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Sharon Rachel SilalahiEDUC 390 Educational Measurement and Evaluation

Assigment #6

Total________________ (100 Points)

Category 4 Points 3 Points 2 Points 1 Points

Neatness The work is The work is in a The work is in The work
and neat, clear, neat and an organized, appears sloppy
Organizati organized that organized that but may be and unorganized
on is easy to is usually easy hard to read at and hard to
read. to read times understand
Diagrams Diagrams Diagrams Diagrams Diagrams and/or
and and/or and/or sketches and/or sketches are
Sketches sketches are are clear and sketches are difficult to
clear and easy to somewhat understand or
greatly added understand difficult to are not used
Mathemati 85-100% of Almost all (84- Most (69- More than 59% of
cal Errors the steps and 70%) of the 60%) of the the steps and
solutions have steps and steps and solutions have
no solutions have solutions have mathematical
mathematical no no errors
errors mathematical mathematical
errors errors
Explanatio Explanation is Explanation is Explanation is Explanation is
n detailed and clear a little difficult difficult to
clear to understand, understand and
but includes is missing
critical several
components components OR
was not included
Completion All problems All but 1 of the All but 2 of the Several of the
are completed problems are problems are problems are not
completed completed completed