The Making of Nigel

A Lovecraftian Adaption - Brad King
Adaption Idea
The concept that I thought of was
to adapt the lore and history of
the Cthulhu Mythos authored by
H.P. Lovecraft, but adapt the
setting into a more modern time,
around the idea of a school in
the 80’s in Innsmouth.
A Character Design
So my idea for this project
was to design a character
that could exist in the
universe, originally I had
three character concepts,
but I eventually decided on
developing Nigel.
Who’s Nigel?
The FIsh Man
Nigel was the name I gave to
my Fishman design, Fishmen
being an iconic part of the
Innsmouth lore. The name I
decided to give him was
Nigel, due to its australian
slang meaning for a loner,
or weirdo.

The reason I chose to make
Nigel was because I found
his design most interesting.
Character Development
Initial Concept
Head Development
Final Concepts
Finished Head
Finished MEsh
Texture Concepts
Texture Concepts
Base Texture
Lighting Tests
Fully Textured
Texture Maps
Final Renders
Final Renders