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1. You arrive at knowledge by re-thinking of latent ideas. From whom does this thinking come?
a empiricist c experimentalist
b realist d idealist
2. After reading and paraphrasing Robert Frosts stopping by the woods on snowy evening,Mr. Marquez asked
the class to share any insights derived from the poem. In which domain of blooms taxonomy of objectives is
the term paraphrase?
a analysis c comprehension
b application d synthesis
3. According to Tolmans theory on purposive behaviourism, learning is goal directed. What is its implication in
a.stick to your lesson objectives no matter what happens
b. make the objectives of your lesson clear and specific
c. set as many objectives as you can
d. evaluate lesson based on your objectives
4. Based on Banduras theory , which condition must be present for a student to learn from a model?
a.attention b. retention c. motor reproduction d. motivation
a.A and B c. C and D
b. A, B, C d. A, B, C and D
5. To determine her students level of moral development, teacher E presents to her class a morally ambiguous
situation and ask them what they would do in such a situation. On whose theory is teacher E technique
a.Bruner c.Freud
b. Piaget d.Kohlberg
6. On what theory is sequencing of instruction anchored?
a.B.F Skinners operant conditioning c. Banduras social learning theory
b. Thorndikes law of effect d. Gagnes hierarchical theory
7. A common complaint of teachers about pupils is this: you give them assignment, the following day they
come without any. You teach them this day, ask them tomorrow and they dont know. it is as there is nothing
that you taught them at all. Based on the theory of information processing, what must teachers do to
counteract pupils forgetting?
1. Punish every child who cant give correct answers to questions.
2. work for meaningful learning by connecting lesson to what pupils know
3. reward every child who remembers past lessons
a.2 and 3 c. 1 and 3
b. 2 only d. 3 only
8. Which characterizes a constructivist teaching- learning process
a.Authentic assessment c. conceptual interrelatedness
b. passive acceptance of information d. multiple perspective
9. You arrange the rows of blocks in such a way that a row of 5 blocks is longer than a row of 7 blocks. If you
ask which row has more, grade 1 pupils will likely say that it is the row that makes the longer line. Based on
Piaget cognitive development theory, what problem is illustrated?
a.assimilation problem c. conservation problem
b.accommodation problem d. egocentrism problem
10. Lecturer C narrates I observe that when there is English speaking foreigner in class, more often than not,
his classmates perceive him to be superior. To which Filipino trait does this point?
a.Hospitality c.friendliness
b.lack of confidence d.colonial mentality
11. What do the school campus expressions Promdi and Barriiotic indicate?
a.low literacy rate of the country c.the powerlessness of poor
b.the power of rich d.the prevalence of ethnocentrism
12. The increase in the number of school children left by OFW parents intensifies the teachers role as
a.facilitator of learning c.substitute parents
b.students friends d.guidance counsellor
13. Which did the American teach the Filipinos which the Spaniards did not?
a.Their religion c.their art
b.their language d.their government
14. complete the analogy: Spartan education: military---Athenian education: _________
a.vocational training of mind and soul
b.intellectual training d.religious training
15. Where teachers in the Philippines required of a professional license since the establishment of the Philippine
educational system?
a.yes, except for thomasites
b. no, it was only with the effectively of R.A 7836 that a professional license was required
c.yes, it was required since the American established the educational system in the country
d. no, but the equivalent of a license required was a certificate in teaching
17. For grater efficiency and effectiveness, the Philippine educational system is trifocalized. What is a proof?
a.the linkage of DEpEd, CHED and RC for teachers professionalization
b. the linkage of the teacher Educational Council, Technical Panel for teacher Education and professional
Regulation Commission for Teacher education concerns
c.the existence of a Bureau of elementary Education, Bureau of Secondary education and Bureau of
alternative learning system
d. the presence of Deped for basic education, Ched for higher education and Tesda for vocational education
18. With R.A 9155, to which body were all the functions, programs, and activities of the department of Education
related to sports competition transferred?
a.technical Education services department Authority
b.Philippine sports commission
c.commission on higher Education
d.National Commission for culture and Arts
19. Ruths family had cried family picture when she was not yet born. Unable to see herself in the family picture,
she cried despite her mothers explanation that she was not yet born when the family picture was taken.
What does behaviour show?
a.Egocentrism social cognition
b.Rigidity of thoughts d.semi-logical reasoning
20. Parenting style influences childrens development. Read the following parents remark for their children then,
answer the question.
21. Parent c- tells her child: You should do it my way or else. There is no discussion
22. Parent D- tells her husband: it is 10.00 P.M do you know where your child is?
23. Parent E- tells her child: you know, you should have not done that. Let us talk about it so you can
handle the situation better next time
24. Parent F- tells her child: you do what you want. We will always be here for you, no matter what you
a. F c. E
b. C d. D
27. To help a student learn to the optimum, vygotsky advices us to bridge the students present skills level and
desired skill level by_______.
a.inspiring c.challenging
b.scaffolding d.motivating
28. Which is the ideal stage of moral development? stage of ____.
a.good boy and good girl c.universal ethical principle contract and order
29. According to huvighurst developmental task, reading and maintaining satisfactory performance in ones
occupational career is supposed to have been attained during__________.
a.early adulthood c.middle age and early adulthood
b.middle adulthood d.old age
30. Student D say: I have to go to do the school on time. This is what the rule says. in what level of moral
development is student D?
a.Preconventional c.Postconventional
b. Conventional d.cannot be specifically determined
31. It is good to give students challenging and creative learning tasks because__________
a.development is the individuals choice
b. development is aided by stimulation
c.development is affected by cultural changes
d.the development of individuals is unique
32. Based on Piagets theory, what should a teacher provide in the formal operational stage/
a.stimulating environment with ample objects to play and other physical activities to develop motor skills
c. learning activities that involve problems of classification and ordering
d. activities for hypothesis formulation
33. Why is babyhood referred to as a critical period in personality development? because______
a.changes in the personality pattern take place
b. at this time the foundation are laid upon which the adult personality structure will be built
c. the brain grows and develops at such an accelerated rate during babyhood
d. at this time the baby is exposed to many physical and psychological hazards
34. Teacher F tells his students. You must be honest at all times not only because you are afraid of the
punishment but more because you yourselves are convinced of the value of honesty. Based on Kohlbergs
theory, which level of moral development does Teacher F want his students to reach?
a. Conventional level
b. Between pre-conventional and post-conventional levels
c. Post-conventional level
d. Between conventional and post-conventional levels
35. Do not cheat. Cheating does not pay. if you do, you cheat yourself says the voiceless voice from within
you. In the context of Freuds theory, which is /are at work?
a. Ego b. Id
c. Id and Superego d. Superego
37. Which objective in the affective domain is in the highest level?
a.To approve of rules agreed upon resist alcoholism listen to the narration of identified models
d.To relinquish membership in a gang
38. Which is closest to the real human digestive system for study in the classroom?
a.Model of the human digestive system
b.Drawing of the human digestive system on the board
c.The human digestive system projected on an OHP
d.Drawing of the human digestive system on a page of a textbook
39. In planning for instruction, can a teacher begin with assessment?
a.Yes, to make the class pay attention
b.No, assessment is only at the end of a lesson
c.Yes, determine entry knowledge or skill
d.No, it may discourage and scare the learners.
40. If you plan to develop a lesson on using s-verb forms with the third person singular as subject deductively,
what is the first step in your lesson development outline?
a.Give sentences using s-verb form.
b.State the rule on subject-verb agreement for third person singular as subject.
c.Ask the students what they know about s-verb form and third person singular
d.Conduct appropriate sentence drill
41. Which practice helps the teacher maximize time for instruction?
a.Minimize discipline time c.Employ a reactive approach to
b.Avoid classroom routine discipline.
d.Maximize discipline time.
42. For a well managed classroom, is it wise to establish classroom routine?
a.Yes, it saves you a lot of time.
b.No, it makes you think less.
c.No, it makes robots out of the students.
d.Yes, you pass on some of your work to your students.
43. Higher-level thinking is best accomplished by the use of _________ questions.
a.rhetorical c.divergent
b.suggestive d.convergent
44. Teacher S has difficulty drawing response from her class no matter how much she motivates them to recite.
The class was a witness to how she insulted a classmate who gave a wrong answer the other day. This
phenomenon points to the reality of ___________.
a.response effect c.class size effect
b.ripple effect d.Pygmalion effect
45. Which one is in support of greater interaction?
a.Not allowing a student to complete a c.Probing
response d.Selecting the same student respondents
b.Repeating the question
46. Here is a question: Is the paragraph a good one? Evaluate. If broken down to simplify, which is the BEST
a.Is the paragraph a good one? Why or Why not?
b.If you are asked to evaluate something, what do you do? Evaluate the paragraph.
c.Why is the paragraph a good one? Prove.
d.What are the qualities of a good paragraph? Does the paragraph have these qualities?
47. The Teacher is the first audio-visual aid in the classroom. What does this imply?
a.Make good use of the radio and TV in the classroom.
b.You take care that you follow the fashion or else students wont listen to you.
c.Your physical appearance and voice should be such that students are helped to learn.
d.Include singing in your teaching method
48. Which must be primarily considered in the choice of instructional aid?
a.Must stimulate and maintain student interest
b.must be suited to the lesson objective
c.Must be new and skilfully made
d.Must be updated and relevant to Filipino setting
49. Is it advisable to use realia all the time?
a.No, for the sake of variety of instructional materials.
b.No, only when feasible.
c.Yes, because there is no substitute for realia.
d.Yes, because it is the real thing.
50. I want to help my students retain new information. Which one will I use?
a.Questions c.Games
b.Mnemonics d.Simulations
51. Which activity should a teacher have more for his students if he wants them to develop logical-mathematical
a.Focus group discussion b.Problem solving
c.Small group discussion
52. At the end of my lesson on the role of a teacher in learning, I asked the Class: In what way is a teacher an
enzyme? With this question, engaged he class in ____________.
a.concrete thinking c.metaphorical thinking
b.symbolical thinking d.allegorical thinking
53. I want to compare two concepts. Which technique is most appropriate?
a.K-W-L technique c.Venn diagram
b.Spider web organizer d.Attribute wheel
54. I want to use a pre-teaching strategy that will immediately engage my students in the content and will enable
me to get an insight into how students think and feel about the topic. Which is MOST appropriate?
a.Graphic organizer c.Document analysis
b.Storyboarding d.K-W-L chart
55. I want my students to look at the issues on the call for President GMA to step down from several
perspectives. Which activity is most fitting?
a.Symposium c.Panel discussion
b.Debate d.Cross examination
56. For a discussion of a topic from various perspectives, it is BEST to hold a __________________.
a.symposium c.debate
b.brainstorming d.panel discussion
57. I want to use a diagram to compare the traditional and authentic modes of assessment.
a.affinity diagram c.Venn diagram
b.tree diagram d.Fishbone diagram
58. After establishing my learning objectives, what should I do to find out what my students already know and
what they do not yet know in relation to my lesson objectives in the cognitive domain?
a.Study the least learned competencies in c.Analyze my students grades last year.
the National Achievement Test. d.Interview a sample of my students.
b.Give a pretest.
59. Which technique makes your students teach and learn at the same time?
a.Debate c.Reciprocal teaching
b.Peer Teaching d.Computer-assisted instruction
60. I want to teach facts and rules. Which one will I make use of?
a.Indirect instruction c.Collaborative model
b.Self-directed learning d.Direct instruction
61. If I want to develop creative thinking in my students, which one/s should I use?
62. I. Problem solving II. Brainstorming III. Dramatics
a.III only c.II only
b.I,II and III d.I and II
63. I use the gumamela flower, a complete flower, to teach the parts of a flower. Which method did I use?
a.Laboratory method c.Type-study method
b.Drill method d.Demonstration method
64. I like to present graphically a comparison of the plant and animal cell. Which one will I use?
a.Time sequence organizer c.Spider map
b.Fishbone diagram d.Venn diagram
65. For which can the Venn diagram be used?
a.Sequencing of events c.Presenting attributes
b.Showing cause-and effect d.Comparison
66. Which is LEAST exploratory in nature?
a.Project method c.Deductive method
b.Inquiry approach d.Questioning method
67. When I teach skills that are critical to the learning of the nest topics, which should I employ?
a.Socratic method c.Cooperative learning
b.Direct instruction d.Mastery learning
68. I want to present the characteristic features of a constructivist approach. Which should I use?
a.Fishbone diagram c.Attribute wheel
b.Narrative frame d.Venn diagram
69. After a lesson on the atom, the students were asked to work on a physical model of the atom to determine
learning. For which group of students is building an atom model intended?
a.Interpersonally intelligent c.Kinesthetically intelligent
b.Mathematically intelligent d.Linguistically intelligent
70. Which goes with the spirit of assessment for learning?
a.Stress on summative tests c.Emphasis on self-assessment
b.Absence of formative tests d.Emphasis intelligent
71. Which must go with self-assessment for it to be effective?
a.Public display of results of self-evaluation
b.Scoring rubric
c.Consensus of evaluation results from teacher and student
d.External monitor
72. The main purpose in administering a pre-test and a post test to students is to _______________________.
a. accustom the students to frequent testing
b. measure the value of the material taught
c. measure gains in learning
d. keep adequate records
73. A teacher would use a standardized test engage in easy scoring compare her students to national serve as a final examination norms serve as a unit test
74. Other than finding out how well the course competencies were met, Teacher K also wants to know his
students performance when compared with other students in the country. What is Teacher K interested to
a.Formative evaluation c.Norm-referenced evaluation
b.Authentic evaluation d.Criterion- referenced evaluation
75. If all of your students in your class passed the pre-test, what should you do?
a.Go through the lesson quickly in order not to skip any
b.Go through the unit as usual because it is part of the syllabus.
c.Administer the post test.
d.Go on to the next unit.
76. Assessment is said to be authentic when the teacher _______________________.
a.considers students suggestions in testing valid and reliable paper-and-pencil test students real-life tasks to accomplish
d.includes parents in the determination of assessment procedures
77. Teacher Bing wanted to teach the pupils the skill of cross stitching. Her check-up quiz was a written test on
the steps of cross stitching. What characteristic of a good test does it lack?
a.Objectivity c.Content validity
b.Predictive validity d.Reliability
78. In the parlance of test construction, what does TOS mean?
a.Team of Specifications c.Table of Specifications
b.Terms of Specifications d.Table of Specifics
79. The difficulty index of a test item is 1. This means that _______________________.
a.the test item is quality item
b.the test is very easy
c.nobody got the item correctly
d.the test is very difficult
80. Students score on a test were 72,72,73,74,76,78,81,83,85.
81. The score 76 is the _________________.
a.mean c.median
b.cut off score d.average
82. Which is TRUE of a bimodal score distribution?
a.The scores are high. c.The group tested has two different
b.The scores are low. groups.
d.The scores are neither high nor low.
83. Here are computed means of a hundred-item test: Physical Science, 38; Math, 52; English, 33. Based on
the data, which is TRUE?
a.The examinees seem to excel in English
b.The examinees seem to be very good in Physical Science.
c.The Math test appears to be the easiest among the three.
d.The English test appears to be the easiest among the three.
84. Which group of scores is most varied? The group with _______________.
a.10 SD c.90 SD
b.75 SD d.50 SD
85. What is the mastery level of a school division in a 100-item test with a mean of 55?
a.42% c.55%
b.45% d.50%
86. An examinee whose score is with x + 1 SD belongs to which of the following groups?
a.Needs improvement c.Above average
b.Average d.Below average
87. What can be said of student performance in a positively skewed score distribution?
a.Almost all students had average c.A few students performed excellently
performance d.Most students performed well
b.Most students performed excellently
88. What does a percentile rank of 62 mean?
a.Sixty-two percent (62%) of those who took the test scored higher than the individual.
b.The student answered sixty-two percent (62%) of the items correctly.
c.It is the students score in the test.
d.The students score is higher than 62 percent of all students who took the test.
89. A test item has a difficulty index of.51 and a discrimination index of .25. What should the teacher do?
a.Reject the item. c.Retain the item.
b.Make it a bonus item. d.Revise the item.
90. If the computed range is low, this means that ________________________________.
a.the students performed very well in the test
b.the difference between the highest and the lowest score is high
c.the difference between the highest and the lowest score is low
d.the students performed very poorly in the test
91. A negative discrimination index means that ____________.
a.more from the upper group got the item correctly
b.the test item could not discriminate between the lower and upper groups
c.more from the lower group answered the test item correctly.
d.the test item has low reliability.
92. How many percent of the cases fall between -1 and +1 SD units from the mean?
a.38% c.99%
b.95% d.68%
93. What is the mean of this score distribution: 40, 42, 45,48,50,52,54,68,68?
a.50.88 c.51.88
b.50 d.68
94. What does a skewed score distribution mean?
a.the scores are normally distributed
b.most of the scores are on the lower end of the curve.
c.most of the scores are on the upper end of the curve.
d.the scores are concentrated more at one end or the other end of the normal curve.
95. What does the computer have in common with the TV?
a.Disk drive c.Screen
b.File d.Key board
96. When a teacher teaches the idea that it is wrong to think that Filipino lifestyle, products and ideas are inferior
to those of other nationalities he fights against ________________
a.Culture shock c.Ethnocentrism
b.Acculturation d.Xenocentrism
97. Which can promote national pride among pupils/students?
98. I. Studying the lives of outstanding Filipinos here and abroad
99. II. Reading the lives of the Church
100. III. Studying Philippine history with emphasis on the victories and greatness of the Filipino
a.I-II-III c.I and III
b.I only d.III only
101. Which depicts in graphic from the social relations present in a group?
a.Anecdotal record c.Johari window
b.Sociogram d.Interest inventory
102. Planned ignoring, signal interference, and proximity control are techniques used in ___________.
a.managing temper tantrums c.operant conditioning
b.managing surface behaviour interviewing
103. The use of varied teaching and testing strategies on account of students multiple intelligences is in
line with the thoughts of _______________________.
a.Daniel Goleman c.Benjamin Bloom
b.Howard Gardner d.Jean Piaget
104. I make full use of the question-and answer as a model for discussion. From whom is this question-and-
answer method?
a.Plato c.Kant
b.Aristotle d.Socrates
105. Computer-assisted instruction is an offshoot of the theory of _____________________________.
a.J. Watson c.J. Piaget
b.B.F. Skinner d.J. Bruner
106. Which statement on true authority is WRONG?
a.It sets an example.
b.It seeks its own satisfaction and privilege.
c.It acts in the best interest of others
d.Its goal is to help, form, and guide others.
107. A teacher does NOT agree with the selective retention policy of the school and she openly talks
against it in her classes. Is her behaviour ethical?
a.Yes, provided she got the permission from her superior to talk against the policy.
b.No, in fact she is quite confused and passes on her confusion to others.
c.No, it is her duty to faithfully carry it out even if she does not agree.
d.Yes, she is entitled to her opinion just as everybody is.
108. Teacher Lorelie, a teacher for forty years, refuses to attend seminars. She claims that her forty years
of teaching is more than all the seminars she is asked to attend. Are her actuation and thinking is
accordance with the Code of Ethics for Professional Teachers?
a.Yes, provided she has an excellent performance rating.
b.No, non-attendance to seminars means no professional growth.
c.Yes, because she has taught for forty years and may have mastered the trade.
d.No, a professional teacher, regardless of teaching experience, ought to go through continuing
professional education.
109. If you have a problem with another teacher, the first step towards resolution should be for you to
a.Ask your fellow teachers to intercede on your behalf
b.Discuss it with your principal
c.Talk directly with the teacher involved
d.Ask your fellow teachers for their suggestions
110. Is it ethical on the part of the teacher to proselyte in her classroom every Friday?
a.No, proselyting is no longer necessary in this age.
b.Yes, that is religious instruction which is allowed by the Constitution
c.Yes, that strengthens values education
d.No, a teacher shall not engage in the promotion of her/his religious interest in the classroom.
111. You want to report on a colleagues act of immortality. You dont have the courage to confront her. To
end her illicit affair with a married man you write and secretly distribute copies of your anonymous letter
against your fellow teacher. What should have been done instead?
a.Talk to the married man with whom she is having illicit affair.
b.Secretly give the anonymous letter only to the two people concerned.
c.Ask a third party to write the anonymous letter to prevent yourself from being involved.
d.If the charge is valid, present such charge under oath before your school head.
112. Teachers often complain of numerous non-teaching assignments that adversely affect their teaching.
Does this mean that teachers must be pre-occupied only with their teaching?
a.No, They are also baby sitters especially in the pre-school
b.No, because every teacher is expected to provide leadership in activities for the betterment of the
communities where they live and work.
c.Yes, if they are given other assignments, justice demands that they be properly compensated.
d.Yes, because teaching is enough full time job.
113. A principal asked her good teachers to write modular lessons in Science, and then she had them
published with her name printed as author. Which is unethical in this case?
a.She was the exclusive beneficiary of the royalty from the modules
b.She got the merit which was due for her teacher-writers
c.She had the modular lessons published when they were worth publishing
d.she burdened her teachers with work not related to teaching.