive. This is not only ethical, but it builds
your campaign to life. Visual is trust from your consumers, resulting in
everything! return business. If not, youll probably be
slapped with hundreds of lawsuits, la Fyre
Three Things That Fest.

the Fyre Festival 3. Do not play the victim if you are clearly in
the wrong. Fyre Festival event organizer Ja
Taught Us Not To Rule placed the blame on everyone but
himself in the beginning, setting off a social
Do In PR media firestorm. If you have promised more
BY: ALYSSA MAKHLOUF than you can deliver, and have now been
called into question, the best thing to do is
If you havent heard of the Fyre apologize and go from there. If you are
Festival by now, you must be in a wrong, a statement of apology is the first
bubble. This festival was supposed to thing that the public should see. Otherwise,
be the most luxurious of them all. they will be quick to turn on you now and in
Boasting five-star dining, top of the the future.
line accommodations, and world
famous performers. What the festival
goers, (whom, by the way, paid
thousands of dollars per ticket), got "Control the message
was: problems with their flights,
problems getting to the Bahamian that your organization is
islands, pitched tents in the sand,
bread and cheese to eat, and no
performers. Sounds like a complete
sending out. If they are
wreck, huh? Here are some things we
can learn from their mistakes: promising more than
1. Make sure that your organization they can deliver,
has a way for their consumers to
contact them directly. If anything goes
wrong, there has to be somewhere for
reconfigure the
consumers to seek resolution. When
consumers pay for a service, a part of
that is paying for a peace of mind, as
well. Set up a solid line of
communication that will be open at all
times surrounding the event.

2. Control the message that your



Joining PRSSA is beneficial to any Research is an essential step to take
individual who seeks to improve before diving into anything that youre
themselves as a student before diving unfamiliar with. Its the first step in RACE
into the public relations industry. after all so we are all extremely familiar
Meeting and learning from other with it, and after all you never want to be
students in your Universitys chapter, the person who feels left out or isnt
listening to guest speakers, having educated on a certain matter. There will be
that sense of community is so many valuable PR professionals that are
valuable. Being affiliated with your there to share their knowledge with
schools chapter is great but I think others. Researching guest speakers will
the most rewarding aspect of joining provide you with additional knowledge
PRSSA is definitely the amount of that can help you connect with them at a
knowledge and experience that you more personal level. Aside from
gain by attending conferences, not to researching professionals, you also should
mention the networking and research the city that the conference is
connections that you acquire as well. being held in. Sometimes you only have an
Whether it be attending a local hour for lunch; pinpointing a restaurant
conference or traveling to a different can be time consuming and stressful.
state, here are five tips that will help Having a list of nearby food options will
you get the most out of a PRSSA minimize the time and avoid the anxiety of
conference experience. desperately researching for a restaurant.

HAVE YOUR Network/Follow-up

READY After a busy day of networking, youll be left
with a pile of business cards. Make sure to
Business Cards!!!!!!
follow everyone on LinkedIn and social
You will be meeting so many new
media. Its great to stay connected, these
students and professionals youre going
highly motivated students will be working in
to want to stay connected and have
agencies that you might collaborate with in
them remember you. Business cards are
the future or best, even ask a favor. Super
highly important to have in general but
important tip for connecting with
especially before attending a
professionals, dont just add them on
conference. There are many websites
LinkedIn but go the extra step and send
that are available, theyre both easy to
them an email. Keeping in touch throughout
navigate and at a low cost turn out
the course of the year will show your
looking very professional. Designing
initiative and commitment to their company.
your business cards means creating the
Networking is key and the more contacts
image that you want others to
you have, the better!
remember. Think simplicity, and choose
what best describes your personality,
avoid boring standard templates, make
yourself stand out.
Dont forget your homework
Conferences are an all-day event, and at the end
of the day the last thing you want to do is
Get out of your homework, but trust me dont procrastinate!!
comfort zone Just dont do it, this goes especially if youre
attending a conference in another state. If
youre flying, do your homework on the plane
If youre a first timer at a and divide it up to get it done sooner. PRSSA
conference dont sweat it, peeps definitely enjoy going out at night, this is a
chances are you arent alone.
chance to get to know these students at a more
Dont spend time on your phone,
this is the time to meet new personal level. Chances are you wont complete
people and network!! It might be your homework because youre going to want to
frightening especially if youre go out and enjoy the city, so figure out a plan and
going solo and dont know save yourself the stress on Monday morning.
anyone, but nonetheless greet
the person next to you and go
from there. If youre eager to "Helpful tip when connecting
meet a speaker but are with professionals, dont just
intimidated, just take a deep
breath and remember they were add them on LinkedIn but go
once in your shoes.
the extra step and send them
an email."


Go Direct: Trump has become

infamous for his tweets on
Twitter, and many say it is not
presidential of him. However, it
is very effective. Social media Spokesperson: Trump was the only person speaking
has taken the world by storm;
on behalf of Trumps campaign. You rarely heard from
many companies and public
figures that do not jump on his wife, children, friends, other celebrities or social
board can lose a large audience influencers. He was his one and only spokesperson
due to their lack of presence. during his campaign and there was never anybody else
to criticize or love but Donald J. Trump.
The exact opposite has
happened to Trump. At the start
of 2015 he had 3.5 million Media Manipulation:Trumps team was not a fan of
Twitter followers, by the end of any media who spoke negatively about him, and
2016 he had more than 16 simply called them biased when they reported
million. In addition he averaged something negative about him. He attacked news
about 80 retweets at the start
outlets that were well respected and very known,
of 2015, by January of 2016 he
got about 25 times that number these included The New York Times, The
of retweets on average. Washington Post, and CNN. When stories were
written about him that were not favorable he would
Stable Message: A bright red go to social media to directly show his distaste for
hat that reads Make America the article and argue that it was false. Most negative
Great Again has become a stories that were written about him were fiercely
symbol that nearly everyone denied; this then opened the floodgates to fake
can recognize whether they are news. He used these tactics to discredit major media
in support of Trump or not. His
outlets, which allows for his supporters to not
team repeated this slogan as
question what he says because they now have the
many times as they could in all
of his speeches, rally, mentality that whenever the media says something
interviews, social media posts negative about him they are simply being untruthful
and also sold his hat to anyone and hateful.
who wanted one.

Rhetoric: When Trump was asked a question by Jimmy Kimmel about if it was un-
American to discriminate against people based on their religion Trump responded to
the question in 220 words, 172 of those words were one syllable and 39 of them had
two. Although it is not uncommon for politicians to talk at a grade school level of
speaking at political speeches, Donald Trump speaks lower than some of the major
politicians. He speaks at a 4th grade level. Overall, Trump talks very vague and
ambiguous, which allows for people to really interpret what he says how they want.

Let us start with Instagram.

STARBUCKS - Starbucks use of minimalistic and
aesthetically pleasing images brings
THE MOGUL OF opportunity to the public to enjoy a
bit of eye candy, both figuratively
and literally if one considers coffee
SOCIAL MEDIA to be a dessert. Along with their
eye-catching visuals, the social
BY: ELIZABETH JAUREGUI platform consistently introduces
new hashtags that move along wide
From the Pink drink to the spread conversation about their
outrageously new Unicorn drinks. Not only are they adding
Frappuccino, Starbucks presence on visibility to their brand, Starbucks,
social media has persistently been in way, has allowed people all over
eye catching and trendy, making it the globe to bond together one
seem as if it was made for social drink at a time. The most recent
media. As of April of this year, the example being the mixed received
company can be found on several Unicorn Frapp, pushing the
social media platforms, with hashtag #UnicornFrappuccino on
followers ranging in the millions on social media handles such
Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
Since its founding in 1971, customers
have been swept up in the whirlwind
When considering its presence on video
of the Starbucks coffee era,
platforms including YouTube, Starbucks
contributing to the enhancement its
household status with the help of a really has no need to post videos
certain PR tactic expansion --- the themselves simply due to the fact that
use of social media. vloggers do it for them. With every new
drink released to the public, vloggers
and bloggers create commentary on
these products that have recently
become trendy, essentially propelling
Starbucks image to the world and
consumers. A plus for Starbucks at an
exponential rate that, at times, requires
little to no effort on the companys side
of things.

Now moving on to Twitter. With society becoming heavily

Starbucks has effectively dependent on everything social
conducted communication with based with every passing year,
their followers with the infectious Starbucks is effectively setting itself
tactic of humorous tweets and apart from other coffee
replies, making themselves likeable conglomerates and successfully
and relatable to the public. The being one step ahead of the game. It
company also previously launched is only a matter of time when
an online campaign in late 2013 Starbucks coffee will become the
named the Tweet-a-Coffee number one drink in the world, all
campaign. Individuals were given thanks to its publicity through social
the chance to give away a coffee media.
through Twitter by simply
mentioning @tweetacoffee.
Although the idea was simple, the We think of Starbucks not as a
results went a long way, with
thousands of people engaging and coffee company, but as a
participating in the event. media company. Howard

Even credible news outlets are prone to

3 WAYS PR writing fake news. The Washington Post
wrote an article about Russia hacking
PROS CAN into the power grid in Vermont. The
article later sparked a concern for
readers throughout the country and the
FIGHT AGAINST story was then reported as being false.

FAKE NEWS PR professionals need to know how to

defend themselves from the
BY: JODY JOHNSON consequences of fake news.

Fake news, a familiar term that has been Prepare a crisis response
in the media lately ever since Trump microsite
took office in January 2017. Trump has
accused all journalism media as, Its very important for PR professionals to
reporting fake news referring to all news create a process for utilizing a crisis response
that associated with Trump and his microsite as quickly as possible. The microsite
presidency. should be easily assessable for anyone on the
crisis communication team to be able to
Sean Spicer, the White House Press
update content quickly. When fake news goes
Secretary is known to be a PR
nightmare. He seems incompetent when viral, it is crucial to quickly debunk it. No
addressing the public in the White response to a fake news stories adds merit to
House daily briefings. the fake story. PR employees should publicly
stand up for the brand to debunk the story.

Create a fake news "Think about all

response playbook
the different
You should work with your
communications team to document all scenarios that
the tactics that will be used when the
situation occurs. Think about all the could happen and
different scenarios that could happen
and identify any escalation points in identify any
each scenario. Identify who will
communicate the response and how will escalation points
you communicate it. Always involve all
legal and compliance teams in the in each scenario."
planning process so that they are in
agreement with your plan and will make
themselves available when they consult
with your plan. When posting on any WHEN PUBLIC
social media outlets, try and not to
create generic responses as you will RELATIONS MEETS
come across tone deaf if all your
responses sound the same. Make sure TWITTER
to keep an emphasis on speed. BY: CHELSEA PEDRAJA

Build a community that will A way for companies to reach out to its
audience and potential customers is through
defend your brand social media. Its interesting to see large
companies post on social media and interact
with the public, specifically on Twitter. Twitter
When a brand has a community
has become an outlet for PR professionals to
backing them up, they will help to
create a channel to reach their audiences. From
fight against any fake news. They are
Twitter hashtags, to trending topics, people all
more likely to respond and debunk
over the world use Twitter to share moments
any fake news stories when they see
with their friends. Now, its important for a
them shared throughout social
company to adapt to new technology and
media. You should start building
monitor what is rising in social media in todays
relationships with high-profile
society. In order for a company to succeed and
journalists and influencers now.
gain a following they need to strive on their
These will be the people who will
social media platform. This serves as easy
help you when a competitor decides
publicity because even if people arent
to attack you for creating a fake
interested in the company or product, they're
news story.
going to pay attention to it if their followers
and peers are interested in it. Here are 5 tips
for using Twitter for PR:

Connect with the

Event Marketing
audience and join
If you are looking to promote an
the conversation upcoming event, Twitter has
advertising features that allow you to
With only 140 characters to target a specific audience who live
convey a message, companies are near the city hosting the event. You
expanding their following with may tweet something simple or
their witty comments and using it include a photo and a message.
as an excellent source to create
conversation with their audience.

Another way to attract customers Customer Service

is to reward Twitter followers
with special promotions. By Many customers turn to Twitter now for
tweeting a deal that customers customer service. Usually replies are immediate
cannot find anywhere else, youre
and a resolution to their problems. Twitter has
likely to get retweets and
become a platform for customer service because
engagements which may lead to
new customers. The more media it creates a live chat for a customer in order to fix
impressions a company receives, any issues and with the company's fast replies, it
the better. creates brand loyalty because a happy customer
is likely to come back. Another plus is that
Market Research Twitter is public, so if audiences are seeing a
satisfied customer, they are more likely to have
Conducting market research on an interest in the company as well. People love
Twitter can be made easy by having the option of reaching companies via
creating a custom hashtag and social media given its convenience.
asking for feedback. Consumers
will be able to share what they
think about your company or
service by tweeting their thoughts
Media Relations
and using the hashtag. PR
professionals can even reach out Utilize Twitter for media outreach. Twitter is a
directly to influencers to get their
great way to find the journalists and bloggers
views on the topic. People love
who are writing about your industry and with a
sharing their opinion and feeling
valued when a company listens to simple follow, you are gaining access to their
their opinion. This is a great way writing style and humor by interacting with
to collect feedback and opinions them.It is also essential for a public relations
on your brand or product. professional to be social media savvy and use it
as an advantage.With these 5 simple steps,
After gathering what you learned
public relations professionals will learn to use
from valued opinions, you will
then be able to shape your future their platform to improve and build media
decisions and approach on your relationships through networking on social
company. media.


BY: NATASHA OVERIN Employers, especially in industries such as public
relations, may ask for a potential candidates
Polished resume? Check. social media handles. Even if an employer doesnt
Professional attire? Check. Aced ask, its a safe bet that your social media might
the interview? Check. So why play a role in whether you are hired.
such a bad response from
employers?It could be your Therefore, its imperative that your college
personal social media. experience documented on social media looks
more Honors Lit than #lit.
As public relations students,
many of us are thrusted into the Here are five tips for cultivating the best personal
real world of internships and social media page when entering the workplace.
post-grad careers with the
responsibility of managing a
brands social media. Whether it
Eliminate negative
be due to our entry level status posts and pictures
in the workplace, or the senior
executives assumption that This includes photos youve posted, and ones you
most millennials are social are tagged in. Potential employers can judge a
media pros, college grads candidate based on the company they keep
entering the PR field are often
delegated some, if not all, of the
responsibility in managing a Highlight the good stuff
brands social media.
Social media is a great opportunity to highlight your
A 2016 study by job search
accomplishments and extra curriculars. So if youre a
website CareerBuilder found
that 60% of employers use volunteer, play a sport, are part of an environmental
social networking sites to association, or participate in another community activity,
research job candidates. In be sure to post about it on your social media, even if that
addition, more than a quarter of just means a few Tweets, or a blog post. Google will pick it
employers have found content up.
online that has caused them to
reprimand or fire an employee.

Remember what the Set up a Google

Internet really is: a alert for your name
giant public record
When a photo is tagged of you, or any mention
They say nothing posted to the of your name comes up on Google, you will
Web ever truly goes away, and you receive a notification about it. This can be a
might be surprised how quickly and great way to highlight your accomplishments
easily your personal information
and published work, and also helpful in
can be shared.
monitoring any negative information which
Consider privatizing may appear online. Information is power.

your social network

accounts "Remember what the
Make sure you know exactly what Internet really is: a giant
the world can see on your profile
and posts. Stay on top of privacy public record."
policies, which can change



Its Super Bowl XLVII halftime, This simple and yet amazing ad was a success
Beyonc took the stage and gave a unlike anything Ive seen and it was done in the
performance that would go down in most thoughtful and brilliant way. Super Bowl ads
Super Bowl history. Soon after, the
are very expensive and companies have seconds to
power went out and we were left
wondering what had happened and capture an audience with their products. Whether
what was to come next. Oreo decided its through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or
to take this opportunity and make it Twitter, companies need to be ready to provide
their own by telling their audience relevant content to their various audiences.
that you can still dunk in the dark.

When the lights went out during the This Oreo ad is still being discussed
third quarter of the Super Bowl, Oreos about with other publications and
marketing team jumped on it by even in public relation courses here
providing a darkened picture of an Oreo at CSULB. It was a powerful ad that
with the saying, Power Out? No all public relations students and
Problem. You can still dunk in the dark. professionals can learn from. It made
This simple message with an Oreo and a us think that there is an opportunity
partially dark image received over to work with a situation, even a
15,000 retweets and more than 20,000 potentially difficult one, and make it
likes on Facebook. our own.

The team over at Oreo were prepared It was pretty clear at the end of the
and ready to react to the different Super Bowl who really won, Oreo did.
elements the Super Bowl was providing. They continue to win if this ad is still
When you look back at that moment, you being discussed in todays social
can see how having a strong social media media, public relations and marketing
team was able to turn a difficult and world. Touch Oreo, I can and will
rather dark situation into a positive, dunk in the dark.
meaningful and relevant post.

5 WAYS TO You finally did it! You landed a public

relations internship. Now what?
MAKE THE Starting at a new company can be both
exciting and nerve-wracking. Its a new
MOST OUT OF place where you will have the
opportunity to learn innovative ideas
YOUR PR and expand your boundaries. To excel
and get the most out of your internship
INTERNSHIP experience, follow these 5 simple

Always provide your Ask meaningful questions

best work possible.
Thoughtful questions will show that you
Your colleagues and higher-ups will are interested in the work you are doing
notice the factors you put into your work or the person who is talking. Think about
and find that they can rely on you to get a what no one else is asking and keep your
task done right. Always pay attention to question authentic.
details and be sure to cover all the bases.
This will make a great impression and
lead to more meaningful assignments in
the future.
This is the place where you are going to
connect and build relationships with people
Do more than you in the PR industry. They may be able to refer
you to a job down the line or you could use
are asked to them as a resource. Keeping a positive
relationship with all will be beneficial.

If you finish your assigned task early or

have any down time, use it productively. Build a portfolio
Doing meaningful tasks you werent
asked to do or delivering what no one All the work you do during your internship
was expecting, is whats going to get can be used for future job applications. Keep
you remembered. track of any blog posts, press releases or
anything else you create. They will be useful
examples of experience and showcase your

important for all majors, but especially PR. I

FIVE THINGS I have gained several friends and connections
through my PR minor, received my first
LEARNED AS internship the summer before my junior year

A PUBLIC from my first PR teacher, and was given a PR

volunteer opportunity from one of my good

RELATIONS friends. (Shoutout to Marry!)

MINOR 3. Dont be afraid to research the

possibilities of PR. There is so many
opportunities of having a PR major/minor
I have been a Marketing major since Ive under belt. By opportunities, I mean career
started at CSULB four years ago and and internship options. When I first took on
about a year and a half ago, I took on PR as my minor, I was limited to thinking that
Public Relations as my minor. Bringing PR consisted of only entertainment PR. As I
PR into my life has opened many doors learned more about the minor, I discovered
for me, such as awesome internships, that there is so much more to the career,
amazing friends, and definitely better such as crisis communication, media
writing skills. I always thought this relations, community relations and
minor would be such a challenge for me, philanthropy, etc. Be open to the options and
as I am definitely not the strongest definitely research the other career
writer, but becoming a PR minor has opportunities.
been a good challenge, something that
has pushed me to be more creative with 4. Create a LinkedIn. This may be my
all assignments. So here I am ready to business side showing, but having a LinkedIn
share with you five tips/experiences I is so so important. I believe this is a great tool
have learned as a PR minor: to have when wanting to get a jump start in
your career, building more connections, and
just keeping track of everything you have
1. The AP Style book will literally be done/accomplished in your college
your best friend. I had no idea coming education.
into this minor that we had this book we
would use for almost every class. Not 5. Get involved and enjoy your college
only is it a book, its a bible for all experience. This is another tip for all majors,
Journalism and Public Relations students. not just PR. It is important to make the most
Professors teach us the way the book is of your college experience and also have fun!
written and tell us to use the book for our Join clubs, Greek life, educational and
assignments so it will consist with perfect academic groups; push yourself to go outside
grammar/punctuation. of the box and try new things. College is all
2. Network, network, network. This one is about learning and experiencing. Four years
huge! I definitely think networking is go by fast so get involved as much as you can,
you wont regret it.



Time Management Interviews

A key public relations tip that can When you are interviewing someone for a
help you go a long way is time story you must be able to have a
management. When majoring in this notebook and pen or pencil. If you have to
intense writing course, you must be go out to the public to interview for a
able to direct your time on things story you must be very friendly when
that are the most valuable. For approaching someone. One thing you can
example, if you have a social event do if you have to interview a person is
to attend and a pr case study paper simply get to know them before and ask
to write, you should pick the case them questions but always remember to
study paper. be respectful

Networking Skills
When pursuing public relations as
a career goal, you must learn how
to network. Networking is
important when you plan exploring
many different options within this
field. In order to become successful
in networking, you must start in
college with your peers. Great
networking leads to countless
Thank you for
numbers of jobs, internships, and
even a letter of recommendations
for future employers.

Pitches Enjoy your

Pitching never stops as a public
relations writer, when pitching you
must be quick on your feet and creative.
Journalists hate spending time on the
phone, so make sure as you get right to
the point! -PRSSA