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Creative Asset Mapping

Project of the
Palms Neighborhood of
Los Angeles

Created by Natasia Gascon

as part of Arts for LAs
Arts Advocacy Leadership Program

Ryan Vaarsi / Flickr




Exterior Design & Architecture....(8)

Visual Arts & Cultural Institutions...(17)
Communication Arts....(22)
Entertainment & Digital Media......(27)
Fashion & Decorative Arts..(35)
Industrial Design......(40)
Performing Arts .......(43)
Publishing & Printing...(48)


CONCLUSION ........(55)

WHATS NEXT.....(56)





ART OF PALMS stems from a simple desire to answer the

age-old question of a community stakeholder:
What cool things are there in my neighborhood?

The Palms Neighborhood of Los Angeles is one of the citys oldest communities.
Founded in the 1880s, Palms was - and still is - known as a stopover town. With
beginnings as a midway train stop between the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles
and the tranquility and fun of Santa Monica, today many Angelinos remember
Palms as the densely populated rental area that they had resided in briefly as
they climbed (or descended) the socioeconomic ladder.

Since incorporating into the City of Los Angeles in 1914, Palms has struggled to
retain a sense of identity as other communities (Culver City, Cheviot Hills, Mar
Vista, Westside Village, South Robertson) grew around and enveloped it. The
late Palms historian David I. Worsfold labeled Palms as the orphan community
describing the neighborhoods boundaries as the most abused, slighted and
trampled on the WestsideIts land has been stolen, and now people dont
even want to recognize whats left.

ART OF PALMS aims to ease Worsfolds fear of community depredation by

locating and highlighting unique arts and cultural offerings that relate directly to
the contemporary urban life of the Palms Neighborhood. The project seeks to
create connections among artists, cultural organizations, community groups,
businesses, visitors and residents in order to sustain and promote a thriving,
diverse, creative neighborhood.

Palms is more of a state of mind: Ill know it when I see it.

George Garrigues


What is a Creative Asset Map?

As a child, there may have been a time when you felt compelled to
draw a treasure map as part of a whimsical game with your friends.
What did you consider to be a treasure? What landmarks or obstacles
did you draw to make the location of the treasure visible to those
who sought it? Who did you share your map with? What did you want
them to find?

An Asset Map is essentially a treasure map that marks resources that

contribute to the economic and/or culture and vitality of the
community. Asset Maps are utilized mainly as a tool for development
and planning, but can also invigorate a local population by providing
stakeholders with a system to define their local culture, and
demonstrate the breadth and variety of cultural activity within their

ART OF PALMS aims to identify, catalog, map, and publish

the creative and cultural assets of the Palms Neighborhood
of Los Angeles for the following purposes:

To emphasize the importance of these assets in terms of cultural

significance, community vitality and creative economic input.
To increase civic pride in the community.
Identify the distinct character of the community and contextualize it
for use in civic planning and future arts projects.
To cement ownership of assets that have been mistakenly attributed
to other communities.

For the purposes of this project, a creative asset is defined as:

A physical enterprise that encourages participation
in, and appreciation of, the arts and local culture.


Justifying the importance of the arts and creative

enterprises has long been a contentious topic.

For the purposes of this project, the creative and cultural assets for
the Palms Neighborhood will be selected based on their relation to
industries within the Creative Economy of Los Angeles as defined by
the Otis Report.

The Otis Report on the Creative Economy of the Los Angeles

Region is the single best summary of the creative ecosystem and the
hundreds of thousands of regional jobs that power the dynamic
sector of Los Angeles -the creative capital of the world.

Focusing on how creative industries contribute to the local

economy allows stakeholders to better measure how arts and
cultural assets contribute positively to the vitality of the
According to the Otis Report, activities based on creativity and culture are
an essential feature of a flourishing economy. Creative industries help
drive a regions economy by attracting investment, tourism, consumer
spending and by generating tax revenues. These creative assets also have
a non-monetary value in that they contribute to inclusive social
development, dialogue and understanding between people within a
diverse community such as Palms.

The 2015 Otis Report has identified the creative economy as being made
up of industries, businesses and individuals that are involved in producing
and/or providing cultural, artistic, and design goods and services.

Using the 2015 Otis Report as a guide, the following

industries have been identified as part of the creative
economy of Palms:


Exterior Design & Architecture Fashion & Decorative Arts (cont.)

Architectural Services Furniture Design & Mfg.
Unique Architecture Assets Furniture Wholesaling
Drafting Services Pressed & Blown Glass
Landscape Design & Glassware Mfg.
Public Art Other Misc. Nonmetallic Mineral
Production Mfg.
Visual & Cultural Arts Pottery, Fine Earthenware Mfg.
Art Museums Interior Design
Art Galleries
Photographic Arts Industrial Design
Drawing/Painting Toy Design & Mfg.
Mechanical Design
Communication Arts Consumer Product Design
Web Design
Advertising Agencies Performing Arts
Commercial Graphic Design Independent Artists
Marketing for Creative Industries Performing Arts Schools
Music Recording Studios
Entertainment & Digital Media Agents & Managers of Artists
Creative Apps
Game Design Publishing & Printing
Web-based video/audio content Printing & Related Support
Motion Picture/Video Production Activities
Sound Recording Book, Periodical, Newspaper
Broadcast (excluding internet) Wholesale Publishing (excluding
Fashion & Decorative Arts Greeting Cards
Textile Mills Mfg. Libraries and Archives
Apparel Design & Mfg.
Apparel Wholesaling
Footwear Design & Mfg.
Jewelry Design & Mfg.
Textile Product Mills


Using the creative industry list as a guide, assets were

identified through the following methods:

1) Physical verification
a. Visiting the physical site i.e. storefront of the asset.

2) Online verification
a. Searching for a current and active Internet and/or social
media presence.
b. Attributing that Internet presence to a physical address
through business websites such as
c. Verifying the physical presence of the asset through
online satellite mapping programs such as Google

Due to the fact the Palms Neighborhood of Los Angeles has

no official boundaries, the assets identified in this report were
restricted to the community boundaries as defined by the
Palms Neighborhood Council:

The boundaries defined are as follows:

North/North West:
National Blvd., Exposition Blvd., and the I-10 Freeway.
Culver City (Venice Blvd., Washington Blvd.,)
East/South East:
Overland Ave., Charnock Rd., and the 1-405 Freeway

Also included are the Palms Rancho Park

Branch Library, Palms Middle School and
Charnock Road Elementary School.


A communitys most noticeable asset is the design of its exterior spaces.

This category lists the public and private organizations that have either
commissioned, designed or currently display works of public art or
historic/noteworthy architecture visible within the Palms Neighborhood.


1) Artist Educators - 2016

The new Metro Expo Line station in Palms features the
beautiful work of Shizu Saldamando, who uses images of
pencil drawings on wood panels and hand-cut Japanese
washi paper collage to illustrate the people, places,
nurseries and plant life of the area. The use of wood and
washi paper connects the materiality of the compositions
with the areas Japanese heritage, while depicting
images of a changing landscape and social
Public Art Wood Panels
Los Angeles Metro Expo Line / Palms Station
10021 National Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034

2) Community Garden - 2016

Los Angeles Street Artists YherCat, Deity, Lady Lux,
tfeart and Blissful Nana collaborated on this Cool
Anime Girlie Piece on the 75 ft. concrete wall on
National Blvd., across the street from the Metro Expo
Line station. The mural is reminiscent from an earlier
mural collaboration featuring Sailor Moon characters on
12000 Culver Blvd., and also touches on themes of
women empowerment, community development and
Public Art - Mural beautification.
Concrete wall on National Blvd., and Palms Blvd.
10034 National Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90034

3) The Joseph Residence & Apartments

Nicknamed "the Hobbit Houses," these prime examples
of Storybook architecture feature sweeping shingled
roofs, diamond-paned windows, and clinker-brick
chimneys, which took inspiration from idealized
interpretations of European cottages. Designed by
Lawrence Joseph, a former Walt Disney Studios artist,
Joseph redesigned an existing single-family residence
and added two two-story buildings with multiple units.
Unique Architecture Asset The complex was dedicated as a LA Historic-Cultural
3891 Dunn Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90232 Monument in 1996.


4) The Crapi Apartments - 1960

One of Palms most famous dingbats, the Crapi
Apartments on Overland Ave., has become infamous
on social media for its peculiar name. Dingbat
apartments are ubiquitous to L.A. - cheap to construct
for a car-obsessed population, they are renowned for
their embellished, dressed up exteriors. Oftentimes
dingbats sport elaborate names that imply grandeur,
exoticism and feminine mystique. The Crapi
Apartments go against this literal faade, advertising
Unique Architecture Asset what hopeful new Angelinos will really find at the end
3374 Overland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90034 of their road to fame.

5) Eric Trujillo Mural - 2014

Trujillo is an accomplished art director and graphic
designer who had the privilege of painting this vivid mural
on Venice Blvd., It was great interacting with all the
people walking down the street expressing their gratitude
for beautiful art, said Trujillo. From Muslims to the
homeless. People honking from their cars and screaming
from their fixie bikes Im very lucky to be alive.

Public Art - Mural

10905 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90034

6) The Ivy Substation - 1907

Despite displaying the Welcome to Culver City sign,
the Ivy Substation and adjacent Media Park are in fact,
part of Palms. The City of Los Angeles leased the former
light rail power station to Culver City on terms that the
city would renovate the dilapidated structure and
sponsor a non-profit residency. Today the Ivy is a 99-
seat theatre, home to the Actors Gang. It is a prime
example of the Mission Revival style and placed on the
Unique Architecture Asset National Register of Historic Places in 1981.
9070 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90232


7) Natalee Thai Building - 2002

Constructed by Coscia Day Architecture and Design, Natalee
Thai Restaurant is comprised of elements to catch the
speeding motorist eye. The main building form is a
corrugated metal box, which is cut to reveal the warmly lit
undulating interior to passers by. The modern design has
subtle Thai influences - the front curves were inspired by
ancient bell towers in Thailand and the pale yellow face of
these curves, that peels away to create various spacial
Unique Architecture Asset
conditions through out the dining area, was inspired by
10101 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90034
shapes found in the Thai alphabet.

8) The Surplus Store - 1946

Founded in 1946, the building that houses the Surplus Store
is much older. Once the Citizens State Bank, then the
Security First National Bank, the building includes three
former storefronts (A sweet shop, LADWP office and electric-
supply store) that were combined into the Surplus Store. In
1974, MGM set designer and graphic artist Nickolas Cann
occupied the building. Today, the family owned business
provides military and survival supplies for the residents of
Unique Architecture Asset Palms and West LA. Remnants of the past are still visible,
10341 Venice Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90034 with a note left by Jayne Russell from 1935 greeting guests
at the concrete entrance.

9) The Blue Bettys Apartments - 1915

The oldest apartment building in Palms, Elizabeth Ash
owned it from the 1920s to the 1940s. Ash and her friend,
Palms resident Elizabeth Swan formed a vocal duet called
The Blue Bettys. They sang on radio station KHJ. Today, this
neoclassical apartment building stands out amongst the box-
style dingbats and monolithic apartment and condo
complexes that now dominate the Palms residential
Unique Architecture Asset
9831 Venice Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90034


10) Fire Station #43 - 2005

Designed by Hamilton High School graduate Todd Gray,
the steel sculpture on the front of the new Los Angeles
Fire Station 43 depicts palm fronds and a subtle palm of
a hand, quietly apparent at night with focused lighting
on two panels. The color palette references the ocean,
sky, sun and land. I want it to be subtle; you will be
living with this art for man years, said Gray I would like
it to reveal itself over time.
Public Art - Sculpture
3459 Motor Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90034

11) Palms Cycle Mural - 2005

Claimed to be one of the oldest bike shops in Los
Angeles, Palms Cycle specializes in specialize in custom
bicycle building and carries new and vintage bicycle along
with a fully staffed repair shop. Palms Cycle also offers
vintage and antique bicycles for rent or purchase for all
types of theatrical bicycle prop requirements. Their
bikes have been seen in countless TV shows, movies,
commercials, music videos, advertisements, and stage
Public Art - Mural productions.
3770 Motor Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90034

12) VOX HUMANA - 2010

This striking mural is an international collaboration
between The Goethe Institute of Los Angeles, LA Art
Machine and the German Foreign Office, featuring
German graffiti legends MAClaim (AKUT, TASSO, and
CASE). MAClaim this large-scale mural on the side of
Boombang, a boutique design firm on the corner of
Motor and Palms Ave., Their mural serves as artistic
commentary on the state of the Earth in an era of climate
Public Art - Mural change and human dispiritedness.
3459 Motor Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90034


13) Garden Apartment Building - 1954 &

National Blvd., Apartment Building - 1955
Standing side-by-side on National Blvd., are two Mid-
Century Modern apartment buildings, each designed by
a local master to be a separate part of a semi-matching
pair. Architects Carl Maston and Ray Kappe worked on
both buildings to reflect elements of the post-and-beam
school of modernism, including exposed wooden posts
and beams, horizontal bands of glass windows, and
Unique Architecture Asset cladding of stucco and vertical wood boards. Both are
10565 W. National Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90034 listed on the LA Conservatory list of Historic Places.
10567 W. National Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90034

14) Palm s Utility Box M urals - 2012

Students from Hamilton High School, in collaboration
with local professional artists and the nonprofit LA
Commons, were funded by the Palms Neighborhood
Council to paint beautiful murals on utility boxes in
Palms. The artwork designs for the utility boxes were
based on stories collected from stakeholders in the
community. These boxes represent the history, culture
and institutions of Palms.

Public Art - Murals

Various locations, Los Angeles, CA 90034

15) Dunn Chevrolet Showroom - 1920s

During the postwar of the 1920s and 1940s, commercial
buildings were rising at a rapid pace. The Dunn
Chevrolet Company would display new automobiles at
this showroom on Washington Blvd., in 1949 the
building was Walt Cashs used-car emporium, and in
1953 it housed the Studebaker Automobile Corporation.
Although still officially listed as an automotive repair
building and showroom, the recent tenants of this
Unique Architecture Asset building have included tech, film and office companies.
10003 Washington Blvd.,
Los Angeles, CA 90034


16) Traffic Island Buddha - 2017

Appearing suddenly on a little traffic island at the
intersections of Woodbine St., Jasmine Ave., and
National Blvd., this statue of Gautama Buddha has
become a serene and semi-holy spot for the Buddhist
residents of Palms. Prayers are conducted and offerings
are left at the statue, and messages left at its feet
encourage residents to love and cherish one another. A
Buddha statue erected in an Oakland neighborhood had
Public Art - Sculpture been documented to reduce crime and blight in its
Intersection of Woodbine Ave., Jasmine Ave., and immediate surroundings. Heres hoping the same can
National Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90034 happen in Palms.

17) Culver Palms Church of Christ - 1963

The Culver Palms Church of Christ is a rich mosaic of
people representing the exciting cultural and ethnic
diversity of Los Angeles. The Culver Palms
church gathers at the intersection of the Palms
neighborhood and Culver City-the heart of Screenland.
From the 1920s to 1940s, the United Presbyterian
Church occupied the site. The new building was
constructed in 1963, and hosted the Palms
Neighborhood Councils first community leadership
Unique Architecture Asset forum in 2006.
9733 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90034

18) Oldfields Mural - 2012

Named for legendary race-car driver Barney Oldfield,
the first man to hit 60-mph on a circular track and
developer of Firestones Oldfield tire, the Oldfields
lounge debuted a new mural dedicated to Oldfield and
his famous 200-horse power, 1910 Blitzen Benz. Painted
by Daniel Winter, the mural now graces the east side of
the bar. Funnily enough, the German-born Oldfield,
whos buried in Culver Citys Holy Cross Cemetery,
Public Art - Mural eventually left racing himself to open a Downtown L.A.
10899 Venice Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90034 saloon named The Old Crow on Spring Street.


19) The Tabor House - 1904

One of the oldest houses still standing in Palms,
the Tabor house is still occupied by the Tabor
family, for which the nearby street is named.

Unique Architecture Asset

3563 Motor Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90034

20) The Palms Depot - 1886

Built between 1886 and 1888, the two-story wood depot
was originally located at the corner of National Blvd.,
and Vinton Ave. The Los Angeles Cultural Heritage
Board declared the building to be a Los Angeles
Historic-Cultural Monument in 1963. Despite the
designation, the depot remained vacant, was victimized
by vandals and graffiti, and fell into serious disrepair in
the early 1970s. In 1976, the Los Angeles Cultural
Unique Architecture Asset Heritage Foundation raised funds to move the structure
Former: National Blvd., / Vinton Ave., to Heritage Square Museum in Montecito Heights. The
Los Angeles, CA 90034 depot presently sits at the entrance to Heritage Square
Current: 800 Homer St, and houses the museum gift shop.
Los Angeles, CA 90031

21) Two Brothers Murals - 2016

These colorful and grotesque murals greet patrons
at the Rivas auto shop on Venice Blvd. The local
auto shop offers oil changes and general car
repairs and tune-ups to local residents for
reasonable prices.

Public Art - Mural

10881 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90034


11) Palms Cycle Mural

1) Artist Educators 12) Vox Humana Mural
2) Community Garden 13) Garden & National Blvd., Apts
3) Joseph Residence & Apartments 14) Palms Utility Box Murals (Not listed)
4) The Crapi Apartments 15) Dunn Chevrolet Showroom
5) Eric Trujillo Mural 16) Traffic Island Buddha
6) The Ivy Substation 17) Culver Palms Church of Christ
7) Natalee Thai Building 18) Oldfields Mural
8) The Surplus Store 19) The Tabor House
9) The Blue Bettys Apartments 20) The Palms Depot (Former location)
10) Fire Station #43 21) Two Brothers Murals


The visual and cultural arts are elements that transcend present, physical boundaries
and define the community for posterity. Culture is the collective manifestations of
human intellectual achievement regarded collectively basically the specific things
in a community that make it unique. The visual arts are one of the important aspects
of culture, showing a physical, tangible representation of the community and its
values. What is the community of Palms? What does Palms value?


22) The Museum of Jurassic Technology

There are no technologically advanced dinosaurs in this
preternatural institution, which can best be described as
an anti-museum. This is not a place for the
claustrophobic, nyctophobic or believers of sense and
logic. Here fact and fiction are one in the same and
exhibits interact with guests in monotone discourse
solely to insult humanitys frail grasp on reality and
validity. Gather everything you know a museum to be
Museum / Cultural Institution
and abandon it at the door - leave your mind open to be
9341 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90034
zestfully invaded by the aberrant wonders lurking within.

23) The Center for Land Use Interpretation

Neither an environmental group nor an industry affiliated
organization; The CLUI is a research and education
organization that seeks to understand the nature and extent
of human interaction with the earths surface. The center
believes that the manmade landscape is a cultural
inscription that can be read to better understand the past,
present and future of mankind. The Centers main space
Cultural Institution
and offices in Palms offers exhibits, lectures, and other
9331 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90034
resources for the public.

24) Kline Academy of Fine Art - 2007

Founded by artist Cheryl Kline, this fine arts academy
teaches classical painting and basic foundations to achieve
classical representational results. Many of the lessons center
around live demonstrations, and the faculty boasts a
talented roster of working artists. The academy is located in
the same building where Kline studied in the late 80's and
early 1990's with her mentor, Jan Seather at his atelier,
Bruhcion School of Realist Art. The academy continues to
add classes and workshops and grow into an important and
Visual Arts Fine Arts Painting
creative aspect in the Los Angeles art scene.
3264 Motor Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90034


25) The Bhagavad-Gita Museum - 1977

Located within The International Society for Krishna
Consciousness Western World Headquarters, the
museum consists of eleven state-of-the-art animatronic
dioramas that educate, inspire, and give visitors a better
understanding of the Bhagavad-Gita, the Indian
literary classic that remains sacred to over six million
people. At the request of His Divine Grace
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, a group of
disciples traveled to India to learn ancient methods of
Museum / Cultural Institution clay working, putting their skills to use creating dioramas
3764 Watseka Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90034 that make up the 45-minute museum tour, built to pique
curiosity about Transcendentalism.

26) IMAN Cultural Center - 1996

The Iranian-American Muslim Association of North
America is a non-political, non-profit, independent,
501(c)(3) organization, established to create and promote
cooperation and affiliation within the Iranian and Muslim
Community along with people of all races and religions.
The center consists of an auditorium, event space,
conference hall, and performance venue. IMAN has
hosted several community events vital to Palms,
including the Palms Neighborhood Council general
Cultural Institution
3376 Motor Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90034

27) Culver City Foshay Lodge No. 467

- 1928
Freemasonry is the oldest, largest and most prestigious
fraternity in the world, much like a civic club, a charitable
institution and a fraternity all rolled into one. Steeped
in ritual and symbolism, Freemasons would meet in
groups called lodges, and meet in physical spaces called
temples. Palms is host to the Culver City Foshay Lodge
no. 467 and their Masonic Temple on Venice Blvd. has
been utilized by the Palms community as an event venue
and meeting place since 1928.
Cultural Institution
9635 Venice Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90034


28) Motor Avenue Farmers Market &

Urban Garden Program 2007
A public/private collaborative effort of the Motor Avenue
Improvement Association (MAIA), Faith2Green, and a
supportive group of local businesses and residents, the
Motor Ave., Farmers Market and Urban Garden Program
enhances the farm-to-table connection and availability of
fresh, local produce to residents of Palms. The market is
dedicated to cultivating a sustainable food system through
its operation and educational programs. Along with food,
Cultural Institution the market provides a range of arts and cultural activities,
10316 National Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90034 from independent arts and craft vendors, to live music and
dance performances.

29) High Noon Western Americana 1988

High Noon is the nations definitive resource for
information, historical perspectives and market
valuations for all that encompasses the art, crafts and
cultural legacy of the Native American Indian, Cowboy,
Vaquero and the American Old West. Through private
sales, appraisals, auction consultations and investment
curatorial, the folks at High Noon are dedicated to
preserving and promoting the rich Western heritage and
work to ensure that these traditions remain intricately
Private Art Dealer / Cultural Institution woven into modern lives today, becoming stronger and
9929 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90034 never forgotten.

30) Mission: Renaissance, Fine Art Classes

- 1975
Serving children, teens and adults throughout Southern
California, Mission: Renaissance comprises more than
19 studios and has long been recognized as the largest
fine art program in the world. Mission: Renaissance was
founded on a principle wholly at odds with the common
misconception that one either possesses talent or
doesnt; the myth that one is born with a fixed allotment
of creativity which can never change. Mission:
Visual Arts Fine Art Painting Renaissance believes that with proper training, anyone
3055 Overland Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90034 can become a master fine arts painter.


22) The Museum of Jurassic Technology 28) Motor Ave. Farmers Market &
23) The Center for Land Use Interpretation Urban Garden Program
24) Kline Academy of Fine Art 29) High Noon Western Americana
25) The Bhagavad-Gita Museum 30) Mission: Renaissance Fine Art Classes
26) IMAN Cultural Center
27) Culver City Foshay Lodge


Arts are meant to be communicative. Since the beginning of time, artists

have used their art to convey meaning and to pass on stories between
people. When art is deliberately used to convey a specific idea or
message - most often in a commercial sense- it falls under the
communication arts.


31) Castle Signs and Graphics - 1946

Clarence Lindy Lindlow and Chuck Powers started the
original Castle Signs. The name Castle came from
when Lindy and Chuck had served in the US Army
together in the service company named the Castle
Brigade. Castle Signs & Graphics is known for offering
professionally designed signs with friendly, personal
service. From traditional hand-painted signs to the most
advanced digital graphics, they are proud to offer the
Graphic Design / Commercial Advertising
right solution for every customer.
3520 Overland Ave., St. D Lo s A n g e le s, C A 9 0 0 3 4

32) ALCHEMY (National Promotions and

Advertising) - 1969
The folks at ALCHEMY (formerly NPA) were first on the
wildposting scene when founders Gary Shafner and Pete
Zackery promoted musicians throughout LA by
plastering walls with posters. Today, with paper, paste,
and cutting-edge tech integration, ALCHEMY turns
blank walls into advertising gold for the worlds hottest
brands. Theyre the only fully integrated urban street
media provider that allows clients to choose how, when,
and where they want to advertise. From traditional
Commercial Advertising / Creative Marketing
promo posters, all the way to interactive experiential
3434 Overland Ave., Lo s A n g e le s, C A 9 0 0 3 4
street installations, ALCHEMY can customize media buys
that fit all kinds of needs and budget.

33) Los Angeles Sign Company- 2002

A leader in signage design, fabrication and installation,
the Los Angeles Sign Companys custom signs have a
major impact on visual and esthetics of any business. With
a talented roster of designers, welders, metal fabricators,
carpenters, electricians, plastic fabricators, painters, and
graphic artists, their craftsmen find the best and most
cost-efficient way to produce client projects. They
provide sign fabrication for office signs and outdoor
signs with long-lasting value, functional excellence and
Fabrication / Manufacturing decorative appeal.
3505 Motor Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90034


34) Mr. Webbing- 2014

Ramin Tahsil and Mersad Lahouti opened up a limited
edition online magazine to great success. Eventually
they received enough feedback and potential clients to
establish their company Mr. Webbing, which specializes
in web development, graphic design, branding and
Internet marketing. They officially registered Mr.
Webing, LLC in Los Angeles and eventually started to
collect brilliant minded members for their team and
expanded their business from Los Angeles to
Graphic Design / Web Design
Vienna with the mission to reach out to more people
3 4 4 9 K e ysto n e A ve ., Lo s A n g e le s, C A 9 0 0 3 4
across the world.

35) Zale Richard Rubins PhotoGraphics

- 1992
Specializing in small product photography, architectural
photography and graphic design, Zale Richard Rubins
Photographics can capture crisp, high quality
photographs and create the most stunning
advertisements utilizing the latest in imaging,
retouching, production and proofing techniques. The
companys skills are in creating images that look real and
Photographic Design / Advertising allow the product to jump off the page.
3 2 6 8 M o to r A ve ., Lo s A n g e le s, C A 9 0 0 3 4

36) WEBITMD- 2008

Harnessing the technical and creative elements required
to improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase brand
awareness, WEBITMD has evolved beyond paid and
organic search results and into conversion funnel
optimization using content and channel development.
Through website design and optimized digital
strategies, WEBITMB has an engineered approach to
digital marketing that combines creativity & design with
data & technology.
Web Design / Digital Marketing
3685 Motor Ave. Suite 100, Los Angeles, CA 90034


37) Iconisus- 2000

Iconisus L&Y began its journey as a boutique agency
with an eye towards creating visually distinctive,
memorable art. Today it is an award-winning, full-service
entertainment print agency behind some of the biggest
blockbuster movies and highest rated TV
shows. Iconisus has built an agency designed to handle
any creative challenge that comes their way assembling
a team of art directors from around the world. Their
diverse backgrounds and ideologies give Iconisus an
Graphic Design / Print Advertising edge when it comes to conceiving and developing key
10000 Venice Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90232 art for your project.

38) Iota Media Group - 2015

Iota Media Group is an integrated marketing and
consulting company based out of Los Angeles, CA. They
believe in providing clients with marketing strategies
that give them an efficient and consistent way of
reaching their customers. They go beyond the single
channel approach and believe that design and context
are just as important as delivering the message. Most
importantly, they let data tell the story. At the end of the
day, theyre a passionate team of savvy digital
Web Design / Digital Marketing marketers.
3852 Vinton Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90232

39) GrandSon Creative - 2016

GrandSon is an inter-disciplinary creative studio that
cultivates connection and starts conversation. With
curiosity at the core of their process, they champion
creative freedom and craft content to inspire action and
reaction. GrandSon was founded by Goktug Sarioz, an
entertainment industry veteran with 20+ years of
experience. Deeply rooted in art, design, entertainment,
and technology, they are dedicated to designing
Digital Marketing stunning brand narratives that are larger than life and
10000 Venice Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90232 screens.


31) Castle Signs and Graphics 37) Iconisus

32) ALCHEMY (National Promotions and 38) Iota Media Group
Advertising) 39) Grandson Creative
33) Los Angeles Sign Company
34) Mr. Webbing
35) Zale Richard Rubin's PhotoGraphics


With a neighbor know as The Heart Of Screenland (Culver City) the

Palms community has intimate ties to the film and entertainment
industries. Motor Ave., Palms unofficial main street, serves as a direct
link between two major Hollywood Studios (Sony and Fox) and Palms
continues to host independent entertainment workers, boutique studios
and major broadcast companies during the digital age.


40) The Switch (Pacific Television Center)

- 1981
For 35 years, Los Angeles-based Pacific Television
Center has been a leading transmission and live
production provider to the global broadcast industry
offering its clients around-the-clock support and services
in fiber connectivity, satellite coordination, receive and
records, multi-format tape play outs, live shots, satellite
media tours and voiceovers. In 2016, PacTV was
acquired by The Switch, a global fiber optic and satellite
Television Production & Broadcast network with more than 240 points-of-presence in the
3440 Motor Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90034 United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France,
Switzerland, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

41) Station 22 - 2001

Station22 is an award winning Los Angeles video
production company and creative agency that provides
fun and imaginative media services. They plan, script,
shoot, direct, edit, composite, mix and deliver all under
one roof. They are constantly learning new tricks to
make their clients videos and brand standout, working
hand-in-hand with large corporations, national brands,
celebrities, politicians, and ad agencies to produce
stunning results.
Video Production
3614 Overland Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90034

42) CounterPunch Studios - 2011

CounterPunch Studios (CPS) is a full service production
studio providing animation, facial/body modeling and
rigging/live action teams, technology, and pipelines to
service our clients diverse needs. The owners, staff and
artistic crew have been producing projects together for
over 10 years, working on studio movies, TV and AAA
video games. CPS was formed to fill a need in the
entertainment industry for quality, pliable and adaptable
products. Their specialized teams of artists produce
Computer Graphics Imaging Production
unbelievably high-end animation, rigs and other CG
3770 Selby Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90034


43) Joanne Leung Photography- 2009

Joanne Leung is a Los Angeles Wedding Photographer
who shoots mainly in the Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Malibu,
Orange County, Ventura, and Santa Barbara area. She also
caters to national clients in New York and Boston, and
shoots wedding photography internationally. She has had
her work published in local and international publications,
such as Cosmopolitan Magazine (France), I Am
Entertainment, LA Magazine, and others.

Professional Photography
10824 Palms Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90034

44) Motor Photo Studio- 2014

A relatively new photo studio that is available for Half
Day and Daily Bookings. Creative Studio Space ideal for
photo shoots, YouTube shoots, workshops, meetings,
castings, creative workspace and social gatherings.

Professional Photography
3716 Motor Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90034

45) CJF Productions, Inc.- 2012

Event videography for the important moments of your
life - weddings, mitzvahs, quinceaeras, sweet
16's, even family get-togethers. Whether it's a simple
ceremony at a courthouse or a 300+ party with multiple
cameras, live music, and special dance performances,
we can turn your celebration into a lasting memory.

Professional Videography
10008 National Blvd., #371 Los Angeles, CA 90034


46) Klic Video Productions Inc.- 1999

Founded by ethnographic filmmaker and former U.S.C.
French instructor, Jennifer Rodes, Klic specializes in
producing culturally sensitive and entertaining video
programming. Klic is based in Los Angeles but has shot
and produced videos in more than twenty different
countries and throughout the United States. Klic Video is
a scalable, adaptable production company that can
customize an approach to any given assignment, from
Fortune 500 conglomerates to eager young start-ups.
Video Production
9801 Regent St., Los Angeles, CA 90034

47) 506 Music - 2012

506 Music is a music production company run by
composer/producer Daniel Rojas (aka AlienD) in Los
Angeles, CA. Having worked on the music to over 60
feature films, TV shows and video-games in addition to
recording and/or producing 100+ records, Daniel stands
out as a versatile new voice in the music world.

Music Composition Production

3620 Overland Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90034

48) A Single Click - 2012

Utilizing the best design and illustration techniques, A
Single Click can produce quality explainer videos for
optimal viewer engagement. They have a concrete goal,
get your visitors to become clients. Whether you're an
established company or a small business owner just
starting out, A Single Click can increase the engagement
you get using responsive targeted video marketing
strategies. It all happens with a single click, one after
Animation Production
3707 Motor Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90034


49) Radius60 - 1999

For over 10 years, Radius60 has provided technology
solutions to the entertainment industry. Their products
and services span the digital spectrum, from enhanced
extras packages promoting digital purchase to physical
disc authoring. Theyve created a large percentage of
iTunes Extras titles available on the App Store,
developed the specification of and delivered the first
Cross-Platform Extras titles, authored more than eight-
thousand DVDs, two-thousand Blu-rays, as well as
Digital Media Production award-winning tablet and mobile apps.
3539 Motor Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90034

50) PCH Films - 2007

PCH Films, based in Los Angeles, California, is a
multimedia company founded by James Keach, Jane
Seymour and Trevor Albert in 2007. The company
develops, produces, and finances feature film, TV,
documentaries, animation and music. The partners
extensive credits include Walk The Line, Groundhog
Day, League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Because Of
Winn Dixie, National Lampoons Vacation, Dr. Quinn
Medicine Woman, award winning documentary Disease
Film Production
Of the Wind and many others.
3380 Motor Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90034

51) DIDAR TV - 1980

DIDAR TV has earned a well-deserved popularity in
Southern California among the Persian community.
DIDASR TV makes its daily produced programs
available not only in Southern California but also in the
US, Canada, and Mexico through the Globe Cast World
TV satellite, as well as worldwide in the Europe, IRAN
through the Yahsat Satellite.

Television Production & Broadcast

3733 Motor Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90034


52) GlobeCast - 1997

Globecast is a service company for the radio, television
and media industries, providing solutions for media
and content management, aggregation, formatting,
processing, transmission and distribution. These
contents are feeding various television and radio
platforms: direct-broadcast satellite (DBS), digital
terrestrial television (DTT), cable TV, IPTV, TV for internet
connected screens (OTT TV), digital signage networks,
cinema theaters (DCP and live events delivery).
Television & Radio Broadcast Globecast is a key player in this industry, serving the
10525 Washington Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90230 needs for top 100 television broadcasters in the world.

53) Boxx Communications - 2002

Boxx Communications helps to reduce costs and simplify
production for broadcasters, production companies and
corporations filming projects throughout North America.
With an extensive inventory of camera and lighting
production equipment, Boxx's crews and production
staff have well established, award-winning track records
filming documentaries, reality shows, magazine shows
and promos for leading domestic and international
Video Production & Broadcast broadcasters.
3685 Motor Ave #120 Los Angeles, CA 90034

54) Mehdi Hassan Entertainment - 2004

Mehdi Hassan Entertainment is committed to
challenging and motivating each musician, singer,
performer, and/or artist to achieve excellence and
become a professional by promoting Integrity,
Distinction, and Inspiration. Whether you are an artist
looking to record an entire album or a writer looking to
record demos of your songs, M.H. Entertainment takes
care and takes pride of the recording process from start
to finish.
Sound / Music Recording
3480 Motor Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90034


55) ACME Filmworks - 1990

Acme Filmworks has been serving the creative
community by discovering and nurturing new artistic
and innovative animation directors and bringing them
to the forefront of advertising, motion pictures,
television and the internet. Acmes commitment to
matching style, design and narrative of trend setting
animators with client scripts and concepts has resulted
in seminal work.

Animation Production
3347 Motor Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90034


40) The Switch (Pacific Television Center) 50) PCH Films

41) Station 22 51) DIDAR TV
42) CounterPunch Studios 52) GlobeCast
43) Joanne Leung Photography 53) Boxx Communications
44) Motor Photo Studio 54) Mehdi Hassan Entertainment
45) CJF Productions, Inc. 55) ACME Filmworks
46) Klic Video Productions
47) 506 Music
48) A Single Click
49) Radius60


The art of decoration and adornment encompasses the worlds of

fashion design, jewelry, clothing manufacturing, interior design and
home furnishing. Whether to adorn our spaces or ourselves, the
decorative arts are a subtle, yet powerful tool of personal self-


56) I Love Lucite (Craigs Plastics) - 2011

With clients ranging from A-List celebrities, to local
businesses and residents, I Love Lucite aka Craigs
Plastics offer first-rate acrylic fabrication for a number of
personal and professional uses. From simple picture
frames, acrylic cases, to custom signs and furniture,
Craig can turn abstract ideas or sloppy sketches into
fabulous fabrications of acrylic art.

Decorative Arts / Acrylic Design

3300 Motor Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90034
57) D.L. Rhein - 1991
Starting from home, Deborah Rhein has since developed
a full-scale design and retail business featuring unique
high-end decorative accessories. Over the past 21 years,
D.L. Rhein has become a local and national brand,
earning a reputation for turning trash into treasure,
resulting in modern-vintage with a twist. D.L. Rhein
store and design studio, located in Palms, is a mecca for
specialty products, furniture and accessories hunted and
gathered from her travels around the world. The store is
a reflection of a unique style and taste that continues to
be the vehicle for a thriving interior design business.
Interior Design / Home Decor
3303 Motor Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90034

58) Galerie Sommerlath - 1995

Designers, dealers, collectors and mid-century buffs
alike are all part of the growing client base at Galerie
Sommerlath. The unusual and often celebrated
collection of furniture, lamps, and lighting, paintings,
pottery, sculpture, and tapestry is brimming at all the
locales. Michele Sommerlaths sharp eye and design
sense coupled with her expansive knowledge on the
subject has made her one of Los Angeles premier
design resources. Michele Sommerlath also offers design
Historic Furniture W holesale services, staging and movie rental and a furniture finder.
9608 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90034


59) Dannielle Albrecht Designs - 2014

Dannielle Albrecht Designs is a full-service design firm
specializing in both Interior Design and Event Design.
Dannielle Albrecht Designs understands every client is
distinct and every project is unique, so it is of the utmost
importance to build trust and deliver a very personal
design experience. Their business is built on word of
mouth referrals and their success is a result of being
responsive, reliable, creative, and solution-oriented.

Interior Design / Event Design

10008 National Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90034

60) Robin Piccone - 1992

Robin Piccone revolutionized the swimwear industry with
her innovative use of neoprene. The Costume Institute
of the Metropolitan Museum of Arts permanent
collection includes two of her neoprene swimsuits.
Noticing the lack of fashion in contemporary swimwear,
Piccone launched her signature label in 1992.
Characterized by modern styling and innovative details
for a wearable and flattering cut, ROBIN PICCONE
accentuates a bodys unique lines and curves without
relying entirely on briefness to create a cutting edge
Fashion Design
3740 Motor Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90034

61) House of Candles - 1981

House of Candles is a leading supplier of double wick
candles that meet the unique demands of the
entertainment industry, which includes Motion Pictures,
TV Commercials, TV Production, Music Videos, Theatre
and Events. They have been recognized as a key source
of these candles needed for extra illumination, and are
geared to the Entertainment Industrys production
schedules. They also specialize in custom decorative
candles fit for any occasion.
Decorative Arts
10315 Washington Blvd., Los Angeles, CA


62) The Goddess Studio - 2002

Sandrine was born in France in to gypsy parents and
traveled numerous times before eventually settling down
in Mexico, where she started to discover the inner artist
within herself. After moving to Los Angeles she began
creating her spiritually inspired precious and semi-
precious gemstones jewelry, designed for healing and
empowerment in mind.

Jewelry Design
3608 Kelton Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90034

63) Art Solutions LA- 2009

Art Solutions LA offers expertise in all areas of custom
framing: onsite consultation, conservation-conscious
frame design, and installation. Whether a fragile original,
or your childs classroom masterpiece, they handle
every piece of art with the utmost care. Art Solutions LA
can pick up art, provide seemingly endless frame
selections to perfectly complement art, frame it to
schedule even if it's a rush order, give you wholesale
pricing at every step, and then hand deliver the perfectly
Decorative Arts finished artwork.
3772 Selby Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90034

64) Titelle Couture- 2011

Unique corsets and wedding dresses are created in
Titelle's workspace from sketch, to hand-drawn patterns,
hours of sewing and hand-placed embellishments - an
elegant and audacious universe looking to fit all shapes,
stories and clients personalities. Titelle supports the
values of arts and craftsmanship, through the quality of a
personalized service. Inspired by old techniques, Titelle
hands down the art of detail and sophistication through
modern designs, as she believes that true luxury lives in
Fashion Design
original creation.
3501 Jasmine Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90034


56) I Love Lucite (Craigs Plastics)

57) D.L. Rhein
58) Galerie Sommerlath
59) Dannielle Albrecht Designs
60) Robin Piccone
61) House Of Candles
62) The Goddess Studio
63) Art Solutions LA
64) Tiitelle Couture


The practical objects that we use in our everyday lives first started out as
an idea in the mind of an entrepreneur. It takes a team of creative
people, starting off with industrial designers, to fabricators, product
testers, and marketers to bring those objects into our lives.


65) Boombang - 2003

Boombang is a creative combustion engine that combines
transformative design methods with disruptive business
strategies to ignite the growth potential of brands,
products, and services. Their team of futurists, market
mavens, business builders, tastemakers, storytellers,
experimentalists and creative contrarians have come
together around a common purpose: The identification
and rapid commercialization of Innovation.
Industrial/Product Design
3459 Motor Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90034

66) Crash Space - 2010

A non-profit collection of hackers, programmers, builders,
makers, and artists, Crash Space promote science,
technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM)
by teaching classes, participating in events, providing on-
line resources, and by running a shared workshop. Their
members use the space to work on their projects, share
ideas, and help each other create whatever they envision.

Industrial Design
10526 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90034

67) The Casery- 2015

The Casery is a global brand that releases the absolute
best fashion phone cases in the market at affordable
prices. They use the highest quality materials and create
the thinnest profile phone cases possible that still protect
your phone from drops and scratches. They fit perfectly in
everyones purse or pocket.

Product Design
3679 Motor Ave., #200 Los Angeles, CA 90034


65) Boombang
66) Crash Space
67) The Casery


When artists use physical movements, sometimes in relation to objects

to convey artistic expression, performance art is born. Audiences
experience new wonders in dance, music and theatre through these
talented performers and the people who represent them.


68) Atom Factory - 2010

Atom Factory is an entertainment management
company defining popular culture globally.
With roots in music, technology and media, smartly
combining the three through editorial at
Representing top artists Meghan Trainor, Charlie Puth,
and Kamasi Washington, to name a few.
Founder and CEO Troy Carter has been a pioneer in the
music industry, seamlessly bridging entertainment and
Management Company technology. Constantly employing innovative methods
10351 Washington Blvd., to create authentic experiences for fans, Atom Factory
has caused a paradigm shift in the entertainment
Los Angeles, CA 90034

69) Liz Lira Dance Academy - 2014

Liz Lira Dance Academy opens the door to dancers with
a passion for the art. LLDA strives to further the
awareness of Salsa and Latin culture, by promoting the
institution of Latin Dance worldwide while teaching a
bolder, more passionate level of expression though
music. From group classes for kids and adults, to private
lessons and performance teams, there is opportunity for
every level of dancer at Liz Lira Dance Academy.

Performance Art School

3500 Overland Ave., #110 Los Angeles, CA 90034

70) Gypsy Folk Ensemble - 1978

The Gypsy Folk Ensemble was formed in 1978 to
preserve, perform and teach traditional folk and ethnic
dances from people and cultures around the world. The
dance group offers an extensive series of educational
and entertaining dance programs for a wide variety of
venues such as schools, libraries, festivals, business
events, private parties and senior facilities. The dance
company makes its home at the Gypsy Camp Ethnic Arts
Center in Los Angeles, which also functions as a dance
Performance Art studio.
3265 Motor Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90034


71) The Actors Gang - 1981

The Actors Gang has produced over 200 plays in Los
Angeles, in forty-five US states, and on five continents.
The company was founded by a group of young artists
looking to build a theatre that would present relevant
and vibrantly entertaining plays. Guided by Founding
Artistic Director, Tim Robbins, the company provides a
supportive environment for a diverse ensemble of artists
and the development of their groundbreaking work.

Theatre Group
9070 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90232

72) Hella Fresh Theatre- 2014

Site-specific performance art is created explicitly to be
performed in a certain unique place. In the case of Hella
Fresh Theatre, the site is inside a regular apartment on
Mentone Ave. Instead of a stage and theatre seats,
audience members sit on sofas and armchairs as
performers interact within the closed environment,
immersing themselves in the weird and crazy domestic
world of escapist Angelinos.

Performance Art
3826 Mentone Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90232

73) Exposition Studios- 2009

Exposition Studios was created to give musicians the best
recording and rehearsal experience in the greater Los
Angeles area. With customer satisfaction our first priority,
we have been able to create a comfortable, creative, and
even a cozy musical experience some have said. Exposition
Studios is a year round, seven days a week institution that
has led many repeat customers and quality reviews. Our
passion is music, and the music will bring you to us.

Music Recording Studio

9214 Exposition Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90034


74) The Drum School LA - 2016

The Drum School provides clear and concise instruction
to musicians who seek a greater understanding of
rhythm and the ability to perform accurately within
tempo. From beginners to professionals, our private
lessons give the expertise and encouragement to take
ones performance to the next level. Their exclusive
balance of academic and applicative training is derived
from an appreciation of a broad range of methods and
techniques, including American University standards,
Music Performance School Latin American and West African teachings.
3774 Las Flores Ct., Los Angeles, CA 90034

75) The Music Guild - 1944

The Music Guild is one of the oldest, continuous classical
music producers west of the Mississippi. Today they
produce: 24 concerts each year featuring the best new
ensembles in Los Angeles, California, 30 free concerts in
elementary schools, Alzheimer Residences and Veterans
facilities throughout Los Angeles, Master classes for
advanced students at Cal State Long Beach and The
Colburn School in Los Angles. They provide musical
instruments to students who are interested in pursuing
Music Performance music studies, and their Piano Adoption Program has
3637 Motor Ave., #240 provided over 175 free pianos to schools.
Los Angeles, CA 90034


68) Atom Factory

69) Liz Lira Dance Academy
70) Gypsy Folk Ensemble
71) The Actors Gang
72) Hella Fresh Theatre
73) Exposition Studios
74) The Drum School LA
75) The Music Guild


With the convenience and cost-effectiveness of digital publication, print

publications have suffered in recent years. Nevertheless, there exist a
few print and publishing entities here in Palms that continue to produce
physical works for the current generation.


76) Bhaktivedanta Book Trust - 1987

T he BBT is the worlds largest publisher of classic
Vaishnava texts and contemporary works on the
philosophy, theology, and culture of bhakti-yoga. Its
publications include traditional scriptures translated
into 87 languages and books that explain these texts.
The BBT also publishes audiobooks and eBooks. BBT
titles range in complexity from brief, introductory
volumes and summary studies to multivolume
translations with commentary.
Book Publishing
9701 Venice Blvd # 3., Los Angeles, CA 90034

77) Southern California Media Group

- 1993
Home to premier media brands in Los Angeles, Orange
County and San Diego. SCMG is driven to produce
timely, expert-driven content on topics about which
were passionate: travel, lifestyle, local interest, theater
and the performing arts. They deliver standout
magazines, mobile and specialty websites, trusted
guidebooks and always-in-their-pocket travel maps.

Magazine Publishing
3679 Motor Ave., #300 Los Angeles, CA 90034

78) Printex - 1987

Printex offers advanced printing services particularly
designed for the high quality management of every
printing job. A variety of great printing solutions are
catered to suit the specifications of clients regarding the
fulfillment of significant projects, whether it is for digital
printing, 4 color process printing, or large format poster

Printing & Related Support

3272 Motor Ave., Ste. C., Los Angeles, CA 90034


79) Westside Print Center - 2009

A family-owned business that has been providing
professional business printing to LAs Westside for over
four decades, they opted out of a national franchise
network to remain an independent print company. Their
goal is to make your print and copy projects as easy as
possible. In a friendly, professional environment, we
offer ideas and creative print solutions for all your print
media, and we work efficiently to help meet your
Printing & Related Support expectations, budgets and deadlines.
9401 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90230

80) Digital Imaging Center - 1998

A full service photo lab providing high quality digital
prints, film, video, DVD services and more. Specializing
in video transfers, poster and canvas prints of any size,
passport photos and custom photo gifts. With their
experienced technicians, DIC promises professional
results and the fastest possible turn around times. Also
specializing in life-size cutouts, headshots, and art wall
Printing & Related Support
10354 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90034

81) Palms Rancho Park Branch Library

- 1962
All branch libraries provide free access to computer
workstations, which are connected to the Library's
information network. In addition to providing Internet
access, these workstations enable the public to search
LAPL's many electronic resources including the online
catalog, subscription databases, word processing,
language learning, literacy and a large historic document
Libraries & Archives and photograph collection.
2920 Overland Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90034


76) Bhaktivedanta Book Trust

77) Southern California Media Group
78) Printex
79) Westside Print Center
80) Digital Imaging Center
81) Palms Rancho Park Branch Library



Over the course of five months (January 2017 May 2017)

Eighty-one (81) creative assets were identified within the
Palms Neighborhood of Los Angeles. (1.8 sq. miles)

Notable Findings:
Exterior Design & Architecture make up 25% of the creative
assets listed.
Industrial Design making up less than 5% of assets.
33% of creative assets are clustered around Motor Ave., with
majority of those from the Entertainment and Digital Media
18.5% of creative assets are clustered on Venice Blvd., with
many of them sporting Culver City Mailing Addresses.


Noticeable clusters of creative assets on Motor Ave.,

and the northeast corner of Palms on Venice Blvd., on
the border with Culver City.


From the initial findings, we can reasonably

conclude the following:
The amount of public art and historical buildings/unique architecture
designations shows that the Palms neighborhood is actively embracing
community beautification. Both public governing bodies and private
businesses have sponsored mural projects over the past three years that have
made noticeable changes to the landscape of Palms.

This is also indicative of the Palms Neighborhood making an effort to

differentiate itself from the surrounding communities, and shows that the
community desires or is seeking to create establish a unique cultural identity.

Motor Ave., with 33% of the creative assets, can reasonably be called the
Creative Corridor of the neighborhood.

The high amount of public art, and concentrations of assets within walking
distance can be organized into an Art Walk for the community if there is an
interest and demand for such an event.

The clusters of creative assets on the border of Culver City continue to create
confusion on the ownership of those assets. Despite having Culver City
mailing addresses, many of those assets are firmly within the City of Los
Angeles. Whether this confusion will result in any noticeable positive or
negative consequences between the two communities remains to be seen.

With the rapid gentrification of the neighborhood, and the well-established

creative markets nearby (Culver City, Playa Vista, etc.), the arts and cultural
landscape of the Palms community will no doubt go through significant
changes in the near future as more creative enterprises establish themselves
in Palms.


This report is but the first step in a larger

project that aims to accomplish the following:
To emphasize the importance of these assets in terms of cultural significance,
community vitality and creative economic input.
To increase civic pride in the community.
Identify the distinct character of the community and contextualize it for use in
civic planning and future arts projects.
To cement ownership of assets that have been mistakenly attributed to other

The next steps for this project are as follows:

1) Create an interactive public website with up-to-date information on the

creative assets within Palms the detailed histories, hours of operation, and
contributions to the community that the asset have supplied.
b. Associated Social Media accounts to encourage community
engagement with the assets
i. #Selfie with an asset with the hashtag #ArtOfPalmsLA
c. Allow stakeholders to submit recommendations for creative assets
within the community.
2) Hold outreach meetings with stakeholders to hear their recommendations
and suggestions for adding and identifying additional creative assets.
a. Assets that may be included in future reports include the Palms Bike
Rodeo, and the Palms Block Parties.
b. Increase the borders of the creative asset map to include more assets.
3) Work with the Culver City Cultural Affairs Commission in identifying and
establishing ownership of disputed assets in the southern border of Palms.
4) Work with community leaders in utilizing the data presented to establish
activities or create arts and cultural policies within the Palms Neighborhood.


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The author would like to thank the

following for their support and assistance
in the creation of this project:

The Arts for LA Team:

Cristina Pacheco, Charles Flowers, Abril Iniguez-
Rivas and Jennifer Fukutomi-Jones.

The Palms Neighborhood Council

The City of Culver City, Cultural Affairs

Specifically, Christine Byers Cultural Affairs,
Public Art & Historic Preservation Coordinator of
the City of Culver City

And J.C Ramos, my Angel.


Natasia Gascon is a graduate of

The Art Institute of California -
Los Angeles and Hollywood
campuses, where she earned her
Associate of Science in Video
Production and Bachelor of
Science in Digital Filmmaking.

She is also an alumna of the Getty

Multicultural Undergraduate
Internship Program, the Los
Angeles County Arts Internship
Program, the Emerging Arts
Leaders of Los Angeles Arts Professional Advisor Link Program, and
the Red Varden Studios Entertainment Assistant Training Boot-

Natasia is currently employed as an arts and culture associate for the

City of Manhattan Beach Manhattan Beach Art Center, Palos Verdes
Art Center, Highways Performance Space and Gallery in Santa
Monica, and The City of El Segundos Cable TV Department.

(323) 813-6059


All copyrights belong to their respective owners.

Images and text owned by other copyright holders are used here under the guidelines of the

Fair Use provisions of United States Copyright Law.