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Test Higher Level Name:

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1 CD1

7Listen to two friends talking about sports. Complete the 5

sentences with one word.

Theres a rugby match between

and Australia.

The match is on Channel 1.

Two water sports are on TV today:

and surfing.

The cricket match starts at


The children want to go .

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21 CD1

8 Which sport is each person talking about? Listen and write the 4
correct letters.
a b c d

e f g h

David Gill

Test Higher Level Name:
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31 CD1

9 Look at the example. Then listen to a radio programme and 5

correct the sentences.

The weekend of sports is in March.

Boys play badminton on Saturday morning.

Theres a cricket match in the afternoon.

The cycling race is on Saturday.

There isnt bowling in the evening.

For tickets, call 906237.

Test Higher Level Name:
Reading Class:


4 Read and write the correct letters. There are two pictures you 4
1 dont need to use.

b c
d e f

Is she kayaking?

No, she isnt. Shes wearing a helmet and shes in the mountains.

They arent scuba diving. Are they wearing lifejackets?

Yes, they are. Theyre in kayaks.

Is he snowboarding? No, he isnt. Hes standing on a board in the water.

What a big wave!

Look! Theyre sailing. They arent sailing. Theyre swimming under the sea.

Oh yes! Theyre wearing special suits.

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5 Read and complete the sentences with one word. 6

Curling is a strange, but exciting sport
played on ice. Many people say it comes from
Scotland. Today, its popular around the world
and its also an Olympic sport.
In a curling match there are always two teams and
usually four players in each team, but sometimes
there are only two. A player in each team throws
a stone on the ice. The stone is called the rock
and its heavy. The other players try to send the
rock on the house, the circle on the ice. They
win many points when it stops on the small circle.
The players use sticks on the ice called brooms
to move the rock. They wear special shoes,
not skates. It isnt an easy sport. Both men and
women play it. Canada, Sweden and China have
got very good curling teams.

Curling is probably from .

Its a sport played in the Games.

Sometimes there are two in a team.

When the rock is on the house the team gets a lot of .

To play curling, you dont wear on your feet.

Its a sport for women and .

Test Higher Level Name:
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6 Read and write T (true), F (false) or DS (doesnt say). 7

Hello, Granny!
How are you? Im in Mallorca and its amazing! Its sunny and hot
and I go to the beach every day. The water is warm and Dad goes
scuba diving every morning. Mum and I sometimes go sailing in
the morning. I like cycling in the village and playing badminton
at the hotel. I dont surf here because the waves are too small.
Love, Peter

Peter likes the weather. Louise prefers snowboarding to skiing.

Peters dad scuba dives all day.
Peter plays a game with a racket. Louise doesnt wear special clothes.
Its possible to surf in Mallorca. 7 Louise isnt playing rugby.
Test Higher Level Name:
Writing Class:


7 Look at the example. Then look and write sentences. 6

Hes scuba diving.

Test Higher Level Name:
Writing Class:


8 Look and write sentences using the present continuous and the 6
words in brackets.




(riding a horse)

? (badminton)

No, he isnt. (playing)

Test Higher Level Name:
Writing Class:


9 Read and complete the crossword. 7

1 2 3

Across Down
In white water you paddle with six In a water polo team there are six
or eight people. players and a ...
Wembley is a very famous in Strength training is good for your
England. When you do this sport you run slowly.
Swimming, jumping, skipping and
running are forms of aerobic
Its similar to scuba diving.

Total test score: 50

Test Higher Level Name:
Speaking Class:


1 Name the sports. 5


11 Look. What are they doing? Answer
questions. 5

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