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End of Year Test Name:

Listening Class:


Listen and complete the sentences with one or two words.


34 7

Claudia was on holiday in Zambia for .

She stayed in a hotel called Royal.

Claudia and her family went to Victoria Falls


Claudia liked the food, especially the dried .

They didnt see when they went on safari.

Claudia uses her to show some photos

of her holiday.

On the last day, they went white water .

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35 Listen and tick () the correct pictures. 5

What is he looking for?

a b c

What sport do they want to do?

a b c

How often does the girl use her webcam?

a every day b once a week c never

What animal is he talking about?

a b c

What was the boys grandfather?

a a scientist b a politician c a journalist
End of Year Test Name:
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36 Listen and write T (true) or F (false). 8

The concert on Saturday is a jazz concert.

People can buy tickets at 6 oclock.

The band is called The White Birds.

The musicians are from Australia.

Theres an art exhibition on Sunday.

The painter, Irma Gregory, paints landscapes.

People can buy tickets online only.

Tickets for children cost 2.50.

End of Year Test Name:
Reading Class:


4 Read and write T (true), F (false) or DS (doesnt say). 7

The Apple Festival

The Apple Festival celebrates one of but also have a great time! There are lots
Englands favourite fruits. Its a family of games and activities during the day.
event for all ages. Children can learn Children will love making their own apple
about different types of apple. There are pig. What is that? Well, come to our
more than 60 different kinds and you festival to find out!
can see all of them in the apple tent. You This year, theres a new activity called
can also taste some of them as there are Paint your favourite apple. The teacher,
always delicious apple pies and apple Robert Wynter, is also an artist and a
juice on offer. painter. The lesson costs 6 and it starts
This festival is a great opportunity to at ten oclock each morning, so why not
discover more about this delicious fruit, come along!

The Apple Festival is for young children.

The festival is about 60 different fruit.

Theres always something to drink there. [awEOYtestR1.1apples]

Parents cant play games at the festival.

The apple pig is a doll.

You can paint a still life picture at the festival.

The painting lesson lasts for one hour.

End of Year Test Name:
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5 Read and write A (Alan), M (Monica) or B (both). 7

My name is Alan and I live Im Monica and I live in Los Angeles

in the outback in Australia. in the USA. My mum usually takes me to
My life is very different school by car or sometimes
from children living in a city I get the school bus. I play
or a village. My parents, my games on my tablet or
younger brother and I live finish my homework on the
on a farm in the outback. way.
There arent any houses around us and we
At the weekend I like
dont see other people very often.
going to the beach with
I have homework every day, but I dont go my brother, Zak. Im older
to school. I study at home with the than Zak, but hes better at surfing than I
School of the Air. Ive got a teacher and am. I sometimes go with my friends to the
we use cinema on Saturday. My grandfather acted
a laptop and the internet to talk. We in many films and he was famous. I want
talk every morning on the computer and to be like him, too! And I want to travel to
then I usually do my homework. I send my Australia and South Africa. My favourite
homework by post or by email. In my free animals are koalas, hippos and elephants.
time, I like drawing pictures of kangaroos
and koalas and watching films on TV. My
favourite film star is Hugh Jackman.
Who ...
likes wild animals?
lives with animals?

wants to be a film star? uses the computer to do homework?

travels to school? has got a younger brother?

wants to visit other countries?

End of Year Test Name:
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6 Read and circle the best answer. 7

Hello. I need a new charger for my 2 Id like to find out about

digital camera. basketball coaching.
a This camera is new. a Are you a beginner?
b The chargers are here. b I can play basketball.
c It isnt an old charger. c The coach plays football.
3 Id like three tickets to visit the 4 Do you want to buy the packet of
museum, please. mints?
a Heres your change. a No, thank you. I can put them in
b Show your tickets to the lady over my rucksack.
there. b Yes, please. Thats one pound
c Is that for adults or children? ninety altogether.
c Yes, I do. And Id like this
magazine, please.
5 Guess what happened to me 6 Hello. Can I have some pie, please?
yesterday? a It looks delicious!
a What? Go on, tell me! b Do you want a big slice?
b Did you say hello? c Just a small slice, please.
c I dont want to tell you.
7 I want to buy a shirt.
a What kind of shirt do you want?
b He doesnt want to go shopping.
c Do you want a shirt as well?
End of Year Test Name:
Reading Class:


7 Read Vickys story and complete the sentences with one word. 8

Today is Friday and Vicky is helping at friend Sally is with them, too. When Sally is
home. Her mum wants to get ready for trying on a T-shirt, she suddenly hears
their holiday on Sunday. Theyre going to Vicky screaming. She runs out of the
the beach in California. Vicky went there changing room and sees lots of people
once when she was very little. This time, she outside the
wants to surf and scuba dive, but today she shop. Theyre standing around Bill Bryan, the
isnt very happy. singer of Pink Flamingo. Vicky is standing
Theres a Pink Flamingo concert on Sunday, next to him. Her sisters are taking a photo of
Vickys favourite pop band. But she cant go. Vicky and Bill. She looks so happy!
Im sorry, Vicky. We leave early on Sunday. Its Monday and Vickys on
You can see them another time, says her the beach. Shes looking at
mum. the photos on her phone. Im
The next day, Vicky and her two sisters go so lucky, she thinks. I didnt
to the shops to buy a pair of sandals. go to the concert, but Ive
Their got a photo with Bill Bryan!

Vicky is helping her mum the house.

Vicky was when she went to California the first time.

Vicky wants to do sports on her holiday.

Pink Flamingo play music.

Vicky wants to buy new for her holiday.

was in the changing room in a clothes shop.

Bill Bryan sings in a pop .

At the end of the story, Vicky feels .

End of Year Test Name:
Reading Class:


8 Read and circle the correct answers. 7

Dungeon tours take you to secret parts of
Norwich castle is a medieval castle in
the castle. You can hear amazing stories,
Norfolk, England. Its over 900 years old
but children must go with an adult. You
and a famous queen, Queen Boudica, lived
need to pay extra for this tour 2.40
there a long time ago. Today, its a
for adults and 1.80 for younger people
museum and an art gallery. Here you can
(516 years old). For younger children
see collections of art and natural history.
(aged 24) theres a new activity called
In the Anglo-Saxon and Viking Gallery Snapdragons. Once a month, children
you can find out about how people can discover all about different museum
lived in Norfolk after the Romans went objects. This costs 2.50 for each child.
away. There are beautiful watercolour
Get more information about Norwich
landscapes in the Landscape and Nature
Castle and its activities on their website.
Gallery. There are many more things to do
at Norwich Castle.

Norwich castle is In the past, it was a

a 900 years old. b more than 900 a museum. b palace.
years old.
In one of the galleries, you learn about You see paintings in this castle.
how lived. a can b cant
a people from Norfolk b Romans
Children need to be with to see the The dungeon tour is for children
dungeons. than adults.
a a friend b an adult a cheaper b more expensive
Snapdragons is for children than
five years old.
a older b younger
End of Year Test Name:
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9 Read the email and answer the questions with one or two words. 6

Hi, Leo!
I hope youre well! Im at Kids Club Week this week. On Monday, I went to
LoveFootball. I dont usually like playing football, but it was great! I was there
from nine in the morning till five in the afternoon. Jason, my cousin, is doing the
LoveFootball activities every day this week. There are different teams and on Friday
its the Grand Final! I hope his team wins!
Yesterday, I went to the LoveGlee activities from 9am 3pm. It was fantastic! We
danced and acted like they do in the TV programme. You know I have jazz and rock
n roll dancing lessons at school, so I really enjoyed it. Im not doing an activity today
because Im helping my mum at home. My grandparents are here from Scotland. My
mum wants to tidy the garden and make a spinach pie for tonight.
Do you want to come with me tomorrow? Its LoveArt day with drawing and
painting lessons. The teacher, Jane Hill, is an artist from London. Shes famous for
her watercolour paintings. We need to be there at one in the afternoon and it
lasts two hours. Its only 5 and my dad can take us because he doesnt work on a
Thursday. Call me or text me today, OK?
Talk to you later!

What activity did Paul do on Tuesday? Whos in a football team?

Which of the three activities lasts Who paints with watercolours?


When is the LoveArt activity?

Whos visiting Paul?
End of Year Test Name:
Writing Class:


10 Look and write sentences using the words in brackets. 5

(he / sometimes / cherries)

(we / want to / Big Ben)

(they / not go / museum / last summer)

(Anna / want / buy / dress)

(you / shy / when / little)

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End of Year Test Name:
Writing Class:


11 Order and write the questions. 6

film / a / grandfather / your / star? / Was

got / hair / Have / than / teacher? / you / longer / your

use / Does / your / satnav? / mother / a

12 Now write short answers to the questions above.

End of Year Test Name:
Writing Class:


13 Look and complete the sentences. 6

He never a .

He sometimes a .

They arent .

They .

She wasnt a .

She .
End of Year Test Name:
Writing Class:


14 Look at the example. Then write sentences. 7

often /
sometimes /

always /
favourite /

is wearing / was /

like / short /

Janet Peter

Janet sometimes uses headphones.

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End of Year Test Name:
Writing Class:


15 Read Sarahs message. Then write a reply. Write between 8

50 and 80 words.

Last weekend, I went to the museum. There were lots of watercolour
paintings. It was great! What did you do last weekend?
Tomorrow I want to go shopping. Do you want to come with me?

Hi Sarah,

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End of Year Test Name:
Writing Class:


16 Read the questions and write answers about you. Use complete 6
What electronic gadget do you never use?

How often do you go shopping?

Do you get enough exercise? Explain.

Can you compare a lion and an elephant? Write about two differences.

What do you want to be when youre older?

What did you do yesterday?

Total test score: 100

End of Year Test Name:
Speaking Class:


17 Look at the pictures and talk about five differences. 10

End of Year Test Name:
Speaking Class:


18 Find the odd one out. Explain why. 10

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

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