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Olivia Kemp, Hunter Crawford, and Austin Jastrab

- Bullying is a problem nationwide
- Many are aware of bullying and how awful it is, yet they
seem to do nothing about it
- Bystanders play the most crucial role in the prevention of
- Speaking up
- Standing up to the bully
- Helping the victim

We chose to focus on educating the bystander because of

the power that they have to help prevent bullying
What is Bullying?
- Definition varies from person to person
- Bullying is repeated aggressive behavior or, quite
simply, unprovoked meanness. Its a form of
intimidation, which is behavior designed to threaten,
frighten, or coerce someone (Kowalski)
- Begins at a young age
- Can extend all the way through high school
- Physical threats are not the only forms of bullying
- Sexual harassment- unwanted and unwelcome
behavior of sexual nature- is also a form of
bullying (Kowalski)
- Extremely common in early and late teen years
- Can be extremely harmful to a persons self esteem
and reputation
What is Bullying Continued
- Student responses when asked what bullying
was to them:
- Student A: Bullying is when you have an
insecurity about yourself and bullying
makes you feel better about yourself
(What is Bullying to You?)
- Student B: Bullying is when you are
getting hurt emotionally or physically by
your peers (What is Bullying to You?)
- Student C: A bully is someone who tries
to hurt others, often they are online hiding
behind a screen (What is Bullying to
El Dorado High Schools Bullying Policy
- Prohibits any discrimination, harassment,
intimidation, or blatant bullying

- Bullying will be subjected to counseling, suspension

or expulsion

- If a staff member of the school or a student sees it

they are asked to report it ASAP

- An employee who permits or engages in bullying will

be subjected for disciplinary action up to dismissal
EDHS: Stand Up And Be Heard Form
Bullying Examples (Physical and Emotional)
Katelyn from the article Life After Bullying by Mark
Brown experienced emotional and physical bullying
that began in Kindergarten
Katelyn started to be harassed about her weight, her
glasses, and the size of her nose
It went from emotional to physical
kids began to throw rocks at her and even locked her in a
fenced-in area after gym class.
She was negatively affected by her peers hurting her
and teasing her
She did not want to attend school anymore.
Bullying Examples Cont. (Cyberbullying)
Not only is bullying present in schools, but it can even
extend all the way to the victim's bedroom
Cyberbullying has emerged through email, instant
messaging, chat rooms, blogs, or through messages and
images sent via a cell phone (Submit)
Can be the worst form of emotional abuse
Internet or social media harassment is can ruin someones
Cause them to end their life
Not something that should be taken lightly or messed
Bullying Examples Cont. (El Dorado Experience)
- Struggled with her gender identity all her life
- She considers herself non-binary
- Means [she] is not a boy or a girl (Bullying Project)
- People would laugh at her
- Said that this was not possible
- She has to choose one
- People would purposefully call her a girl and mock her
- Bothered her and made her feel worthless
- She now tends to stay quiet about who she is
- Fearful that she will be ridiculed for where she places herself and her
El Dorado Experience Cont.
- Many people hide who they are
- Afraid that they will be ridiculed or bullied if they show their true selves
- The thought of being bullied more or being the victim of bullying
- Scares them into thinking that being themselves is not worth it
- She felt like she had no way to express [herself] without someone trying to put
[her] down (Bullying Project)
What is a Bystander?
A person who is present at an event or incident but
does not take part (Dictionary Definition)
When you witness an act of bullying
If you decide to ignore a bullying situation, you are
part of the problem
Have the power to end one of your peers bullying
How to Respond
Sternly tell the bully to stop, stand up to them
Go straight to administration
Give a detailed description of the bullying, victim, and bully you

Tell a parent
Help the victim in any way possible, even if you do not
know them
DO NOT just stand and watch
The words of our enemies arent as awful as the silence
of our friends (Audrie and Daisy)
The three Ds of Bystander intervention
Direct Directly intervening, in the moment, to prevent a
problem situation from happening

Delegate Seeking help from another individual, often

someone who is authorized to represent others, such as a police
officer or campus official

Distract Interrupting the situation without directly

confronting the offender
- Bullying is an extremely prominent injustice in society
- Must be mitigated if not stopped
- This powerpoint has provided detailed definitions and examples of true bullying
- Ways to react to bullying as the bystander
- Use this knowledge to put an end to bullying
- It all starts with you
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