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I. Introduction to Private International Law

a. Definitions
Private International Law
Foreign Element
Lex Situs
Lex Fori
Lex loci actus
Lex loci celebrationis
Lex loci contractus
Lex loci delictus
Lex loci domicili
Les loci rei sitei (lex situs)
Kilberg Doctrine
Center of Gravity Doctrine (most significant relationship theory)

b. Branches of International Law

c. Distinctions between Public and Private International Law
d. Phases of Conflicts Resolution
e. Steps in Determining Applicable Law
f. Choice of Applicable Law
g. Extraterritoriality
h. Forum Non Conveniens

1. Abdullahi v. Pfizer
2. Saudi Arabian Airlines v. CA
3. Hasegawa v. Kitamura
4. Small v. US
5. Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum Co.
6. Saudi Arabian Airlines v. Rebensioe et al

II. Choice of Law

a. Choice of Law Principles
1. Local Law; Renvoi
2. Needs of the Interstate & International Systems
3. Relevant Policies of the Forum
4. Relevant Policies of other Interested States
5. Protection of Justified Expectations
6. Basic Policies Underlying the Particular Field of Law
7. Certainty, Predictability and Uniformity of Results
8. Ease in the Determination and Application of the Law to be
b. Other Principles Affecting Choice of Law
-Proof of Foreign Law
-Processual Presumption
-Exceptions to Proof of Foreign Laws
-Scriveners Error
1. Aznar v. Garcia
2. Bellis v. Bellis
3. Cadalin, et al v. POEA Administrator
4. Bank of America NT & Asia v. American Realty Corporation
5. Dacasin v. Dacasin
6. Kearney v. Solomon Smith Barney
7. Butler v. Adoption Media
8. Francisco v. Stolt Achievement MT
9. HaNCOCK V. Watson
10. Dowis v. Mud Slinger
11. Wildvalle Shipping v. CA
12. Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co. v. Guerrero
13. Ed-staff Builders, International v. NLRC
14. Norse Management Co v. National Seamen Board
15. Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corp v. Sherman
16. Carnival Cruise Lines Inc. v. Shute

a. Conflict of Laws in Contractual Relations
b. Primacy of Contractual Stipulations
c. Choice of Law Stipulations
d. Waiver of Renvoi
e. lApproaches to Contractua