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Shirley Wiggins says Integrating the care of the child and family is our passion.


people may see a pediatricians job as a challenge while they see it as their passion. Pediatricians

arent only involved with the patient but also with that patient's family. This career involves a lot

of interaction with children, comforting and caring out actions for their health; which is their

main concern. Pediatricians are trained to diagnose and treat infants, children and

teenagers. They provide physical, mental and emotional care and also treat children who

suffer from minor injuries and chronic health problems.

Becoming a nurse pediatrician can come with some challenges, if youre a recent nurse

graduate and you want nursing to be your job dedication well it could be challenging for you to

find a job because most people hiring look for someone who has experience. Hannah Bergbower

says, as a new graduate, one cannot gain experience if they are not hired. Indeed she is right,

some suggestions she gives for new graduates is for them to get into any type of internship or

residency within nursing. Also, if you are aware of the hospital that you want to work at, make

sure to go and apply for their nursing programs as this will get you recognized and get you hired.

As Hannah mentions, if becoming a nurse is your your dream career, research more about the

field and get connected with a nurse. They will be able to guide you and youll have someone

with experience to learn from.

Entering this career requires some important characteristics such as being

compassionate, showing sympathy, concern for others and being a hard worker because youll

always be busy. Hannah Bergbower says, Flexibility but also being an advocate for our patients

and ourselves. Meaning showing your support to others but also not forgetting about yourself

and remembering that in order to be able to take care of others, you have to take care of yourself

first. Most nurses are very considerate, they tend to pay more attention and look out more for
their patients than themselves. Working in this field can bring on high risks for your health if you

dont take care of yourself accordingly. In the article Overview and Summary: Healthy Nurses:

Perspectives on Caring for Ourselves says, The shift work of nurses has been found to

increase health problems. A study of 53,487 female nurses who worked more than 20 years of

rotating shifts found a significantly higher risk of endometrial cancer. No one should be

exposed to having health problems because they arent taking care of themselves.Its important

to look out not only for your patient but yourself also.

Susan Slowinski says, For pediatricians, the doctor-patient relationship usually begins

with the parents. having to decide whats better for the pediatricians patient depends on what the

family decides, pediatricians are there to give them the best choices for their children's health.

According to Michael Heuninckx, Communication, education and reassurance are key to help

decrease the anxiety of the parent. A decrease in a parents anxiety equals a happier parent. Its

always important that we provide the patients family with attention.This means that you keep

them updated on their child, tell them everything that is going on with them so they are not

worried and show the patients family that you care for the patient. By keeping them updated

they know whats going and that makes it better because the information they have can help

support their child and know how to react and help through the process of them being in any type

of situation. You see how powerful the family is in our society, says Wiggins. Michael

Heuninckx says, I understand that parents can be intense at times, just like any family member

can be, but lets dig into where that intensity is coming from.This intensity lies in the fact that

this is their flesh and blood thats not feeling well. there can be some overwhelming situations

for the family where you might not know what to do.Julia Quinn says But not all families are

ready for specific information at the same time. A pediatric nurses job includes being able to
read a familys readiness. In other cases where its important to interact with the patient's family

because some kids arent very comfortable, theyre very timid and will only speak to someone

who they know.

In conclusion Pediatricians have a special training skills in the health of babies,

children and teenagers regarding of knowing what kind of disease or illness they encounter. This

field requires a lot of interaction with children, they are specialized to know about many

different illness that affect children and know how to treat and support your child.

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Not only do they interact with the patient but also with the patient's family.