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'SWOT Indomie'

the most popular brand of instant noodle in Indonesia.
Indomie has attained global market such as United States, Australia, Asia, Afric
a and also a few country in Europe.
Now a days Indomie has become a generic brand for instant noodle since indomie h
as been promoted and being consumed for so many years.
Indomie is practical
Indomie has various kinds of flavour
has two variety, soup and fried
has two packaging, cup and bundle
Contain tartazine pigment (not good to be consumed for long term)
Not good to be consumed to often because it contain Monosodium Glutamat / MSG (h
ealth concern controversy)
To launch new flavour
Skrg kan makin kompleks, org makin sibuk, makanan instant makin dibutuhin, indomi
e udh punya nama besar, ini merupakan peluangnya
Mengembangkan variasi rasa utk disesuaikan dgn market globalnya
Competition from other brand
What is include in the noodle (monosodium glutamat / MSG) and tartazine pigment
Other product of instant food