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Lucy Caswell

MAY 1, 2017
Epik Music Video

Ideas 2 with pictures
Final idea
Survey answers
Mood boards
Secondary research
Audience figures
Mock up
Going to do a music video, but
involve stop motion in it to mix
Either doing songs of-
them together. This will be done by
Asap Rocky LSD involving footage and photographs
Put that on my to make it more interesting for the
Set Idea 1 audience and involve different
Satl- Girl techniques

I would do all these songs based

in London Central. I would
I have chosen the songs above for different
involve three characters (2 boys
reasons. LSD is because I feel as though I can
and a girl) and it would be done
make it a really bright and vibrant music video,
in the early evening so the lights
I love the original and I feel as though I can
off building were strong.
take that and put my own ideas with it. The
second song I like the beginning intro and with
that, I would be able to take a lot of footage
with it to make the audience enjoy the song
more, and have a good story line with it. I like I will need to learn how to do the editing (as shown
the beat of Girl, which would make me enjoy in the LSD music video) as I want it to confuse the
the production a lot more and I feel that a audience, whilst having bright and vibrant colours
story line would be good with what the focus involved. I feel as though that music video is really
in the song is about. strong and would keep the audience engaged by
doing it like this.

My second idea would be to do an

advert on the NSPCC. The National I want to do this to show how
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty people can help these kids, I will have to find a lot of
to Children is a charity campaigning and make it more clear to the kids who are willing (and
and working in child protection in community have parental consent) to be
the United Kingdom and the Channel involved and take footage of
Islands. them.

Idea 2
I will have me speaking over
the footage, and the main
This will be based in purpose would be to pull on
maidenhead. the audience heartstrings.
I want to do this all
in black and white.
To make it look
more sad and show
the upset of the
Idea 1-
Idea 2-
Survey Responds-
Mood board-
Secondary Research-

A similar production to LSD (ASAP ROCKY) would be All Of The Lights by Kayne West.

The reasons why these music videos are similar is because there are flashing lights
shown during the whole production, making the action in which has been shown a lot
more interesting and become more exciting for the target audience. They both intend
for the audience to experience what they are feeling through colours, lights, and
through the jumpy editing skills. The age group for Kayne West mix from ages 15-25.
This is based on his lyrics and music video choses which would appeal to the younger
generation. This is the same as ASAP Rocky who appeal to the generation of teens and
young adults, as he would be able to relate to the younger people more than the
Another example of work that is similar to ASAP is Travis Scott. In the music video of
goosebumps it is very distorted and the story line doesnt make much sense to us as
the audience. The colours are all bright and vibrant which is how I would see my own
music video looking like.
I feel as though both these artists appeal to both male and female, the lyrics could be
seen as relatable for both genders and it is isnt focusing on one gender with what
they are showing or what they are singing. This makes the artists more popular and
gather a larger audience who enjoy their music and want to listen to them. ASAP
rocky is an accomplished artists who works by himself and in a group of the ASAP
mob. The genre of music is Rap. I feel as though the lifestyle choices would not make
a difference to people who listen to ASAP ROCKY, maybe mainly people from America
in the Low-incomesector, as they would most likely enjoy the trap type of music
rather than contemporary music. Relating back to Travis Scott and Kayne West I think
that the social economic grouping that my target audience will fit into would be group
E. This is the younger generation and they would be fonder of this type of artists
rather than a higher profession like group A and B. I want to be able to interest my
target audience of ages 15-25 and keep them engaged with my music video the whole
way through.
Audience Figures-

RAJAR- This is the Radio Joint Audience Research, an audience measurement system for the
UK radio industry serving both the BBC and licensed stations. The technical research matters,
to make a difference in the radio community. Their responsibilities are involving the research
specification and the overall quality.
BARB- BARB is the Broadcasters Audience Research Board to give the official viewing figures
for UK television audiences. Collecting data to show the behaviour of TV householders and
what they enjoy viewing. They see a pattern in viewers and carry out serious surveys to
allocate the data correctly and show the industries that their target audience enjoys viewing
and what they can do to improve.
ABC- ABC is the reporting standards for the industry to see what could be changed and
improved on the media company, whether it is TV, radio, music or film. The ABC Act is the
most experienced in broadcasting. It is important that this corporation take the legal
requirements seriously in order to take the compliments in and make changes.
CAA-TheUks creative artists agency regulator make sure that the industry meets the highest
safety standards that are required for the value, the choice and protection. It is regarded to
influence companies to get the biggest talent business. The main focus of the business is to
put together content that would be enjoyed by the public in new ways for entertainment
ELSPA- This is the Entertainment and Leisure Software Publisher Act. It is to collect and
identify interactive leisure software across Europe. It is a way to stimulate, and deliver all the
interests that the members require within the industry, seeing what the targeted audience
wants and give them the biggest amount of entertainment.
Chart Track- This is the reviews of sales of software's, videos and music through the retail of
UK, and how to add sales and revenue by advancing the uses of technology and how to
benefit the target audience.

Asap Rocky At.Long.Last.ASAP spent four weeks at number 1 in the charts and as top
selling hip hop album. Selling 18,282 units of total activity. From the album coming
out in June 2015, he has made 251k sales of the album. This is based on his lyrical
techniques and the publicity that was promoted for his album at the time of sale. The
album across got around 40,084959 views on youtube
(,, which in comparison to other
artists who are similar such as Travis Scott with views from 7,299,342 views to
44,355150 views. This may because Travis is a new artists where as ASAP has been
around for ages, creating a new vibe and with the album just coming out it means
that Travis has a much larger popularity win, done by advertising, promoting and
tours. I feel as though the amount of views and the amount of sales would mix
together and link eachother with the artists because the more people see the
youtube video the more likely they will buy the actual song and build profit. I feel as
though some of ASAPs music videos were stronger than others, for example i like
"Multiply" by the editing being as a face pace, and the visuals are good and keep me
engaged during the whole production, there is alot going on with different story lines
mixed in it and thats what makes it good. Another one of ASAP Rockys songs which I
enjoy "Shabba" as it as a good narrative structure which the audience would be able
to follow, it isnt offensive and doesnt go against any of the regulations which is shown
by the good reviews. One of ASAPs music videos that idont find successful is
"lovesick". I feel the song itself is at a good standard but the video didnt flow nicely
and was quiet boring with the lyrics which didn't match, making it one of his less
successful productions.
Another example of ASAP rockys productions which have a large amount of views is
Wild For the Night. ( with having
62,832,485 views. This is because the story line is so detailedin the Dominican
Republic to show people who live in that location. This is probably why it got so many
views because the music video involves so much footage that is strong and the
storyline would keep the target audience engaged. This song in 2014 won the
ntvUWoodie awards for the best collaborations. I feel as though asap gets more views
on some songs because of the content of the music video, and whether or not it is
interesting enough for them to continue watching or watch again.

Other songs from ASAP Rocky such as Purple Kisses, havent got as many views as
other productions that he has created. This could be for a number of different
reasons such as how old the song came out asap way coming up which means it
wasnt very popular song or by the fact that it doesnt have a music video which
wouldnt keep the audience engaged and entertained.

The American rapper and record producer is a hip hop and rap artist. There are many
artists around who have the same mind set as ASAP and write the same sort of lyrics
as him. This could range from Drake, to Partynextdoor.

They all have the same target audience that I am targeting my production towards
and all their music videos have similar structures and narratives as what I will be
intending to have. They are also my competitors as they use bright lights and colours
to attract their audience and make them continue watching the music video, which
means I will have to do something differently so that my target audience chooses my
music video other the examples above. I will be involving two characters of male and
female to gather a larger audience range, this makes it fair on both genders to feel
included and would be different from say Drakes music videos because he only has
the camera on himself and doesn't involve a range of characters.
Partnextdoor is a competition for ASAP as they have the same sort of mellow beat in a
lot of their songs, they are very similar in a lot of ways which means that my music
video would have to involve everything that PND doesn't, including different
locations, different type of characters and different visuals to make it more
interesting and engaging for the audience to enjoy. The camera angles are very
distinctive as they dont really quick jump from scene to scene. They slowly move into
the main character and swap scenes within time to the music. Using the camera shots
to be very close up the characters to show their emotions. You can see this used a lot
during PNDs music videos as the shots are very close up and have a slow transaction
between scenes so that it isnt harsh for the audiences eyes. ASAP Rocky does do this
in his music videos too, but with his beat being a lot quicker it means his shots are cut
a lot faster and dont use a lot of zooming techniques and close ups, I feel as though.
This is because ASAP prefers to have the location as a big factor and show the
surroundings rather than everything being based on him. The costumes used are high
up brands that the target audience would want to see themselves wearing. Drake
always wears big branded clothes to make himself stand out more and promote
himself to be a well classed artists. In started from the bottom his costumes change
during the music video to being a normal store worker to being rich and having a lot
of money to spend on clothes and cars. This makes the story line more interesting if
the clothing matches what is happening in the scene. ASAP Rocky doesnt really
change his costumes much during his music videos, and I dont feel as though they
benefit the story line. He has a good fashion sense which is shown in his productions
but the story doesnt bounce off this. He always looks smart and presentable which is
why the audience would prefer to watch his music videos over someone who is
scruffy and doesnt dress as well.
I will be showing my artists off in my music video to look different to his competition
by using a lot of shots of the location to show where I am filming and make people be
able to relate to the location and feel as though they can connect with the video
being shown to them. I will also make sure that my editing has a very smooth
transaction between them so that the audience can see how slow and moving the
story line is. I also want it to be like the original music video with the flashing lights
and weird editing, to make it look different to other productions and keep the
audience engaged and entertaining during the 5 minutes.
After researching into the music industryi am able to see the most successful hip hop
labels, which has made me able to see who my competition is and how I better my
idea to show a difference between mine and other artists.

This is showing which genre has reached its

peak and show that people in the US feel as though the genres above wont get better
/improve. With hip hop being number one with 50% I intend to change that view and
show that the visuals within a music video will be able to interest the audience more
and make them listen to the song more. It is said that young people between the ages
of 16-30 would most likely enjoy the consumption of rap/hiphop over any other music
type. This is because of the language used and how the artists speaks about each
gender which young people seem to enjoy. A lot of money is given by the adverts that
are added onto the videos, advertising companies pay the youtubers to involve their
adverts, this makes their brand more popular and people wouldnt actually notice
that they are getting fed this information. Google has reportedly taken 45 percent of
the revenue from Youtube users before handing it over to the owner. The number of
views, and how many in a row the video is viewed affects how much a user might get
out of the production. It is stated that an artists can expect to earn from a single sale
or stream, and from one viewing the artist would get 0.001128. After how many
viewings and with the album being sold the artist would make up their money.
Above is showing how artists would make their money from the sales on
either an album download, the CD being broughtand how much each platform would sell it
on for. For example, on itunes an album would get sold for 9.99 and the artists revenue
would be 2.30, whereas selling the album in a shop the artist for get the whole price. This is
because it is the difference between unsigned and signed. ASAP Rocky earns around 14.5
million from live gigs, through his albums on Itunes, Spotify, soundcloud and youtube. This
will continue growing as he becomes bigger in the population and creates new music with
technology improving.
As there are many hiphop artists out there in order to make my production different and
unique I will create, a detailed storyline, which will keep the audience, engaged and with the
editing, I will make it look weird and colourful which would make the audience want to keep
watching. ASAP Rocky is very popular so the song itself and the lyrics used in this song will
push the target audience to give it a listen, but with my video being different to other
productions and in some way being classed as fun, I feel as though my artist will look better
than other hip hop producers. Here are figure to support
( this shows how many single chart
songs have sold from this artist and what certifications they have from it. This means that
ASAP will go far in production and his lyrics will keep pushing people to listen to him.

Mock up-

Below is the example of my mock-up of how I want my production to look like. I want
the characters to look as though the audience can relate to them and in a way feel
the same as the characters in their own situation. The duration of the music video will
be showing Izzy (main character) getting ready for an evening out with her boyfriend,
and then they go into London. It will show Izzy and Milo (main characters) walking
round the big city and exploring together. I will then having Milo singing into the
camera on parts by himself as he will be acting as though he was ASAP ROCKY. I will
involve a lot of camera angles and quick cuts, plus the technique of stop motion to
make it look more interesting and keep the audience more engaged with what is
happening. I want my video to remind the audience of the original video by having a
lot of lights and colours involved over the footage and involve a lot of detailed visuals
to keep the audience entertained, and that will be the main focus of my music video
rather than the story line.