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Fathers Day June 18th 2017; How is Fatherhood Changing Men? Interview Dr.

Bruce Linton, Founder of the Fathers Forum.

San Francisco, CA, May 10, 2017 --( In our modern-day career-driven world of 12-hour
workdays, being a Father competes with nearly everything, and yet when it comes to what is truly lasting,
satisfying, and ultimately fulfilling in life, there is nothing else so rewarding as being a dad. -Bruce

Dr. Linton's first book launched the Fatherhood Movement. He continues his ground breaking work
with new dads at the Father's Forum program and his new book.

Fatherhood, The Journey From Man To Dad.

(May 2017)
ISBN 978-14835966709
22 essays with questions following each chapter for self reflection or group discussion.

* How are today's fathers different from the last generation of dads?
* How are men changing when they become parents.
* What does the new status of fatherhood mean for men and women?
* How does becoming a parent effect the couples relationship?
* How do today's dads balance work and family?
* Is a man's father an influence on how he will be as parent?

For over 30 years Bruce has been facilitating Dads' Groups for Fathers of Young Children in Berkeley,
California. He is the Founder of the Fathers' Forum Programs. He received his Ph.D for his research on
Men's Development as Fathers. Contact him directly at:

(510) 757-5046 One Reviewer's comments:
I am not the only writer on 'fathers' to have eagerly tracked Bruce Linton's highly significant writings
and activities over the past thirty years. His inspiring thinking is rooted deeply in his workshops and
community activities. This work comes directly from his experience of the experience of others. He is
therefore taking care of the partners, children and grandchildren of his participants just as much as he is
taking care of them. This is quite an achievement and deserves widespread recognition. As the United
States engages with a different kind of 'father of the nation', the political and cultural relevance of this
book is very clear.
- Andrew Samuels, Professor of Jungian Studies, University of Essex, UK.

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