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Structured questions:

13.Choose from the words, the term most appropriate for the descriptions below:
Rheostat, battery, ammeter, platinum, voltmeter, copper, cell
a) A source of electricity
b) A collection of cells
c) An electrical device for measuring current
d) A device for keeping current constant
e) An inert electrode

Draw an electrolysis circuit incorporating all of these electrical devices.

14.The table below gives information about four substances, A, B, C and D, when they are
solid and when they are molten.
Solid Molten
Appearance Does the Does the Product at Product at
solid melt the anode the cathode
conduct? conduct?
A Yellow solid No No None None
B White solid No Yes Bromine Lead metal
C Pink solid Yes Yes gas None
D Black solid Yes Yes None none
a) Suggest possible identities for A, B, C and D.

b) Is B a conductor, or an electrolyte?

c) Is D a conductor, or an electrolyte?

d) What type of bonding is present in A?

e) What type of bonding is present in B?

15.Draw a simple electrical circuit that you could use if you wished to copper plate a nail.
Name the electrodes you use, indicating which the anode is and which the cathode is. Also
name a suitable electrolyte.

Distinguish between Electrolysis and electrolyte

Distinguish between Cathode and cation

Distinguish between Anode and anion

Distinguish between Conductor and electrolyte.

17.Complete the table, naming the main anode and cathode products:

Electrodes Electrolyte Anode product Cathode product

Carbon Hydrochloric
Carbon (dilute)
Carbon acid
Copper (concentrated)
Carbon Sodium