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Spain in America Notes

Date: ____/____/____

Taking Notes: Use the graphic organizer below to take notes on Spanish Explorers, the region(s) they explored, and their accomplishments.

Explorer Region Accomplishments

Hernan Cortes

Juan Ponce de

Pedro Menendez
de Aviles
Hernando de

Spanish Settlements and Treatment of Native Americans

Directions: Use Chapter 2 Lesson 2 to write a definition for each of the terms below.
Vocab Term Definition





Bartolome de las Casas

Notes Summary:Answer the questions based on the notes to summarize the effects of Spanish in the Americas.

1. What were the goals of early Spanish Explorers?

2. How were the Spanish able to defeat the Native American empires?
3. What effect did Spanish settlement have on Native Americans?

4. How did the Spanish settlers treat the Native Americans