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Pay & Benefits

Emirates is one of the fastest-growing airlines in the world operating a modern fleet of over 200 wide-bodied aircraft across a global network of more than 155 destinations
across six continents. We are the worlds largest operator for the Boeing 777 and Airbus 380. To operate our constantly expanding fleet, we are recruiting pilots from around
the world to work alongside our multicultural team of more than 160 nationalities.
Emirates pilots enjoy a competitive tax-free salary, company accommodation/allowance, medical and dental insurance, annual leave and access to high standards of
education, leisure and sports in a city that is ranked as one of the most desirable locations in the world for families - Dubai. Visit to learn more.

Emirates Passenger - A380 & B777 SkyCargo Freighter - B777

Contract: Open Ended First Officer Captain First Officer Captain

Roster Pattern Full monthly roster. Minimum 8 days off. 28 days on / 13 days off

Annual Hours Average 800-900 hours Average 500-600 hours

24-hour operation. Mix of turnarounds, long haul and ultra long haul. 24-hour operation. Mix of long haul and ultra long haul. Trips are single
Routes Trips are single or multi sector and can be 1-9 days in duration. Layover or multi sector and are generally 5+ days in duration. Layover periods
periods are generally 24-48 hours. Days off are in DXB. can be 1-5 days and days off can be scheduled at outstation or DXB.

Monthly Basic Salary + Average Flying

30,125 AED 42,695 AED 24,935 AED 35,375 AED
Pay (plus productivity pay scenarios)

Monthly Housing Allowance 14,325 AED or Company Provided 16,075 AED or Company Provided 11,000 AED 12,500 AED

44,450 AED tax-free 58,770 AED tax-free

Total Monthly Salary (Accommodation allowance (Accommodation allowance 35,935 AED tax-free 47,875 AED tax-free
included) included)

Annual Leave 42 days 42 days 12 days 12 days

Education Allowance Primary and Secondary - Globally Primary and Secondary - Dubai KHDA only

Additional Coverage Life and accident insurance, medical and dental coverage, loss of licence insurance

Additional Benefits Chauffeur drive, Platinum discount card, company uniform & dry cleaning - Dubai

Confirmed Annual Leave Return Ticket Provided - Y/J eligibility Provided - J/F eligibility Provided - Y/J eligibility Provided - J/F eligibility

Staff Travel Y/J Eligibility Y/J/F Eligibility Y/J Eligibility Y/J/F Eligibility

Retirement Plan Provident Fund or End of Service Benefit End of Service Benefit

Requirements Minimum Requirements (click here) Minimum Requirements (click here)