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2015 School Spelling Bee Study List

hat fuss neck quart screech betray doubt nectarine

yes boil pear angry gather patio English bounce
gum iffy torch beach force watermelon minnow emporium
want oats zebra owed carrot vanity private hoodwink
risk supper until dance tantrum hubcap melody nitty-gritty
today river homes banjo lobster banter rescue poncho
deer anyway planet cheery eleven chickens ballad amulet
also neat multiple
rally friend comb valley pixel
puppy toddler
milk dragon crayon haunt coach limelight
block fractions
yo-yo clover ouch window tulip tedious
helper guess
buzz queen well-to-do parlor burden forecaster
tummy truffle
jump kickstand visit seaweed hayloft coupon
lion iceberg
hook bloom blink danger activity squirm
sorry mussed
zigzag stump months uncle trumpet university
apple Romeo
pink ladybug snide growl salsa hobnob
piglet waddle
cool spring oily campus talent erode traverse
trust crown mitten power middle abandon lettuce ovation
wide rooster loud indigo together kiln dandelion brilliant
chip lice haven zipper hedge groundhog apologize* or journey
fake yarn nobody along value suspenders apologise widget
kidnap jokes baseball inhale botch peanut intent butterscotch
cute gray or mower solid circle surplus volcano shoulder
storm grey redeem
idea timber judge trivia novelist
verb ardor* or
much rubber dentist raisin goblet ritziness
wildcat ardour
flop fixed trendy gemstone await domestic gainsay
ruby toast daydream famous blouse charity soften
order envy protect dodge stampede boomerang parameters
green swipe heavy high skewer sitcom tussle
pancake draw derby paddle spaceship puffin parched vineyard
daze mantel or bogus island lapse wallow assure

This list includes 450 words ranging in difficulty level for students in grades one through eight. Page 1 of 2
2015 School Spelling Bee Study List

tongue lexicon fragile slovenly abysmal ochre or neophyte nihilism

jostle Podunk prolific flourish hirsute ocher umami pe
ingratiate Naugahyde
earnestly quibble veteran whey noctambulist loquacious
ragout whippoorwill
session duvet portrait nostalgia ballyhoo apocryphal
prima donna Sisyphean or
fluency kosher sesame paunch gaffe milieu
knead magician goliath thyme obfuscate ancillary appurtenances Sisyphian
epicurean reconnoiter* or
celebrate stalwart ammunition jocularity maize carte blanche
farrago reconnoitre
molecule encroach premises ruminate benison pusillanimous Sahel
ad nauseam
neigh yankee modicum brethren dementia obstreperous wunderkind
quince visual iteration cabal slalom latke souchong
binoculars appreciate gung ho fluctuation quotidian prescient bas-relief bhangra
faculty ultimatum cinnamon boorish hummock mellifluous vis--vis
explosive credulity phonics ipso facto centenary billabong cygnet Machiavellian
dim sum ingot arrogant notoriety shebang heuristic zeitgeist
agenda genuine jettison foible grandeur Rorschach synecdoche
relative seethe indulgent veracity hydroponic quintessential
hazelnut pyrite berserk tempura eschew
tautology * preferred U.S. spelling
bribery surrogate edification aqueduct sabbatical
curator recluse outrageous lozenge noxious dilapidated
kraken Join Word Club on
meager* or gambol debilitate churros largesses
meagre verve bona fide spoonerism flamb
panacea for
bandanna or ignominious online quizzes and
cajole havoc firmament tawdry
bandana chintzy audio pronunciations!
sirloin mosquito crucial aardvark catalyst
celestial skirmish pantomime wherewithal surfeit
ghastly albeit dinero anathema domiciled
doldrums nourish irrigation marsupial exoneration
iota minuscule or devotee savvy ukulele* or
miniscule ukelele hyacinth
vehicular guffaw terra-cotta
wraith squirrelly or palliative dromedary circumflex
valorous squirrely El Nio inchoate
bizarro epoch
en route impugn laudable steppe

This list includes 450 words ranging in difficulty level for students in grades one through eight. Page 2 of 2

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