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Teacher Centered Student Centered

Present content verbally Student Presents Material

Ask questions aloud and look for student Students read content and prepare a

feedback presentation for his/her classmates

Interviews Students debate over an issue

Students categorize information in logical

Provide brain teasers or challenging sequences for organization.

questions to begin lessons.
Students create graphs or charts to

Make logical connections between the explain written info.

subject matter and authentic situations to

answer the question "why?" Students participate in webquests

associated with the content

Use props during lecture Students use computers to research

subject matter.
Provide tangible items pertaining to

content for students to examine Students create props of their own

explaining subject matter (shadow boxes,

Review using sports related examples
mobiles, etc...)
(throw a ball to someone to answer a

Bodily/Kinesthetic question) Students create review games.

Have students work individually or in

When presenting the information, use visuals to groups to create visuals pertaining to the

explain content:</br> information:

PowerPoint Slides, Charts, Graphs, cartoons, videos, Posters; timelines; models; powerpoint

overheads, smartboards slides; maps; illustrations, charts; concept


Play music in the classroom during Create a song or melody with the content

reflection periods embedded for memory

Show examples or create musical rhythms Use well known songs to memorize

for students to remember things formulas, skills, or test content

Encourage collaboration among peers

Be aware of body language and facial Group work strengthens interpersonal

expressions connections

Offer assistance whenever needed Peer feedback and peer tutoring

Encourage classroom discussion Students present to the class

Encourage group editing

Encourage journaling as a positive outlet

for expression Journaling

Introduce web logging (blogs) Individual research on content

Make individual questions welcome Students create personal portfolios of

Intrapersonal Create a positive environment.

Take students outside to enjoy nature while Students organize thoughts using natural

in learning process (lecture) cycles

Compare authentic subject matter to Students make relationships among

natural occurrences. content and the natural environment (how

has nature had an impact?)

Relate subject matter to stages that occur
in nature (plants, weather, etc) Students perform community service