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Mohammad Ali Jinnah University

Human Resource Management

Company: UBL
Topic: Recruitment
Instructor: Mr. Humair Ali
Group Members:
Hira Riyasat
Mariyum Shafiq
Nosheen Afsar

We are so much grateful to our prestigious teacher who gave us this opportunity to
make this Human Resource Management Report of a company which enhance our
ability in understanding the function of Human Resource Management in corporate
world and making report on them.

We would also like to pay our thanks to UBL Colleagues who provide us all the
information of Human Resource function of United Bank Limited and all other
managers who helps us in providing in-depth information on the environment and
culture of United Bank Limited.
Executive Summary
United Bank limited is one of the banks playing very important role in the
economic development of Pakistan. Its providing high quality services, manage
customer experience efficiently, have comparative advantage due to its innovative
technology and provide high profit to its stakeholder.

In order to maintain and improve its services in the competitive market UBL
Human Resource Department plays a very important role. You will find in this
report the complete Recruitment system of UBL. The vision, Mission and Strategic
goal of UBL What are the methods followed by UBL for analyzing and evaluating
its jobs. How UBL recruit and select new employees. The method used by UBL
training and developing new skills in their employees. The method used for
performance appraisal of its job incumbents. Compensation and benefits provided
by UBL to its employees and some other HR Functions.

Group suggestions recommendations for making UBL human resource

management functions more effective
Purpose Of This Project
The main purpose of this project is to highlight and to study the Human Resource
Department of United Bank Limited. It provides a brief overview of the
organization and all the ways, strategies and alternatives mainly used by Human
Resource Department of UBL.

History Of UBL
UBL was established in November 1959. The bank was sponsored by the Saigol
Group of Companies. Which were the mainstays of the textile industry in Pakistan
at that time. Within a short period of time, the bank emerged as the third largest in
the country after HBL and NBP. The bank was nationalized in 1974. Later on
another bank the Commerce Bank Limited was merged into UBL.

UBL was the third bank to be offered for privatization. Initially, a Saudi based
financial institution. Bashrahil Group came up with the highest bid for the banl,
and deposited the first tranche for its consideration. However, due to flaws in the
transaction, the SBP cancelled the privatization and took over the bank in 1995.

The banks total income including interest and non-interest income amounted to
Rs.4935 million in 1995, its deposits were Rs.109 billion and investments were
RS.25 billion in 1995. UBL incurred a loss of Rs.724 million in 1995.

In 1996 the management of the bank was changed and by mid of 1997 the financial
and administrative discipline was restored. The interference of the government was
eliminated and non-performing loans recovery was increased and the liquidity
position was brought up to the required level. About Rs.6.3 billion were recovered
out of which about Rs.5 billion were domestic and of this about Rs.4.5 billion was
recovered in cash.
UBL Introduction
UBL Vision
To be a world class bank dedicated to excellence, and to surpass the highest
expectations of our customers and all other stakeholders

Mission statement of UBL

Be the undisputed leader in financial services for our customers
Most innovative and fastest growing bank in targeted businesses
Continue to diversify across chosen geographies
Achieve operational excellence with the highest level of compliance
Consistently create leaders through inspired human capital
Contribute positively to the communities we operate in

UBL Introduction
Sir Mohammed Anwar Pervez, OBE, HPk - Chairman/Non-Executive Director
Mr. Zameer Mohammed Choudrey, CBE - Non Executive Director
Mr. Haider Zameer Choudrey - Non Executive Director
Mr. Rizwan Pervez - Non Executive Director
Mr. Arshad Ahmad Mir - Non Executive Director
Mr. Khalid A. Sherwani - Independent Director
Mr. Amar Zafar Khan - Independent Director
Ms. Sima Kamil- President & CEO