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Steinbergs recommendations on iPhone/iOS medical software

updated 2/16/16


ePocrates the quintessential drug database, paid versions have even more resources
GoodRx drug prices from pharmacies all over, good supplement since ePocrates doesnt have every price
CDC Vaccine reference for everything you might need to know about vaccines in patients of all ages, especially all the
Schedules little details that are hard to remember like catch-up protocols.
Shots Immunizations Another capable vaccine guide, made by the academic wing of AAFP, STFM
PneumoVaccines helps clinician decide which patients get which pneumococcal vaccine (Prevnar, PneumoVax) for which
indications in which order with which interval and with or without booster
LactMed NIH's outstanding reference on the impact of nearly any medication on breastfeeding
Opioid calculator opiate conversion calculator along with extensive guidance on opiate use
Polypharmacy app which guides a clinician through principles and steps to evaluate polypharmacy considerations,
Guidance including tremendous EBM resources like NNTs, med discontinuation protocols, and more

Infectious Disease Also listed as "IDC", this app is outstanding. It may be a decade's work of a single ID physician, but it is
Compendium literally chock full of hotlink references in the literature for every assertion. And here's the added bonus:
the app is HILARIOUS. The doc mixes in pearls, guidance, evidence, and humor in equal doses.
STD CDC the entire 2015 STD guidelines from the CDC, excellent resource


Health Maint reminds a student, resident, or clinician of which screenings, health counselings, and chemoprophylaxis
are warranted at which ages for adults, teens, children, and pregnant women
AHRQ ePSS marvelous resource with all the USPSTF recommendations in very searchable fashion, tons of info

PreOp Eval reference containing the 2014 ACC/AHA cardiac clearance algorithm as well as three extensive additional
references on perioperative meds, preop testing, timing of surgery
Chem 7 clever graphical combination of many useful formulas performed on the data from a Chem-7 (Basic
Metabolic Profile) and basic pt characteristics (age, weight, etc.) such as adjusted sodium, adjusted
calcium, anion gap, BMI, estimated GFR, osmolality, and more, all presented simultaneously
Warfarin Guide point of care guide and reference on several warfarin topics including dose adjustment protocols, review of
indications, targets, and durations of therapy, as published in AFP journal in 2005
Pneumonia Guide point of care guide and reference on the 2005 and 2007 ATS/IDSA guidelines on hospital acquired,
healthcare associated, and community acquired pneumonia for adults and 2011 IDSA guideline on
pediatric community acquired pneumonia. App walks clinician through management decisions with
information to support each clinical decision along the way
Aspirin Guide gives clinician evidence based guidance on risks and benefits of daily aspirin for primary prevention of
cardiovascular disease based upon patient criteria
Sepsis offers guidance on variety of sepsis dx and mgmt topics
ePrognosis CA tough call on whether to screen a patient for colorectal or breast cancer? This amazing tool walks clinician
screen guide and patient through questions to inform likely benefits, harms, and outcomes of screening this particular
patient based upon evidence, includes great pictograms
PFT Eval Pulmonary Function Test evaluation tool which walks the clinician user through an educational evaluation
process while getting to the results, and then allows you to explore differential diagnoses for ventilatory and
respiratory disorders.
PE & DVT dx point of care tool walks user through algorithms incorporating Wells clinical risk criteria, D-dimer, and
imaging studies to rule in or rule out PE and DVT. Also includes discussion of hypercoagulable w/up.
AF Guide calculators for risk of stroke, risk of bleed on Coumadin, Coumadin dosing and management protocols, and
plenty of reference info on mgmt of acute and chronic Atrial fibrillation; from QxMD, makers of Calculate

NRP quick reference for neonatal resuscitation algorithm, videos, full guideline reference, more
Lead Screen presents guidance on who, how, and when to screen children for lead poisoning according to NY State
Dept. Health 2011 guidelines
BiliCalc Outstanding presentation of AAP bilirubin management guidelines, including the nomogram graphs with
your patients data on it, mgmt. for low, intermediate, and hi risk, and more
Kidometer App with copious reference values for all kinds of pediatric data by age from newborn to teenager, includes
vitals, endocrine, labs, cardiology stuff, and so much more
EFM Guide presents the 2008-2010 NICHD & ACOG guidelines' concepts, nomenclature, and management
recommendations on fetal monitor tracings for quick reference
GBS guide point of care guide and reference on the mgmt of prenatal and laboring mothers as well as newborns
according to the CDC guideline of 2010 on prevention of invasive GBS disease of the newborn.
Bishop Scores 3 Bishop score calculators and evidence review of each as one plans induction of labor
OB Wheels EDC & EGA calculator, real cardboard handheld OB wheel implemented too
Perinatal Pal teaching app with videos, animations, annotations, and 3-D manipulations to demonstrate cardinal
movements of labor, Leopolds maneuvers, station, and more
FHR 5-tier this outstanding app presents a much needed scheme for evaluation and management of fetal heart rate
tracings which fall into the dreaded but predominant Category II based upon the 2007 Parer & Ideka AJOG
article, currently undergoing validation
Brancel's concise practical reference on the sudden worrisome stuff that can arise on L&D such as preterm labor,
Urgent OB postpartum hemorrhage, preeclampsia, abruption, etc.
Breastfeed 2 free, great info to assist lactation and manage its challenges

Calculate has outstanding set of really well-organized calculators which are very well crafted for iPhone interface
(QxMD software) supported with concise reference info and reference links, includes several key cardiology calculators such
as Framingham 10 yr CAD event risk, CHADS2 score and risk, Warfarin bleeding risk, OB due date
calculators, excellent dermatome maps, etc.
MDCalc scores of calculators with really outstanding discussion, annotation, and reference to evidence
ABG Acid-Base Eval ABG & electrolyte evaluation tool which walks the clinician user through an educational thinking process
while getting to result, which the app will double-check if you wish, and then allow you to explore differential
diagnoses for acid-base disorders
FRAX tool this is the fantastic calculator which allows you to enter all sorts of patient information and wind up with a
10 year risk for major osteoporotic fracture. It is based on the WHO fracture risk assessment. Just about
as useful as a Framingham cardiac risk calculator, which is to say, very useful!
Chem 7 clever graphical combination of many useful formulas performed on the data from a Chem-7 (Basic
Metabolic Profile, SMA-7) and basic pt characteristics (age, weight, etc.) such as adjusted sodium,
adjusted calcium, anion gap, BMI, estimated GFR, osmolality, and more, all presented simultaneously for
Mediquations over 212 common medical calculations and scoring tools
ASCVD Suite a dedicated app for cardiac risk estimation from the American College of Cardiology, including their famous
ATP-4 cardiac risk calculator as well as the gold standard Framingham scheme, the Reynolds risk score
incorporating hs-CRP, and more
iLabsDDX reviews wide variety of lab abnormalities (lytes, acute kidney injury, blood gas) and offers part calculator,
part care guidance, and part tutorial


STAT Depression Walks you through the PHQ-9 validated depression screening and diagnosis tool. Also offers much more
guidance on depression mgmt.. Upgrade (below) adds bipolar evaluation.
STAT Depr & Bipolar Start with the STAT Depression free app with PHQ-9, and then do in-app purchase to get the Mood
Disorders Questionnaire tool to evaluate for bipolar disorder
UCSF SBIRT tips, strategies, reference, and even videos on how to do SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral to
Treatment) for substance abuse screening


ACEP Toxicology Detailed guidance on antitodes for a variety of toxins in the emergency setting, including pediatric dosing
Antidote information
Ottowa Rules Dedicated app for the ankle, knee, and c-spine rules, with explanations, annotations, tips, videos!
WaveMedical toxicology resource
PEPID another toxicology resource

iRadiology incredible collection of radiographs of all kinds showing exactly what findings make zillions of radiographic
diagnoses. The images are detailed and annotated very well. Very educational reference. Only drawback
is trying to use on a small screen device, but you'll still love it.
Eponyms mini medical dictionary, good for eponymous terms (real medical dictionaries exist, they are expensive)
EyeChart yes, a tiny Snellen eye chart to check visual acuity
Lytes neat app that guides user/learner on causes, signs, diagnosis, and treatment of high or low Na, K, Ca, Mg,
and Phos with excellent interface
OMM Guide reference guide for students and practicioners of Osteo-Manipulative Medicine. My D.O. colleagues say
its a very good app