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Teresa Mattingly

Email: Mobile: 240-278-8734

349 Greenlow Rd Catonsville MD 21228

Carroll Community College Westminster, MD
Student Advisor: LINAYA PRIOR 410-980-6459
Duration: August 2014 May 2017 (Currently Attending)
Major: Nursing (RN) Graduating May 2017

Conowingo-Rising Sun Christian School Conowingo, MD

Student Advisor: MADELYN JONES 410- 456-5319
Duration: September 2009 to May 2013
Diploma: high school

PACU at Carroll Hospital Center
Supervisor: JULIE LUBMAN 443-831-1429
Duration: MARCH/2017 TO APRIL/2017
Tasks Performed/Skills Developed: Performed focused assessments and planned care for PACU clients, monitored vital
signs per protocol and addressed abnormal vital signs, addressed pain, fluid status, and hypothermia in post-operative
patients, monitored airway and breathing in relation to anesthesia and opioids given, and collaborated with other
healthcare professionals in patient care

Clinical Training
Multiple Locations
Supervisor: JANE SCHROEDER 410-386-8271
Duration: OCTOBER/2015 TO MARCH/2017
Tasks Performed/Skills Developed: Utilized nursing process in providing safe and holistic care for patients,
communicated changes in client condition to supervisor and primary nurse, administered medications safely to clients and
documented labs and information which were relevant to the medications administered, held medications when abnormal
labs or vital signs were assessed, performed sterile and nonsterile nursing skills, collected specimen samples and sent to
lab for analysis, developed teaching plans for clients, educated clients about disease processes, lead group therapy, used
therapeutic communication, listened to client concerns, and addressed personal and emotional needs, and completed
rotations at Carroll Hospital Center, Howard County General Hospital, Northwest Hospital, and Johns Hopkins Hospital

Private Caregiver
Ellicott City, MD
Employer: JACK HYNES
Duration: AUGUST/2016 TO PRESENT
Tasks Performed/Skills Developed: Provide safe environment for client, assist with ADLs but allow for as much
independence as possible, encourage hydration during the day and monitor frequency of bowel movements, monitor for
decline in cognitive process and ability to perform ADLs, encourage writing in notebook and simple cognitive activities as

Dietary Aide in Health Center

Unidine at Fairhaven Senior Living Sykesville MD
Duration: OCTOBER/2012 TO JUNE/2014
Tasks Performed/Skills Developed: Followed diet orders for resident dining room as well as for room trays, took and
recorded temperatures of foods, labeled food items in kitchen at the end of each shift and disposed of old food items,
restocked kitchen as necessary, learned to manage time in running the dining room efficiently
Extracurricular Activities
Food Drive for Operacion Mato Grosso
Shoppers Food in Pasadena, MD
Tasks Performed/Skills Developed: Gave presentation to young adults about the service project, recruited volunteers to
serve as role models for middle schoolers, stood outside grocery store asking for food donations and packing food items
into boxes, and encouraged young people to take initiative during service day.

Mission work
Marcara, Peru
Duration: JUNE 16 THROUGH JULY 1 2016
Tasks Performed/Skills Developed: Made home visits with RN to elderly Peruvians, brought medicine and food, and
ministered to their needs, and taught English at an artisan school for boys associated with Artesanos Don Bosco.

Miragoane, Haiti
Duration: AUGUST 25-30, 2014; JUNE 8-13 2015
Tasks Performed/Skills Developed: Supported the mission by spending time with the orphans, loving them, and playing
with them, visited the elderly and single mothers in the surrounding village, carried rocks for building foundations for
current building projects, painted rooms in nursing home, sang songs with the elderly.

Playing guitar and singing, writing and creating music, swing dancing, hiking and mission work.

Jane Schroeder 410-386-8271
Madeline Jones 410- 456-5319
Catherine Milstead 443-791-2178
Sarah Lohrmann 410-842-5135