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I like to live here.prova NEIGHBOR (neibr) – vizinho(a) VERBS TO PREFER / PREFERRD ( prefér) – preferir I prefer beans and rice. tomar. TO LIVE / LIVD (lêv) – morar I live with them. from) They want to take the boy to the school. TO OPEN / OPEND . levar. Take it! . pegar. 48 COUNTRY BANANA TICKET – passagem. (to. TO TAKE / TOOK (têik) . multa EGG TEST . TO CLOSE / CLOSD – fechar (close the…) I don’t want to close the window. I prefer your office. conta. Please open the book. abrir (open the…) I need to open the door. FRUIT ingresso.

.ninety 18 – eighteen 100 ..two hundred 20 .sixty 15 – fifteen 70 hundred (hândrêd) 19 – nineteen 200 . daí. 2) He can go with us.because.twenty (twentii) 1000 . 3) We can’t open the store tonight.) AUXILIARES 1) I can read books in English. VERBOS CAN – poder (.one thousand ALREADY (alrédi) – já USUALLY (iujoli) – geralmente When UNTIL (ântíl) – até (I work until two o’clock.seventy 16 – sixteen 80 . 49 QUALIFIERS 11 – eleven 30 . então Palavras de COLA – and.eighty 17 – seventeen 90 .thiry 12 – twelve 40 .but.forty 13 – thirteen 50 .then.) BY – até (You need to come home by nine o’clock. 4) I can’t sleep! 5) Can I go with you? ..fifty 14 – fourteen 60 .) THEN – depois.

vários (adj. [alguns.) numero plural “A LOT” – muito. nenhumas . nenhuma. too… VERY SMALL VERY GOOD VERY MUCH . quantidades. pretty. e numeros FEW – poucos numeros A LITTLE – um pouco (de) quantidade ANY MORE? A LOT MORE A LITTLE LESS SOME MORE A LITTLE MORE A FEW LESS MUCH MORE FEW MORE A LOT LESS MANY MORE NO MORE MUCH LESS NO LESS MANY LESS VERY – muito super adj. obj. nada .. so. algumas ] – afirmativo How much ANY – algum.negativa SOME – algum.nenhum.) quantidades MANY – muitos. “um monte” “A LOT OF” (a Lara) – muito (de) . usar apenas com adjetivos. VERY OLD VERY MANY Palavras TURBO VERY BIG VERY FEW very. alguma (s) – interrogativo How many nenhum. alguma.negativo SEVERAL – várias MORE – mais LESS – menos MUCH – muito (adj.. 50 **IMPORTANTE DOMINAR USO DE QUANTIDADES*** NO .

– 0:00 .... study. 51 EXPRESSIONS NOON – meio dia AT NOON – ao meio dia NIGHT – noite AT NIGHT – à noite to “GET UP” – levantar-se “WHAT TIME IS IT?” – Que horas são? “LET’S GO!” . 12:00 P.vamos (Let’s work. eat…) “I DON’T KNOW!” – Sei lá! “TAKE YOUR TIME.” – Toma o tempo que precisar.M. “TAKE OUT” – Para levar “BY TOMORROW” – até amanhã “BY 10:00” – até às 10:00 “BY THE TIME I GO.” – até a hora que eu for AT HOME – em casa AT SCHOOL – na escola AT CHURCH – na igreja AT PEACE – em paz AT WORK – no trabalho AT WAR – em guerra 1:00 – “IT’S ONE O’CLOCK” 2:00 – “IT’S TWO O’CLOCK” 3:00 – “IT’S THREE O’CLOCK” 4:15 – “IT’S FOUR FIFTEEN” 5:30 – “IT’S FIVE THIRTY” 6:50 – “IT’S TEN TO SEVEN”/ “IT’S SIX FIFTY” A. – durmo às 12:00 .. – trabalho às 8:00 I sleep at 12:00.M – 12:00 . 24:00 GRAMMAR At what time? – à que hora? I work at 8:00.

I PREFER salad. She needs ________dollars. I see FORTY – FIVE bananas. 9. I have _______eggs. It’s ________ten o’clock. I want to TAKE the test. 4. I see _________apples. She needs ________verbs. She needs TWO HUNDRED FIFTEEN tickets. Do you want to _______the apple? They want to _______a taxi. Do you ________ with Jim? I ________fruit. I _______ know your name. They want to _______the window. I ALREADY speak English. I ________the book at 6:00. I CLOSE the office at 6:00. I ________know how to write. 52 FRAMES 1. They want to _______the store. Do you want to TAKE the tickets? 6. I have ELEVEN books. 5. Do you want to _______the car? We want to ________a bath. They want to _______the book. . I see _________dogs. I have _______children. Do you ________by yourself? 3. Do you want to _______ the boys? You got to ______medicine. 2. I ________the store at 6:00. I ________the door at 6:00. I have _______pears. Do you LIVE here? I ________beans. She needs ________numbers. 7. They want to OPEN the door. 10. Do you ________downtown? I ________the country. 8. I see _________cats.

She studies_____in the morning. He reads _____books. She _______play with us. 13. Do you have ______ time? I have ______small windows. Do you need ______apples? I like ______ city windows. 53 11. They eat ______apples. We need the book _______tomorrow. I have LESS children. . I study _____3:00. ______he reads. 22. You ______sleep here. She _______live with us. He studies. You ______ live here. You ______ work here. I ________study until 8:00. I ________ play until 8:00. I need MORE time. He studies. THEN he works. 17. I sleep ______3:00. You can see _____ birds. I don’t need _______apples. I want SOME windows. 16. 14. I don’t have _______ time. ______he sleeps. 15. She _______study with us. We need ______money. I have NO friends. We need the book _______this afternoon. ______ he plays. I work UNTIL 3:00. We need the book _______the time I go. He studies. She CAN work with us. I USUALLY work until 8:00. We need the book BY noon. I don’t want ANY letters. Do you see _______girls? 19. He studies. Do you want ANY letters? I need _______new windows. He sells _______books. 18. 21. I ________sleep until 8:00. 12. You CAN’T study here. I play ______3:00. 20.

______ now. I need to GET UP. They have lunch at _____. ______ at that country. It needs ______ windows. 54 (quantidades) (numeros) 23. They can’t ____ _____. I can’t see ______. She sells _____ meat. I read FEW books. It’s time to ___ ____! 31. We get up at ______. She sells _____ meat. 26. He studies ________. 28. They see _____ birds. I need ______ time. He eats _____apples. We know _______neighbors. 27. He eats _____rice. He drinks MUCH coffee. We have______chickens. 24. They eat ______apples. I have MANY friends. I sleep until NOON. 25. I sleep. They take ______time. He writes ______letters. IT’S 7:15 here. . He drinks A LITTLE beer. I work AT NIGHT. He drinks A LOT OF coffee. then I _____ ______. 30. 29. He works until _____. We want _______juice. You can see _____ birds. ______ in the morning. They have ______rice. They play ______.

What time do you like to have breakfast? Usually at 7:00. I already read magazines in english. I don’t have time. 8. I need to speak with the manager of the bank about the money. but I need to study more. 55 LEIA TREINANDO PRONÚNCIA RÁPIDA SEM TRADUZIR PRACTICE PHRASES 1. What time is it? 6. about three. 13. I like to speak English with my friends. Do you want to buy my house? I already have a house. What do you know about this city? I don’t know a lot. 7. Do you want to work with me today? Sorry. 10. I already have a car. I need to study for my test tomorrow. 9. I don’t know how to close the window. Where do you want to live? I prefer to live here. 12. . Can you help me? 14. 4. I have some books to read tonight. How many books do you want to read this week? Only. 15. Do you want to go to the church with me tomorrow? I don’t know. I want to go there tomorrow. 11. I don’t know where you work. Do you want to buy my car? No thanks. 5. 2. We study on the weekend. 3. She needs to write many letters.