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Both the prime ministers welcomed the steps being taken to augment supply of power through

Baharampur in West Bengal and Bheramara in Bangladesh, grid inter-connection from 500 MW
to 1,000 MW and to operationalise the supply of 100 MW from southern Tripura's Palatana
power plant to Bangladesh.

"While erecting new power transmission lines from (western Tripura's) Surjyamaninagar power
grid to Comilla (in eastern Bangladesh) power grid to supply the power, human habitations,
forests and other vital installations would be avoided," Dey added.

Pursuant to Government decision to transfer transmission assets to PGCB from Bangladesh

Power Development Board (BPDB) and Dhaka Electric Supply Authority (DESA), PGCB
completed taking over of all the transmission assets on 31.12.2002. PGCB expanded its network
and capacity manyfold and operating those efficiently and effectively.

Bangladesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (BERC).

The PGCB took over about 1144 circuit km of 230 kV lines, 5255 circuit km of 132 kV lines, 6
nos of 230/132 kV substation and 63 nos of 132/33 kV substations from BPDB and DESA in
different phases. Transmission lines of the company up to June, 2016 are stood at 220.70 ckt km
of 400 kV lines, 3185.166 circuit km of 230 kV lines, 6401.628 circuit km of 132 kV lines and 1
nos of 400 kV Station , substations, 1 nos of 400/230kV subtation, 19nos of 230/132 kV
substation and 90 nos of 132/33 kV substations.

AlumaCore Optical Ground Wire (OPGW)

Thick-walled aluminum pipe provides excellent crush resistance
Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) is a dual functioning cable. It is designed to replace traditional
static / shield / earth wires on overhead transmission lines with the added benefit of containing
optical fibers which can be used for telecommunications purposes. OPGW must be capable of
withstanding the mechanical stresses applied to overhead cables by environmental factors such
as wind and ice. OPGW must also be capable of handling electrical faults on the transmission
line by providing a path to ground without damaging the sensitive optical fibers inside the cable.
The instant communication between NLDC and different grid substations, power stations are
being maintained through PGCB's own telecommunication PLC (Power Line Carrier) system for
the purpose of reliable power transmission. Besides voice communication, the above PLC
telecommunication system have got the additional facilities of tele-protection for protecting the
transmission lines from external faults & tele-metering for instant data transfer and to take
necessary actions. Due to the inadequate speed of existing PLC communication equipments,
efforts are being taken to improve the telecommunication system of PGCB by installing & using
high speed Optical fiber with multiplexers.

The length of the OPGW installed in the transmission line of PGCB till June 2012 is
approximately 4300 km and covering the major part of the country. After PGCB's own
communication need, the spare optical fibers are being leased out to local telecom operators to
develop national communication infrastructure for their commercial use.
Shunt Compensation at Grid Substation by Capacitor Banks (Phase-I) Project
i) To improve the voltage level and to reduce system loss through power factor
ii) To ensure the supply of improved quality of electrical energy from the proposed
substations where the Capacitor Banks will be installed.
iii) To save motors and other electric appliances of industries from the low voltage
iv) To transmit more quantity of power.
v) To increase the efficiency of transmission network.
450 MVAR Capacitor Bank in 8 Substations at 132 KV side
Scope of Work
10 nos. of 132 KV Bay Extension

Meghnaghat-Aminbazar 400 kV Transmission Line (Phase-1)

1) To evacuate the incoming generation of Power from the Meghanaghat Power
Objective(s) 2) To meet the growing demand of western part of Dhaka city.
3) To establish a reliable transmission network for Dhaka area.
4) To minimize transmission loss.
400 kV Line: 54 km Double Circuit
Scope of Work
Bay Extension: 4 nos. (230 kV side)
Total: 597.10 crore BDT, GoB: 145.45 crore BDT, PGCB: 181.33 crore BDT, PA:
Project Cost
270.32 crore BDT

Construction of Haripur 360 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant & Associated Substation (PGCB part
in EGCB project)
(a) To meet the electricity demand of the country especially Dhaka region by local
generation & to enhancement of generation system capability.
(b) To accelerate the economic development of the country by adequate and reliable
power generation in order to attain the planned target of power demand.
(c) To increase the power generation through optimum utilization of countrys natural
gas resources.
(d) To overcome the present generation shortage by increasing generation and to
minimize load-shedding.
(e) To enhance the stability and reliability of the national grid system and reduce the
Transmission loss by localized generation.
(f) To improve the economic development activities by reducing system loss.
(g) To develop human resources through transfer of technology.
Scope of Work Upgradation and Control room building Extension of Haripur 132/33 kV Substation

Grid Interconnection between Bangladesh (Bheramara) and India (Baharampur)

i)To establish a Grid Interconnection between Bangladesh & India for facilitating
exchange of electricity as and when it is possible & feasible.
ii) To meet up the ever increasing demand of electricity for socio economic
development in both the countries.
Scope of Work 400 kV Line: 27.3 km Double Circuit
Grid Interconnection between Bangladesh (Bheramara) and India (Baharampur)
230 kV Line In/Out: 4.5 km
Substation: 500 MW HVDC (Back-to Back)
Total: 1579.83 crore BDT, GOB: 451.20 crore BDT, PGCB : 217.93 crore BDT, PA :
Project Cost
910.70 crore BDT

Grid Interconnection between Tripura (India) and Comilla (South substation) (Bangladesh)
i. To import 100MW power from Palatana power station(Tripura) to Comilla (south)
substation in Bangladesh.
ii. To meet up the growing demand of electricity of Bangladesh by importing electricity
from Palatana power station(Tripura).
1) 27 km 400 kV Double Circuit Transmission Line from Comilla (North) to Tripura
Border and 16 km 132 kv Double Circuit Transmission Line from Comilla (South) to
Scope of Work
Comilla (North)
2) 132 kv Bay extension at Comilla (South) Substation 2 nos.

Bibiyana-Kaliakoir 400 KV and Fenchuganj-Bibiyana 230kV Transmission Line Project

i. To transfer more power & relieve the existing transmission network from Sylhet area
towards Dhaka.
Objective(s) ii. To ensure adequate supply of power to northern part of Dhaka.
iii. To evacuate surplus power to be generated from existing & up-coming power plants
(including Bibiyana) of Sylhet area to national Grid.
1. 168.64 km 400 kV Bibiyana-Kaliakoir Double ckt line.
2. 33.18 km Fenchuganj-Bibiyana 230 kV double ckt line
3. Installation of 400/230 kV 1x520 MVA transformer at Bibiyana.
4. 400/230 kV, 1x520 MVA & 400/132 kV, 2x325 MVA S/S at Kaliakoir
5. 230/132 kV, 1x300 MVA S/S at Fenchuganj and renovation & extension of existing
132 kV substation at Fenchuganj
Scope of Work 6. Construction of 36 km 230 kV line for turn-in and out of existing Aminbazar-
Tongi230 kV line on four ckt tower at Kaliakoir.
7. Construction of 5 km 132 kV line for turn-in and out of existing Kabirpur-Tangail
132 kV line on four ckt tower at Kaliakoir.
8. Construction of16 km Kaliakoir-Dhamrai double circuit 132 kV line.
9. Construction of about 3.75 km 132 kV Four circuit transmission line on Four circuit
tower from Fenchuganj SS to Fenchuganj PS.

Md. Abul Kalam Azad

Principal Coordinator, SDG, Prime Ministers Office
Status in the board : Chairman, PGCB

Efficient and effective management of national power grid for reliable and quality transmission

Economic upliftment of the country by reaching electricity to all through reliable transmission.
PGCB was established on the 21st November, 1996 as a fully BPDB owned company with an
authorized capital of Tk.10 billion under the Power Sector Reform Program of the Government.

The transmission structure of PGCB up to December, 2016 is as follows:

400kv line 559.758 Circuit km ckt. km
230/132kv line 3185.166 Circuit km ckt. km
132/33 kV line 6418.748 Circuit km ckt. km
400kv Substation 1 Nos. 500MW HVDC Back to Back station
230/132kv Substation 1 Nos. 520 MVA
132/33 kV Substation 19 Nos. 9375 MVA

Brief Overview of PGCB

Power Grid Company of Bangladesh Ltd. (PGCB) was formed under the restructuring process of Power
Sector in Bangladesh with the objective of bringing about commercial environment including increase in
efficiency, establishment of accountability and dynamism in accomplishing its objectives. PGCB was
incorporated in November 1996 with an authorized capital of Tk.10 billion. It was entrusted with the
responsibility to own the national power grid to operate and expand the same with efficiency. Pursuant to
Government decision to transfer transmission assets to PGCB from Bangladesh Power Development Board
(BPDB) and Dhaka Electric Supply Authority (DESA), PGCB completed taking over of all the transmission
assets on 31.12.2002. PGCB expanded its network and capacity manyfold and operating those efficiently and
PGCB Profile
A public limited company. Incorporated through sponsorship of chairman, BPDB and its six members.
76.25% ownership with BPDB & 23.75% with general public.
It's Head Office is at Institution of Engineers of Bangladesh Bhaban(New) , the 3rd and 4th floor, 8/A

Name of Grid Transformer Capacity
Sl. No Capacity GMD Grid Circle
Substation (MVA)
1 Bibiyana 1 X 520 520 Srimangal Comilla
Bheramara HVDC Back
2 1 x 500 500 HVDC HVDC
to Back Station